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I made a follow up on my wikiboxes for the king and Zelda. I had to make some guesses on things such as size, governmental structure and so on which might not be completely realistic. I decided on having the Zora, Rito, and Goron as stated within the kingdom (that is why it is a federal monarchy) but having the Gerudo be independent. My reasons for this is that one: In the game Botw (the wikiboxes main inspiration) the Gerudo seem to think of themselves as more separate than the other non-hylians (except for the boomer fish maybe). There is also only one way to enter Gerudo territory from Hyrule which is through a very narrow canyon that they can defend very easily (maybe in a 300 sort of situation) so any Gerudo rebellion is quite likely to succeed.

My other reason is that I might make a wikibox for Ganandorf as king of the Gerudo and a potential Hylian-Gerudo war (which I'm pretty sure is a thing in the lore, Zelda lore is more complicated than I thought)

I also decided on having their descent from skyloft be the year 0 in their calendar

I got the flag from u/navarratedf on reddit. It is based on flags seen in wind waker and I got the coat of arms from ZFShadowSOLDIER on deviantart. I also got the motto from there



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Edward VI to Thomas II (lineage)
Henry XII & I to Anne (lineage)
Henry XII & II & I to the present (lineage)

Empress Guinevere of America
Originated from most of the British colonies in North America when Arthur I declared independence in 1838, the empire also inherited their more than unique administration, as ever since the first colony was established in Roanoke (capital of the Principality of the Outer Banks), the English (and later British) took a decidedly feudal and almost German stance on their colonization and, by the time of independence, the new nation resembled an american version of the old Holy Roman Empire more than anything, with the many states outside of the Crownlands (which were originally those colonies directly under Royal Governors) existing most of the time as basically independent in relation to the rule of the Emperor and Parliament. Among those, a group of 14 states (in the past 15) have a higher status than others, due to a variety of reasons, with their rulers being called “Premier Lords of the Empire” and their dynastic members having the right to the title of princes and the style of “Highness” in some variety
(as there are fourteen of them, here's the northeastern quartet)

Ascending to the position after the death of his father, Praise-God II, in 2016 from liver cancer, Grand Duke Edmund V is the current and 13th ruler of Massachusetts (which has been ruled by the Wallington family ever since Edmund I was granted the Duchy of Massachusetts Bay in 1729), ruling over one of the most religious and conservatives territories in the empire. Quite wealthy from baking and trade, which have been the basis of its economy for centuries, the grand duchy has seen some major problems recently, as recently foreign nations, as well as other members of the empire, have condemned the fact that the grand duchy is the only state in North America to still have religious prerequisites for citizenship and for its criminalization of both abortion and homosexuality, with some countries going as far as placing sanctions or completely severing economic ties with it.
Married to Lady Caroline van Tassel (a cousin of the Earl of Sleepy Hollow and who had to convert from her Calvinist faith) Edmund has continued the tradition of having unique names for his children (although no Wallington has surpassed Duke Humiliation-under-the-eyes-of-the-Lord), with the Duke of Wompatuck’s full name being “Francis Sorry-for-Sin Richard” while his younger brother’s first name is “Joy-in-Sorrow”, named after the fact that he was born a week after his grandfather’s death

The only margrave in the empire (in the past there were many more, either their lines have either died out or been elevated to dukes), having inherited the position after the death of his second (by part of his father’s mother) cousin in 2002, Alfred III is the current ruler of one of the oldest territories in the empire, as the March of Long Island dates its founding back to the early 17th century. Although one of the highest-ranking noblemen of the nation, he is most known for his involvement in politics, being a defender of immigration, ethnic minorities and LGBTQ+ rights, and for his wealth in the real state business, as the Pennyworth dynasty has made a fortune on their domain's status as a vacation center and own hotels, resorts and inns across the country.
Married twice, first to a Hungarian noblewoman and second to a descendant of Martin Luther (who he is in the process of divorcing, to marry his secretary of decades and mistress, Maria Antonia Gonzales), Alfred has five children, his eldest three being from his first wife, and cause quite the scandal when he appointed his eldest daughter, Victoria, as heir (declaring his third son too young and his two elder sons “disappointments”) during the reception at her marriage to Prince Albert of Cape Fear


