How would you adapt your favorite timelines?

The Protect and Survive spin-off set in Finland by @DrakonFin could be interesting as a (mini?)series. My brother recently showed some episodes of Taivaan tulet, a Finnish police drama set in the icy remote town of Kemijärvi -- I could see our hypothetical adaptation being a bit similar to that.

To be honest, I have thought about the same thing. Apart from the "history book" sections, much of the story is basically in "a road movie" format, and thus you could adapt the travels of some of the characters as a series in that mold. And then again, you could also make the story of the Acting and the Mikkeli Cabinet into a sort of post-apocalyptic political drama series.
I feel like Mexico Ascendant is best as a mini-series, maybe a full 20 eps, since it's short enough you could probably go decade by decade
The Anglo/American Nazi War as a trilogy of blockbusters... (got this idea from an old thread)

The Years of Rice and Salt as a multi-season TV show. Not sure how they’d keep the same actors... perhaps as an anthology?
TNO as a Arrowverse-esque multi-series multimedia project
  • Some changes to the initial premise to make this a bit paltable to the people wanting a harder/more plausible AH. TNO would still be very much implausible, but this addresses the biggest charges laid against it.
    • Regarding Bukharin leaving the Nazis in more of a ditch, we can have RCW going on longer and more White Remnants go into hiding backed by Japan, causing trouble for Bukharin, Bukharin ends up maintaining a weaker hold on power that's challenged by some Generals, and it's implied his political projects were sabotaged from within
    • Now Bukharin is less likely to embrace third period social fascist tactics. Which might make it less likely for Nazis to take power. However we could have the explanation be that the was KPD be realy distrustworthy of the SPD and I think there is some credible research showing that the SPD wasn't blameless for the rise of the nazis in supporting Hindenburg rather than fielding their own candiate and burning bridges to their left(along with the whole killing Rosa thing)
    • No Atlantatropa, I know MITHC series dosen't have Atlantatropa either, and Italy-Germany fallout over controlling Balkans
  • More optimistic narrative, canon might be a major source of darkness induced audience apathy. It won't be wholly wholly optimistic through, moreso nobledark. Like my plan is to have the SAW fail for the OFN, but Huttig collapsing before he can go to Stage 3. The Collabs will also win the English Civil War, and MacMillian comes to power, but ends up creating a de facto one party state. In Italy I'm thinking Balbo outwits Ciano and the other fascists. And Japan goes down a dark path.....
  • Potential narrative arcs, ultimately converging in a Burgundy narrative arc:
    • German plotline focusing on Go4 winning GCW, through Speer will be revealed much earlier as a devout Nazi than during the Oil Crisis, and the main arc quickly changes from whether Speer is sincere or not(with the revelation that he isn't) to "Can Schmidt succeed or is Germany doomed to Fascism?" Italy and Britain, as well as Iberia(read below) could perhaps show the consequences of what happens if Germany fails
      • Africian RK plotline focused on Schenck's redemption arc, ends tragically, with Angola being overrun by Muller and Huttig as well as the OFN
      • Ostland plot with Kovner and Meyer-Landrut as the main point-of-view characters and a theme being that of if the German settlers here and the reformists are complicit in the crimes of Nazism, or if they can genuinely atone for their crimes by building a better future, with Kovner and Landrut taking different viewpoints on this issue. It would end with Landrut winning and aligning with the Gang of Four, or he could be purged in the clear sign of Speer being a Nazi
    • Russia plotline with Omsk as the final enemy in a three way between Novosiberisk vs. Omsk vs. the USSR sucessor states, ending with a peaceful reunification between Sablin and Zhukov. Sablin will follow pragmatic economic policies, but will be more democratic/libsoc politically/socially. Omsk will be the suprise villain(we will see Omsk from the POV of those snookered by it), with originally the main villain for Russia being framed as either Tyumen, Samara(but under Bunchenko, not the fully evil Samara under Oktan), Amur(defeated very quickly), Matkovsky, or the Passionariyy Organization, but eventually they all fall to the respective unifiers.
