How would you adapt your favorite timelines?

I could see a Patton in Korea movie done as a throwback to the war movies of the 60s and 70s, including the famous Patton movie.
Now a while ago there were quite a few Alternate History timelines personally I would swap a few of them. Hollywood is instead That Wacky Redhead and follows mostly the Alternate Universe star Trek and its creation with new actors playing the original actors playing the characters and cameos from the old cast of each show and their alternate counterpart. We'd also get a fun bit of behind the scenes trouble and then watch the alternate versions of classic tv shows and movies.

The Plot against America, honestly I'd prefer a miniseries of A World of Laughter A World of Tears. There's even a pretty well written trailer for it in one critic's review.

While I'm at it I'd give Footprints of Mussolini and What Madness is This? Adaptations as full series. Footprints of Mussolini I think works since it has a lot of "Scenes". What Madness is This? though I'd probably begin with Custer taking over, then some quick scenes of Joe Steele's early life, and finally begin with the Great War and move up from there, explaining the differences as we go. That way if the audience slowly gets how the world is different, it actually feels like Madness.
I would do a comic book-manga series in the vein of Mizuki Shigeru's Showa series; namely I pick Footprint of Mussolini or Zhirinosky's Russian Empire for a TL to adapt into.
I would have done timeline 191 where try he Entrant win World War I
The Union goes full fascist while Jake Featherston gets elected president of the Confederacy
The Union maintains their alliance with Germany who go Nazi and the Union joins the Axis
As war is about to start the Union is making Democratic reforms while the Confederacy is drifting into dictatorship
Germany invades Poland without consulting the Union
The Confederacy immediately invades
The union fights a desperate defense but numbers take over.
Has the walking continues the union becomes more democratic and the Confederacy becomes a dictatorship
The Confederacy does good up until about 1940 and they start taking heavy casualties in their attempt to take Cleveland where they lose over a million men the Battle of Gettysburg turns out even worse
In 1942 they are pushed out Union territory
In 1943 they got taken casualties on the scale of Barbarossa and use scorched Earth tactics
At that time Union discovers population reduction in becomes aware of the Holocaust
They make a deal with Great Britain and Russia
The Union will drop out of the access if they break their alliance with the Confederacy
The Allies accept
in 1944 the Confederacy was taking casualties on the level of the we are of the triple alliance
The world is shocked when the union nukes Atlanta
Jake featherstone vows to fight to the end he is cornered in Montgomery Alabama the last of the Confederate Army with over 50% of it being always as young as 14 and old man is annihilated
Featherstone is captured by black soldiers and dragged out of his bunker
65% of the male population of the Confederacy died in the war
I don't know if this counts but I had a Composite timeline idea a while ago for the anniversary of Alternate It combined several timelines. To put it into perspective the Five Way civil War from Kaiserreich would be between Jake Featherston's confederacy, two separate factions led by Huey Long and Douglas MacArthur respectively,Joe Steele's faction and a New England led by Adolf Hitler, as New England remained loyal to the British as in Decades of Darkness but was taken by the Germans due to a Kaiserreich/Timeline 191 Germany World War I scenario and Hitler was given control of it as he's a loyal soldier and eventual general in the coming decades. It might make a fun if trippy Mod.
Adaptation of How Few Remain: 10-episode miniseries, kind of like "Band of Brothers," with one scene from the first Great War book added: After the Battle of Camp Hill, we go to Lord Lyons meeting with Lincoln, and fade to 1881 when Lincoln is beaten and accepts British arbitration. Then, the final scene of the series, after the American generals start working with Schlieffen, we cut back to Lincoln in 1862. He looks Lyons in the eye and tells him that the US will have its own European ally one day. After Lyons laughs and rhetorically asks who can help them against both Britain and France, we go to the end credits. Koniggratzer March plays over a montage of fake photographs of German-American cooperation, culminating in TR and Kaiser Wilhelm II reviewing a parade of US troops with Pickelhaubes.

Adaptation of Stephen Baxter's Voyage: Also a miniseries, analogous to "From the Earth to the Moon," showing the steps leading up to the US landing on Mars.

Adaptation of the big space TLs on this site ("Eyes turned Skyward," "Right Side Up," "Dawn of the Dragon," etc.): False documentaries in the style of Science Channel documentaries, about individual pieces of hardware or missions. Like "Developing the Space Lifter" or "Artemis to the Moon."

The Anglo/American-Nazi War: A series similar to "The World at War," with interviews and faked archive footage of the battles.

World of Laughter, World of Tears...a film mostly telling the story of the Disney administration through Roy Cohn's eyes.

Look to the West...I really liked Thande's alternate version of the Napoleonic Wars, particularly the invasion of England with steam-barges and the interruption of that final duel with a shot in the back. But I'm not sure how I'd adapt this one--it's just so sprawling.

Similarly Peccary Rex, Equus Regina--I liked the development of the *American civilizations with domesticated horses, but I'm not sure how to translate that to a visual medium.

Swarm on the Somme: Given the gory visuals possible, either a comic book or action movie.


Well, this is going to be relatively boring and uncreative, but for two of my favorite TLs here on "ABLE ARCHER 83: Timeline of a Third World War in 1983" by @giobastia; And "Twilight of the Red Tsar" by @Napoleon IV, I would love to see them in a "World War III" style alternate history pseudo-documentary, told from the perspective of those in that TL, mixing real archive footages with interviews with actors playing characters living in those TLs to create an illusion that this is a real history documentary.