Succeeding his father 2012 after his death in what was probably an overdose, Michael Luther III is the current Count Palatine of Providence as well as one of the richest noblemen in the entire planet, having inherited his family’s large fortune on the railway and naval industries (inherited through his great-grandmother’s marriage to Howard Annabel Lovecraft, one of the sons of the then richest man in the world). Although wielding a considerable power as one of the premier lords of America, the count palatine is still mostly known for his wealth, with his territory being constantly overlooked due to its small size (even if Providence is one of the largest cities in the country)
He is a bachelor (for a time there was a betrothal to his distant maternal cousin, the Princess Weiyang, but it was broken off), with his heir being his younger brother, John (whose wife, the Princess Weiyang, gave birth six months after their marriage)

The ruler of America’s most Nordic state (in the cultural sense, as Delmarva was originally a Swedish colony that was given to England in the 1660s after Thomas I’s son inherited Sweden as a very autonomous colony ruled by Eric XV’s younger son, Gustav), Christina III assumed the position as then the oldest person to ever hold the title, inheriting it from her nephew, Eric II, after he died of a brain tumor at age 24 (she also served as his regent after her brother’s death in a car accident in 1991). A dedicated ruler who is known for her warm personality and defense of education (being a champion of continued teaching of Delmarvan Swedish, who became close to extinction in the late 20th century), although her involvement in some political scandals and her tendency for foot-in-the-mouth syndrome have soured her image to some.
Married in 1976 to a cousin, Prince Heinrich XV of Reuss-Ebersdorf, the Vicereine has two sons, Gustav, who is to be her successor (and is married with children) and Henrik (sometimes called Heinrich XXVIII), who is married to the Vicereine of Tidewater, although the couple slip apart in the late 1980s, they never divorced, and Heinrich died of a heart attack in 1994​
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Wait, wait, you gave Jimmy Lois' big scoop? What?

(Also, not fond of villainizing the Project, but I'm aware that ship has sailed)

Fair enough, lol. I'll admit a lot of DC history stuff is still vague and fuzzy to me, and I wrote this late at night, and I didn't even think that Lois would be the one to break it to the world. I'll just say my in-universe reasoning will be that Lois, the paragon of ethics that she is, would feel slightly guilty about interviewing her then-husband for such a big story given that he told her that in confidence. And maybe Jimmy actually figured it out without that advantage? And maybe she was the first reporting to interview him, period? I dunno, just thinking out loud.

I'm vaguely aware that Project Cadmus started off as something that Jimmy Olsen started/was involved in, which I never knew until I started looking into it, but for brevity's sake I'm just having it as a standard rogue secret government agency. I'm also going to be slightly condensing Alan Scott's history, but that's neither here nor there...yet. Wink wink.
Ara barkave MARS? Ara belendast. Yes! Wenna Mars Unitoeanest Ap'reet. Ap'reet havun hare barkin. Mars arun Solar Confafilan? Nyet!
- Speech by First Citizen Unyo Musk attacking the results of the 3016 referendum. (click to see translations to late English)

Click what? I tried.
The eighth and ninth Presidents in Forgotten No More:

Schuyler, Philip J.png

Philip Jeremiah Schuyler was able to become President following an eight year Republican hold over the executive under William Eustis with charisma and, as stated in his inaugural address, hopes for "Federalist excellence." Schuyler, however, butted heads with key members of his Cabinet, particularly Vice-President Marshall. Marshall used his influence over the Senate to make himself the face of the Party, at least in that body. When letters were revealed highlighting apparent promises to aid the upstart Riverine Republic in Louisiane, the Louisianan Government threatened war and imposed a harsh tax on American trade going through New Orleans. The party abandoned Schuyler once and for all. At the time, Schuyler was painted as out of touch and seemingly dictatorial, wanting all the power for himself. His use of the veto saw legislation come to a halt. Recent scholars, however, believe that Marshall may have done more to cause the divide than Schuyler and Schuyler himself denounced Marshall as "plotting against him." He sought re-election in 1824 as the candidate for the new Liberty Party (embracing rising abolitionist sentiments while at it) but failed to gain much traction, a result of the stagnant economic woes and general dislike for Schuyler. Though Schuyler's public and vocal embrace of abolitionism was seen as merely a tool in his attempt to maintain power, he continued to support abolitionist causes after leaving office becoming the first President to take a firm stance on the matter.