      • Omsk will be sort of the "Daenerys" character arc wise in this situation, but hopefully with more buildup and sensible characterization. You will start seeing them as sympathetic, but after Tyumen falls, they go against the sympathetic Sverdlovsk and we start seeing shades of it's true nature, culminating in the eventual revelation down the line of what their ambitions entail upon regional unification and the start of the war with the WRRF.
      • Once we get down to the 2WRW, the USSR will retake Moskowien and Kaukasien
    • America plotline going from Nixon-->JFK-->RFK-->Thurmond-->Jackson after mass protests. Basically the gist is that RFK gets most Civil Rights legislature passed, but he gets killed in 1970 or 71 due to the backlash from the right+COINTELPRO vs. Yockeys. However the mass movement behind civil rights is too strong to dislodge, leading to the CNPP maintaining control and Jackson becoming president
    • Iberia plotline culminating in the Iberian Civil War under Himmler's manipulations and the restoration of the Republic.
    • Britain plotline showing MacMillian's internal conflicts as he slowly establishes a crypto-dictatorship
    • Japan plotline taking a tragic turn for the worst under a failed Takagi leading to Kishi, and this would be seen as the consequences of what is in store for Germany if the Gang does not suceed.
    • China plotline focused on the inner workings of the KMT and attempt to subvert Japan from within. As we don't know what the GAW entails my idea is it first being Pro-China warlords vs Pro-Japan warlords and then full GAW.
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TNO as a multi series project 2
Initial West Russia phase 1:
  • The red army still stands:Miniseries about the WRRF concentrating on Zhukov and Tukachinsky.
  • The republican anarchy:Criminal drama in Komi with detectives from each coalition uncovering Himmler's influence among other funny komi action adventure episodes.
  • The great frontier:Tank raids into Moscovian,with thick moral ambiguity.
  • The last days of Yazov: Dark comedy.
  • Welcome to Permhaim:Horror movie about escaping.
  • The golden crown:Tsar centric political thriller.
West Russia phase 2:
  • The red flag:Military thriller with the climax being Tukhachevsky invading communist komi after negotiations fail and invading all the other neighbors at the same time.
  • The white flag:Vyatka,Samara and Perm war with Perm being the big bad of season 1 and then a Samara victory with brother fighting brother for the chance at redemption.
West Russia phase 3:
  • Samara vs Tukhachevsky,resources vs the army state,red vs white,redemption for only 1.
On the topic of TNO series, I believe a very compelling storyline can be made around Vladimir III. Like his background of being forced into collaborating with the Germans and how that baggage sticks at the beginning. His mental health as well as his handling of political tensions with the Kadets, Solidarists and Conservatives. Plotlines would be the defeat of the Aryan Brotherhood, thereby kickstarting his redemption in the eyes of the Russian people as well as symbolically breaking the spectre of his affiliation with the Nazis, his interactions with his former collaborationist cohorts in Samara, the manipulations of Burgundian agents as they try to co-opt Vladimir for their own ends and perhaps some inclusion of Tabby and the OVRI, and how Tsarism could lead down a very dark path.

Tukhachevsky's WRRF would be the ultimate villain of the West Russia Arc, that ends with Vladimir crushing the tyrannical Communists in the north, as his subjects start to take a very favourable view of the Tsar, in spite of his past, while they turn there back on the WRRF that they once held in high regard, as it's rulership degenerates into the brutalities of War Communism.

Assuming that the WRW2 is left as a series cliffhanger, I'm thinking that the Series end-villain would be Sablin, who begins as wanting to create a more humane USSR, then ends up as a downgraded authoritarian neo-Bukharinite. His journey would be explicitly analogous to that of Lenin, who initially preached Soviet Democracy and freedom from Tsarist autocracy yet ended up creating a worse tyranny than the Tsardom that he opposed. In the end, a liberal Russian Empire under Vladimir ultimately stands triumphant against the fallen hero Sablin. Vladimir earns his final piece of redemption as he liberates Siberia and gears up for his final test against Nazi Germany that has become ripe for pickings after Bormann's death and political crisis that ensues.