1. Latest possible POD for a British Patagonia

    Hi folks! This is my first post on this board, so apologies if I've made any mistakes e.g. posting in the wrong forum, question asked previously. My question is, what is the latest plausible POD that would allow for a British Patagonia? Of course, the 1806-1807 Invasions of the River Plate...
  2. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    British Patagonia

    This is something I've been curious about, did the British ever make any serious attempt to colonize the region now known as Patagonia, if not how come?
  3. Goweegie2

    Desire the Right: the world of Patagonia
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    It is finally time for me to start my not-so-long-teased new TL (which I teased a lot more in the Our Fair Country Discord server, and is actually just a reboot of an earler TL I did)! Presenting, Patagonia 2.0! This will function similarly to many excellent TLs such as Our Fair Country, A...
  4. A divided Patagonia?

    This r/imaginarymaps map, one in a series, imagines a Patagonia divided between multiple rival powers perhaps after the model of the Guyanas. Could Patagonia, only in the 19th century incorporated into independent Argentina and Chile, have seen something like this occur? The region does have...
  5. LouisTheGreyFox

    War between Pinochet's Chile and a British Argentina in the 80s.

    Bear in mind this Argentina (and Uruguay also included) was basically taken over by Britain during Napoleonic War and it ended up becoming part of the British Empire afterwards. I am not looking for answers on how it be realistic for it to happen. Basically instead of a Falklands War in 1982...