Boyd, Franklin A.png

Franklin Arthur Boyd I was the youngest President to be elected, just 39 years old when selected by the House following the inconclusive 1824 Presidential Election. A general first and politician second, Boyd made a name for himself as the hero of the Siege of New Orleans. Unfortunately for Boyd, legislative gridlock due to increasing polarization prevented much from happening during his presidency. Boyd was successful, however, in overseeing a cooling of tensions with Louisiane and the lowering of the Port Tax. Boyd was unable to break the rising split within the nation, a result of the prior decades mass of 'revolutionary' writings. Abolition, which saw a resurgence as a result, was starting to split the nation. Boyd attempted to convince both Louisiane and Canada to willingly join the United States, but both endeavors were unsuccessful. Though remembered through most of history namely as an average President and a war hero, contemporary writings on the man have centered on his considerably racist beliefs, particularly towards black Americans. Boyd's ideology was one of contradictions, supporting democratic expansion and seeking to add French-speaking, Catholic areas to the country whilst also espousing nationalism and xenophobia. While the economy had begun to climb once more during his Presidency, the Republicans failed to pass significant legislation and Boyd decided not to seek re-election. Right before the 1828 elections the Charleston Revolt occurred, the only successful slave revolt in the U.S. up until that point. Around 80 slaves succeeded in escaping to Haiti.

Note: Boyd was the first entirely fictional President in the FNM-verse, and was largely the construct of @Turquoise Blue, a prominent player in the election game and significant contributor to the world of Forgotten No More. TB played a major role in the world-building that went along with the game from an early stage, including becoming one of just two players to have their direct characters elected President. Many thanks to TB! :)
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It's something we've been doing @Gerbbro and I in To Govern is to Choose, the EG of @Gonzo.
The Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon are pseudonym to mask the fact that the President of the Council of France (aka the PM) and the leader of the Right to far-right party and former Collaborationist are doing this instead of being politician

The Joachim D'Arc Saga

Capture d’écran 2020-08-12 à 14.54.35.png

Extrait from the INA Archive showing a Bande Dessinée Congress in New York in 1972, where Joachim D’Arc will have an important place. It will also be the first time the two creator of the Saga, Rémy Lagadec and Jean Baptiste Dufour, will appear together to present their work

I- The Genèse

Joachim D’Arc wasn’t supposed to exist. The Saga two creators, Lagadec and Dufour, are opposed politically on several aspect, Lagadec is a know Gaullist, a close partner of De Gaulle and a noted Leftist who was Foreign Minister for Théroux Cabinet and unofficial second, Dufour was Petain Secretary, a collaborator and a Far-Right leader. Ultimately, it would be the Belgian Secessionist crisis that would make the two men close. Lagadec as Foreign Minister was deeply perturbed by Edouard Sauvage and reached member of Sauvage Party in order to see if they could stop destabilizing a close ally. It’s here that Dufour enter, he was also exasperated by Sauvage and the two (Lagadec and Dufour) would meet several time to discuss it.

Lagadec, despite not being an Americanophile, was fascinated by the Comics and particularly the Pulps Sci-Fi like Flash Gordon and founded “Histoire Fabuleuse” that would import then to the French Market. But he felt that something truly French was needed. And here Dufour being an author would propose it’s help. We don’t know the date of D’Arc beginning but we do know that it is Lagadec who would named it Joachim D’Arc, in honor of Joachim Murat and Joan of Arc. Despite being of Lagadec origin, Joachim D’Arc would feel more like a Dufour Self-Insert, particularly in aspect of women relationship.

Both Lagadec and Dufour would advance their own idea on the Universe of Joachim D’arc, inspired by event from their time, Lagadec experience as Foreign Minister has helped for that part. As a result, Mohamed Okbar, a native muslim from Algeria, Zoé Weber, Technologist Adviser are the creation of Lagadec, with Dufour giving Mohamed a more serious tone than D’Arc. The presence of those two character is perhaps the most progressive part of the series, let’s not forget that Women could vote since only two years and that Native Algerians didn’t had French Nationality.

