As Dreamers Do: American Magic Redux

@TheFaultsofAlts Not necessarily. The Graphics Group, now part of Amblin Entertainment, is still on track to be renamed Pixar.
Good to know!

You know, I didn't consider Amblin Entertainment to buy the company, but considering Lucas and Spielberg's friendship, maybe I should have.

In that case, do you think we can have Disney sell the rights they have of Star Wars and Indiana Jones to Amblin, including the upcoming Droids cartoon, since the anime dubs seem to work as well as those films in terms of profit and merchandising?
This Summer.
From the studio that brought you Toy Story.
Pixar's Shrek!
Oddly enough, if we're going by the first movie, and ONLY the first movie, there would be a method to the madness of that idea. Anything other than that, barring the 2D films and the Aardman collaborations, and we'd have a recipe for disaster that would be able to feed a starving orphanage in Africa for six months!
Wait a second, Stephen Spielberg now owns Pixar. This is great news.
Not in my book because that mean dreamworks and pixar are own by the same company. Thus It seams like american computer animation will be dominated by stebliberg untill the formation of blue sky pictures.
Not in my book because that mean dreamworks and pixar are own by the same company. Thus It seams like american computer animation will be dominated by stebliberg untill the formation of blue sky pictures.
Yeah. And besides, I like Disney's relationship with Pixar.

On the other hand, as we're still in the early-80's, perhaps the state of CGI will manage to surprise us over time.
Whats next

1984 movie outlook
Splash (Touchstone)
Red Dawn (Turner)
Sixteen Candles (Universal)
The Muppets Take Manhattan (Touchstone/Henson)
The Terminator (Hemdale)
Nightmare on Elm Street (New Line)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Fox/Amblin)
The Jungle Book (Disney)
2010: The Year We Make Contact (Turner)
Frankenweenie (Disney)
Top Secret (Paramount)
Gremlins (Warner Bros/Amblin)
Beverly Hills Cop (Paramount)
The Karate Kid (Columbia)
Ghostbusters (Paramount)
Footloose (Paramount)
This is Spinal Tap (Embassy)
Police Academy (Warner Bros)
Hardbodies (Grand Diamond)
The Mighty Thor (Fox/Marvel)
Urusei Yatsura: Only You (Fox)
Firestarter (Grand Diamond or TriStar)
Prince: Purple Rain (Turner or Grand Diamond)
The Neverending Story (Vestron or Universal)
Amadeus (Hemdale or Paramount)
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@OldNavy1988, I thought you had settled on Paramount as the studio for Ghostbusters. I think that Firestarter should go to Grand Diamond, while Purple Rain should go to Turner, under the MGM label. The Neverending Story should go to Vestron, and Amadeus should go to Hemdale.
1: When I saw Only You as part of Fox's lineup, I almost squeed.

2: So, the film that contains one of my favorite songs of all time is in the same year as the English dub of the first Urusei Yatsura movie? Wow!

3: I'd give Neverending Story to Universal, Amadeus to Paramount, Firestarter to TriStar, and Purple Rain to Grand Diamond.
That's What Friends Are For
Daniel Abbott's house
Los Angeles, California
January 22, 1982

On a Sony Trinitron TV set, Pat Summerall narrates the Los Angeles Raiders' shut out victory over the Washington Heroes in Super Bowl XVIII.

Beer bottles and a pizza box populate Daniel's coffee table.

Then, the phone rings.

Daniel: Hello? Freddie?

Freddie Starr: Hi Daniel. I heard Richard [Williams] moved back to London.

Daniel: Yup. And I was laid off the week after Ziggy's Gift aired. The ratings were too low for Paramount to keep us on the payroll, I suppose.

Freddie: Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Daniel: So what are you up to now?

Freddie: I'm working on a new version of The Jungle Book over at Disney.

Daniel: So let me guess, are you playing Bagheera or Tabaqui?

Freddie: Tabaqui is absent in this version, but they got John Cleese to be Bagheera. They wanted to have a group of vultures and I'm voicing one of them.

Daniel: A Scouse vulture in a Rudyard Kipling film?

Freddie: Why bloody not? Anyways, they also went out and got Chad Stuart...

Daniel: Hold it. Chad....from Chad and Jeremy?

Freddie: Yes, and Eric Idle. Remember the Rutles?

Daniel: Really???? That should be plenty, right?

Freddie: Well, you'd think so. But the studio wanted four, and they're having trouble filling that last spot.

Daniel: Do me a favor. Put Don Bluth on the phone and ask if he wants to hear my George Harrison impression.
I think that Daniel Abbott should join Alcoholics Anonymous. It's either that, or he ends up joining a certain religious organization with an attraction to Hollywood types that no one has yet to bring up on this thread. (Just ask Tom Cruise, Eddie Deezen, Michael Pena, and John Travolta which one).

February 28, 1984.

That was the day I marked on my calendar. The day I would eventually go to Disney to take the animation tryout with Eric Larson. But while I waited for that day to come, I decided I needed help. I checked into a rehab center because I almost killed myself with alcohol twice. The first time was when I clashed with John K. at Filmation. The second was after The Thief and the Cobbler was snubbed rather unfairly at the Oscars. But mostly, I drank heavily to tame the flashbacks of the sexual abuse I suffered at the hands of my perverted mother.

Daniel Abbott from his autobiography
Entertainment News for February 1984
David Stern succeeds Larry O'Brien as the NBA's new commissioner.
- The Sporting News

Colts' future in Baltimore could be in jeopardy.
- The Baltimore Sun

Bob Clampett signs deal with CBS/Columbia Pictures Home Video to bring his Beany and Cecil series to videocassette and laserdisc.
- The Hollywood Reporter

Bidding war for NBC comes down to five competitors: Gulf+Western, MCA, Turner, Coca-Cola & General Electric.
- Variety