Any good Alternate History books or stories with a South American theatre in WW2?

I know that there were worries about this back in the day since there were some Axis sympathizers in South America so I was wondering if there is a good story with WW2 including large battles in the Western Hemisphere?

Also how realistic would it be for there to have been such a thing happen? Which countries would side with the Axis forces? and how would this affect the post war world?
I also read Axis of Andes and can say it's for sure worth reading. WW2 in South America is also a pretty good one to read. I had a saved list of related books, but I lost it and remembered only these two. I'm going to write a paper based on that books, so I'm going to look for more. I have a draft, but I need some more information. I am also thinking about getting professional help and reading Edusson's review on this source, because I'm looking for a reliable service, so that I need to find some information first. As I said, I have a draft, then I'll add some more info there, and if there is still a need, I'll use some professional help. And I hope that I'll manage to find more interesting alternative history books.
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