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  1. UK General Election in 1938-39?

    Reading Nick Smart's The National Government 1931-40, in the wave of optimism that followed the signing of the Munich Agreement Neville Chamberlain seriously considered calling a snap General Election, and both the press and Labour Party expected him to call a snap poll within months. Eventually...
  2. AHC – Pre-War UK Chamberlain (Tory) vs Chamberlain (Liberal) Rivalry

    Depending on whether their father Joseph Chamberlain manages to become Prime Minister himself (via some a few pre-1900 PODs) from around the late-1890s to early-1900s, the challenge is to lay the groundwork for a rivalry between Austen (who possibly merits living another year or few) and Neville...
  3. Goweegie2

    Desire the Right: the world of Patagonia
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    It is finally time for me to start my not-so-long-teased new TL (which I teased a lot more in the Our Fair Country Discord server, and is actually just a reboot of an earler TL I did)! Presenting, Patagonia 2.0! This will function similarly to many excellent TLs such as Our Fair Country, A...
  4. Winston Churchill dies early

    On May 10th 1940, on his way to the meeting with Chamberlain, Halifax, and Margesson, Winston Churchill dies in a car accident. How does this affect WWII and beyond?
  5. GauchoBadger

    WI: Neville Chamberlain lives longer

    So, assume that the interwar british prime minister often blamed for giving nazi germany a jumpstart for WW2, Neville Chamberlain, does not contract cancer and lives to a riper old age beyond 71. Will he still resign from his post during WW2 or is parliamentary conservative support for him high...
  6. Comisario

    WI: Neville Chamberlain dies earlier?

    In November 1940, Neville Chamberlain, the former PM of the United Kingdom, died of cancer following his resignation in favour of Winston Churchill earlier that same year. My question is what might have happened in the event of Chamberlain's death prior to the outbreak of the Second World War...