For those that are interested, the movie/AH documentary can be watched here, to give an idea of what I have in mind:

This is my version of From The Earth To The Moon in the Ocean of Storms universe:
First four episodes (Mercury/Gemini,Apollo 1,Apollo 7,Apollo 8):mostly the same. Maybe a few minor casting changes.

Apollo 9/10:Here’s where things start to diverge. I see this episode being a two-parter,one part covering the failure of Apollo 9 and one part covering the success of Apollo 10. The LM development story would be divided between the two episodes. Title:’A Spider in a Haystack’

Apollo 11:the lunar landing episode. Keep more or less the same story as the OTL Apollo 11 episode (was there still a ‘who’s out first?’ debate?). Alan Bean still narrates. Three or four act structure to accommodate both EVAs,end with footage of RFK announcing the 50 Stars program. Title:’Oceanus Procellarum’.

Apollo 12:not sure what the story should be here. Perhaps focus on Buzz Aldrin’s career as ‘Dr.Rendezvous’,or introducing the public to lunar exploration. Focus somewhat on the docking problems as well. Title:’Sailors on the Sea of Tranquillity’.

Apollo 13:emphasis on the drama of the mission. Begin in medias res,with Lovell and Haise’s radio transmissions from Fra Mauro. Like the OTL episode,focus on the ground side of the mission. Title:’Going Home’.

Apollo 14:emphasis on the geology training,as well as Farouk El-Baz’s career. This episode should have a peppy,uplifting feeling to it after the near-tragedy of Apollo 13. Title:’An Eye in the Sky’.

Apollo 15: perhaps a focus on Jack Crichton’s career,or on the post-Apollo 11 climate at NASA. Limited focus on Stuart Roosa as well. Perhaps an angle on the politics of the era as well? Title:’The Blue and the Grey’.

Apollo 16:another two-parter,first the development and launch of Olympus and then the actual Apollo 16 mission. The ‘story’ this time around is broadly similar to the OTL Apollo 15 episode,so plenty of gratuitous geology training scenes,perhaps foreshadowing of Skylab as well. Title:’The Greatest Adventure’.

Apollo 17: obviously the redemption of Jim McDivitt. The Surveyor story would fit here as well. Title:’The Return of Jim McDivitt’.

Apollo 18:an angle on the international cooperation aspect of space this time. Harrison Schmitt’s career would also make a nice backdrop. Title:’The Flying Geologist’.

Apollo 19: obviously the first lunar rescue. Again,start in medias res,this time with a post-moonwalk geology debrief. Have about half of the episode focus on the actual mission,half on the investigation (and the crew celebrating the holidays as a sort of fluff filler). Title:’Shaken’.

Apollo 20: obviously very similar to the OTL Apollo 14 episode. A big focus on Alan Shepard’s return to flight,with the discovery of lunar gold as a subplot. Title:’For Miles and Miles’, because as Bow said,never mess with perfection.

Apollo 21: Philip Chapman gets center stage this time,as does the emphasis on this being a very unusual mission,what with the introduction of Zeus and all. Title:’Beyond the Sunset’.

Apollo 22:similar to the OTL Apollo 16 episode,but with somewhat less focus on the astronaut wives and more on the solar flare emergency. Also,emphasis on Joe Engle. Title:’Nothing So Hidden’.

Apollo 23:similar to the OTL Apollo 17 episode. Emphasis this time as on the transition from the Apollo era to the Clipper era. End with the first ‘Lunar Clippers’ being tested. Title:’The End of the Beginning’.
Thousand Week Reich:
Most likely adapt it as a Tv Series or Video Game(FPS Or Strategy). If a tv series i would like to see it primarily from the Perespective of the Americans and Various Russian Sucessor States Until The Finally Where The Toronto Accord Nukes Germania(As Mostly Happens In The Mod)

#1. An Age of Miracles: Andreas Niketas

A major Netflix historical fiction series set involving the exploits of Andreas Niketas and his spectacular life split into 3 parts:
  • Part 1: The Black Day
  • Part 2: Venice and The Tenth Crusade
  • Part 3: The Time of Troubles
The tone and scale of the series would be akin to Game of Thrones, which means a massive budget is necessary to have that kind of quality.

#2. Moonlight in a Jar: The Rihla of Muhammad Mahbat

A novel or a short miniseries describing the travel of Otomi Emir Muhammad Mahbat and his travels from the city of Danin (Xaltocan OTL) to the city of Mecca in a legendary hajj that takes him across the two supercontinents. It would be significantly be lighter in tone and more comical than the Andreas Niketas series as it would mostly follow his pilgrimage, conversing with the Hajib Al-Nasr and the Umayyad Caliph Al-Mustamsik, planting trees from his native country, chatting or trading with the locals, making donations to the poor, acquiring a pet cat, and visiting exotic cities in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

#3. Lands of Red and Gold

A documentary of alt-Aboriginal cultures as the presenters discuss the agricultural practices of the different native tribes and the societies that emerged from the development of agriculture in Australia.
The Protect and Survive spin-off set in Finland by @DrakonFin could be interesting as a (mini?)series. My brother recently showed some episodes of Taivaan tulet, a Finnish police drama set in the icy remote town of Kemijärvi -- I could see our hypothetical adaptation being a bit similar to that.