What is Hawaii up to in this timeline? Is it a British Dominion, a Native Monarchy, or something entirely different?
Hawaii is a native monarchy but part of the Commonwealth of Nations. Kinda like OTL Lesotho or Eswatini but likely better off due to trade agreements with either the US or Australia

My bet, part of this mysterious "Commonwealth of Pacifica".
Nah Pacifica doesn't span the entire Pacific region. Not even close
It’s british Japan right :p

If the capital is in OTL Russia, I doubt it. Japan, even in the far north, had many well established cities that could be used as a capital rather than building New Canterbury in Kamchatka.

It could still have bits of Japan in it.
In theory, yes, but you'll see

True. Hokkaido maybe. It didn't have many super well established cities early on, so a possibility. Regardless of what it is, I'm interested, but, of course, I'll wait.
I mean, Hakodate was relatively well established I think
Sorry for no update in a week, here's a massive worldbuilding dump:

The European Common Council is a collective body comprised of the heads of state or government of the member-states of the European Common Federation, as well as the President of the European Common Council and the President of the ECF. It is largely responsible for the ECF's overall direction and priorities.

Credit for the Slovak flag I used goes to u/FoulCoke on Reddit!
"Michael Gove------Labour Party"
Oh okay
Why are the Eastern Anatolian states suspended ? Are they squabbling so the Council didn't want them to ruin every meeting ?
Nah, it's more because they passed a handful of authoritarian policies in violation of the ECF constitution so the rest of the Council decided to put them in the timeout chair