The Solar Entente, for who D’Arc work, is based on the European Entente, a Lagadec brainchild. It served to show a France as a leading superpower on the immense Solar System and to bring hope to a population that could consider themselves not a superpower anymore. And the whole situation of the Solar System is directly inspired by the Events that the France of the 40s had to travel since Lagadec and Dufour wished to educate the young by giving them J’A.

And we should not forgot that it’s has been only three years since the end of the War. People wished for something cheap to have as a distraction and the Child definitely an escape of the reality of the World. By giving them a better future, a new age of exploration and charismatic characters, Dufour & Lagadec permitted that.

II-Joachim D’Arc : The Space Lieutenant

The first entry to the D’Arc saga is the novel/Comics Joachim D’Arc, The Space Lieutenant. Lagadec and Dufour weren’t sure of how to do it, would they work on a single novel ? A comics ?

Ultimately, it would be decided that Dufour would write the Novel, with Lagadec assistance and guideline, when Lagadec would concentrate on adapting the novel as Comics thanks to his Publishing Agency. Dufour would also obtain a certain percentage of it. The Visual aspect of the Sage would be invented by Lagadec, which quite simply took a font, give it the Tricolor colors and added a rocket he draw on his free time.

View attachment 486870

The Space Lieutenant was something that both Lagadec and Dufour couldn’t make full time, Lagadec was France Foreign Minister and Dufour was a parliamentary but they would work on it on their free time. And ultimately, they had a version that both of them were happy to share to France and perhaps the world.

The Story begin on Earth as we are introduced to the Hero, Joachim D’Arc. He discuss with a woman as if they were on a date and ultimately has sex with her. But then it is revealed that she was a communist spie send to kill the Président of the Council of the Solar Entente.

This PdC is clearly inspired by André Théroux and send D’Arc on a difficult mission to Mars, a Protectorate/Colony of the Solar Entente.

D’Arc take with him his friend and subordonate Mohamed Okbar, met with his new technologic adviser Zoé Weber and escape a horde of Womens seeking Child Support.

It is clear that this Joachim D’Arc has a comedic part and it would be an essential part of the saga writing.

The Duo arrive on Mars and meet the King alongside his daughter which seem friendly but still a bit Cold. The truth is that they are threatened by the nemesis of D’Arc, the one nicknamed “Captain Nazi” who wish to create the Fourth Reich on Mars. Ultimately, thanks to his wit, help from his friends and the final revolt of the Martian against Captain Nazi, D’Arc arrest him and disband his group. Mars agree to stay in the Solar Entente and D’Arc has an intimate relationship with the Princess of Mars.


The first issue of the Joachim D’Arc comics

Of course, Joachim D’Arc : The Space Lieutenant is a product of it’s time and a quite nationalist one even if it is quite progressive for its time.

We shan’t forget the various addition of Joachim D’Arc that made it popular. The vibrant universe who seem realistic, Lagadec and Dufour experience is clearly seen here, the vibrant description of Mars with his Red trees, Red House and of course the fact that we discover Mars from Joachim D’Arc eyes as he’s never been there. Of course the silliness of some part of it prove to be loved by the Children and the more realistic part by the Adults which ended with J’A being loved by a wide range of people. Surprisingly, it would also be liked by young girls, despite Joachim D’Arc own tendency to charm every women he saw, as The Space Lieutenant has a strong female cast and Zoé Weber is reported to have influenced many girls to join in more scientifics studies.


View attachment 574658
A Young child holding a Joachim D’Arc Comics

It is a Radio extrait from Radio Luxembourg, the Ancestor to RTL, which cover Joachim D’Arc : The Space Lieutenant’s launch.

Zappy Max (It’s not a joke) : On the agenda today, the sellout of Joachim D’Arc a Bande Dessinée about a French Lieutenant from the future. For young and old alike, it has manifested a strong fellowship after two of Paris biggest library has announced that they had sold all the Bande Dessinée version of the story. The two authors, Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon are a mystery for the public at large as they have announced their wish to stay recluse from public life. The owner of “Histoire Fabuleuse”, the publishing agency of Joachim D’Arc, the Foreign Minister himself has stated “I’m in direct relation with the duo and they are thrilled by the success of it but they wish to stay alone and i’m going to respect their wishes”.

Zappy Max: On other news, Edouard Sauvage claims that Wallons are threatened by , and i quote “ The Flemish deep state of Belgium”...


