Embrace the SUCK: Skallagrim's Unexpurgated Colour Key

So regarding my previous comment, here's a translation of the quoted area +some annotations and additions. If @Skallagrim you do choose to use this I'd say employ it just as reference rather than a direct basis for coloring.
Though of course, I do have a few extremely nitpicky recommendations for colours in China based on the current model:
Proposed by the School of Naturalists (the School of Yin-yang) in the warring states period, the Cycle of the Five Elements (approximate translation) was a belief used to explain the cycle of Chinese dynasties. First used by Qin Shi Huang, it was adopted by successive dynasties in matters of naming and colour schemes of individual dynasties. In dynasties that ignored the Cycle, modern scholars and non-official sources in the gentry would provide their own explanations and elements for each dynasties.

Gold is yellow, wood is bluish-green, water is blue, fire is red, mud is yellow with exceptions

The Cycle of the Five Elements is as such:
  • Original Naturalist Interpretation: Yellow Emperor (Mud)→Xia (Wood)→Shang (Gold)→Zhou (Fire)→Qin (Water--Exc. Black)→Han: Gaozu (Water); Wudi (Mud)
When the Western Han fell to a coup by prominent official Wang Mang, Wang Mang and his newly established Xin Dynasty would revise the cycle to suit his aim of revivalism.
  • Post-Xin Dynasty Interpretation: Yellow Emperor (Mud)→Xia (Gold)→Shang (Water)→Zhou (Wood)→Han (Fire)→Cao Wei (Water)
This view was largely preserved until the Song Dynasty
  • Song Interpetation: Han (Fire)→Cao Wei (Mud)→Han-led Jin (Gold)→Northern Wei (Water)→Northern Zhou (Wood)→Sui (Fire)→Tang (Mud--Exc. Brown)→Later Liang, Later Jin (Gold)→Later Han (Water)→Later Zhou (Wood)→Song (Fire)→Jurchen Jin (Mud)
  • Jurchen Jin Interpetation: ...→Song (Fire)→Liu Yu's Qi Empire (Mud)→Jurchen-led Jin (Gold)
The Jin Dynasty was the last Chinese dynasty that referenced the cycle in official documents, but the Yuan Dynasty and her successors do have "theme colours of sorts.
  • Post-Yuan Cycle: Yuan (Gold)→Ming (Fire)→Qing (Water--Exc. Cyan)
  • Theme Colours: Yuan (Ceramic White and silvery-gold); Ming (Darkish Red and Gold); Qing (Deep Cyan and Gold)
EDIT: if SUCK was to employ provincial colour schemes rather than dynastic ones, the above could also help in a limited fashion. Dynasties were often named after their areas of origin, as they were named in the Spring and Autumn period.

EDIT 2: Given the immense length of China's list of colours, is it possible to split it up into "Legitimate Dynasties", ones that held sway over China's heartland and were considered well established; and "Petty Dynasties"?
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It has been too long, since i last posted, and in that time, M+T has gifted us with a wonderful look at how sadly lacking pre modern african representation can be on colour schemes :p.

Don't worry Skalligram, it seems to be a lacking by all, so i'll post up a list of the countries that M+T puts in @ 1350s, happy to pass on other details from 1356-1856 from the mod if so wanted also. (yes i know there may be overlap, but best cover all bases ;))

N.W: Fez, Kel Ahaggar, Mzab, Tlemcen, Touggourt.

N.E: Tunis, Djerid, Kel Ajjer, Fezzan, Mamluks

Ethiopia region: Makuria, Alwa, Shilluk, Medri Bahri, Semien, Funj, Kaffa, Damot, Ethiopia, Dobe'a, Aussa, Shewa, Ifat, Hadiya, Balé, Adal, Dawaro, Warsangali, Marehan, Ajuran, Mogadishu

Coastal East Africa/ Zimbabwe region: Pate, Malindi, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Kilwa, Quelimane, Sofala, Sedanda, Manyika, Mutapa, Butua, Lundu, Tambora, Maravi, Barué, Makua, Quiteve

Malagasy Kingdoms: Mahafaly, Tamatave, Bara, Menabe, Betsileo, Merina, Sihanaka, Boina, Antankarana

Central Africa/Kongo region: Busoga, Buganda, Bunyoro, Tooro, Nkore, Mpororo, Karagwe, Rwanda, Burundi, Kazembe, Kikondja, Luba, Khalid, Kuba, Lunda , Chokwe, Kasanje, Matamba, Yaka, Kongo, Kongo dia Nlanza, Tyo, Loango, Ndongo.

Eastern West Africa (Darfur to Lake Chad) : Dar Sila, Akwa, Akpa, Ijaw, Igbo, Igala, Kwararafa, Karem Bornu, Kotoko, Baguirmi, Yao

Middle West Africa, between two wastelands: Edo, Ijebu, Egba, Dahomey, Oyo, Borgu, Ife, Ijesha, Nupe, Gbagyi, Yauri, Zamfara, Songhai, Kebbi, Gobir, Katsina, Daura, Kano, Zazzau, Daura, Kel Gress, Kel Air, Kel Adrar,

Western West Africa (Mountain Wasteland to West Coast): Akwamu, Fante, Aowin, Denkyira, Bono, Dagomba, Gonja, Kong, Gurma, Yatenga, Mali, Kenedugu, Futa Jallon, Jolof, Saloum, Cayor, Walo.

I think that that is all of them, yes I am aware you do have colours for a selection of these already, but i think this list from M+T (ik, it isn't from an encyclopedia, rather a game mod, but i figure that they must have researched it to get these states) shows the variety in Africa that could be added. Hope this helps in anyway, and happy to transcribe any others over that are needed to :p. Best wishes, and looking forward to 'Beta'/v4 :).
Hello everyone, I'm not dead, nor is this project. As I mentioned to @merkmuds (who shot me a quick PM), though, it's going slow at the moment. I'm planning a major overhaul to use combined colours (for countries that can't possibly co-exist in a non-ASB scenario) in a much more efficient way. That should free up enough colours to add any of the suggestions offered since the last update, and have some colours left over for any unforeseen additions in the future.

Needless to say, that kind of thing will need some time investment. I do work like that in one sitting, so that I can keep a clear overview. Right now, I'm working with a planning document, and when I have a fair stretch of time, I'll do the actual overhaul. Thing is, I tend to be busy. Adding a comment to a discussion here and there can easily be done in between other things, but it's pretty rare for me to have multiple days free in a row-- which I'll need for something like this.

Long story short: that overhaul is coming, but it'll have to happen in its own time. I continue to value suggestions, and I thank anyone interested in all this for their patience.
Thanks for the update @Skallagrim ,
excited to see what this new update will bring

perhaps you could make the planning doc public, or otherwise invite based?, then people can chip in ideas and otherwise assist if they need to, if you feel that could work/ speed up the process.

regardless, best of luck to the project,
all the best
from ML8991