It is often said that the reception of Joachim D’Arc : The Space Lieutenant has surprised the two authors and it is true. They both were unprepared when nearly all of Paris newspapers asked for an interview of the two authors and even feared that they would be discovered provoking a scandal.

They didn’t understand that the mystery about the two authors is what leaded to such a popularity for the saga. They were quite a lot of theory about them with the most popular one that the President Of the Council was one of them. Ironically, Dufour and Lagadec weren’t even considered a possibility by the public at large. Lagadec autobiography hasn’t been a success and Dufour was considered too conservative and the two weren’t considered talented. The Paris High Society often has meeting about discussing of a potential author and Lagadec has often been said that he was lucky to have found them.


This is an extrait of an interview of Gérard Depardieu in 1973 for the release of “Joachim D’Arc et la Guerre de Mars/Joachim D’Arc and the Martian War” where Gérard Depardieu was revealed to the public by playing the lead character.

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach : And so what is your relation with Joachim D’Arc ?

Gérard Depardieu : Well, it began on my birth year so I think we are tied. *both laugh* The truth is that during my youth i was very much an americanophile and i didn’t paid attention to it after my 13th birthday. But i loved it during my youth and i reread them all when i was taken for the lead part of the movie.

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach : And how were you selected ?

Gérard Depardieu : Well, I was contacted in 1971 by “Histoires Fabuleuse” which wanted to adapt the Saga seriously, you certainly remember the cheap version of the late 50s, and i has been handpicked by the, still unknown, authors. I”ve said to them : “No fucking way i’m gonna play it unless i know who wrote the damn books”.

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach : And so you were invited to brittany to meet them ?

Gérard Depardieu : Yeah. To be honest, I thought i was going to meet with André Théroux since we were going to well Brittany but what was my surprise to see Lagadec and Dufour.

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach : And what did you think of the last one ?

Gérard Depardieu : It’s great i think, the reveal that the Bad Guy was a child of D’Arc and that he was going after him as a revenge for abandoning him was an awesome idea.


View attachment 496704

Joachim D'Arc : Venusian Troubles

Venusian Troubles is the second part of Joachim D’Arc Adventures written by the duo Macron/Mélenchon and published by Histoires Fabuleuses. Situated one year after the Original, it continues to star Joachim D’Arc alongside his friend and Co-Worker Mohamed Okbar as they work for the Solar Entente and their co-worker from the originals. The main addition is the two antagonist which are revealed at the end on a shocking twist.

The story begins on Earth where D’Arc is giving an eulogy for two of his Co-Worker who has been found dead, Bastien Benet and Edouard Féral, killed in an accident by a Tiger. After “consoling” a co-worker, the President of the Council reveal to him that Benet and Féral could still be alive on Vénus and that it’s likely it has been staggered by maybe the Strengthened Democratic Alliance of Peoples, a terrorist group. The PdC task him to find the two Agents on Venus and to help the Venusians deal with the troubles they currently suffer. Afterall, Venus is one of the staunchest ally of the Solar Entente and has a similar culture than Earth and a civil war could prevent its ascension inside the Solar Entente which has been secretively negotiated.

Before leaving, D’Arc investigate his former co-workers place and found evidence that the SDAP has been following them. Mohamed also find the journal of Féral where he worry about Venus not embracing his cousin culture (Earth) and support an invasion of it to protect the citizen from a “deep state that seek to suppress venusian culture”, Mohamed say that he is worried that Féral could have done something wrong which D’Arc rule out saying that Féral was worried with some reason but that ultimately Venus would join the Entente as ally which is safer and cleaner than a potential civil war an unilateral decision would do and that Féral probably recognize it.

Anyway, the two friends leave the Earth, which has a funny scene where D’Arc use a “vidéophone” to talk to seven girls at the same time and without them recognizing it.

As they arrive on Venus, the situation has degraded with a party calling from Venus to join the Solar Entente and imprisoning everyone who disagree and calling the Venusian Royal Family to be part of a Deep State against Earth Culture. Doing a cruise inside a “Navire des Nuages” to look at the famous cloud of Venus, Mohamed disappear without any explanation which had D’Arc looking worried for the first time and we know it because he refuses the advance of several women’s when looking for his friend. He then decides to follow the leader of the SDAP local branch to a building where he realize that nearly everyone one inside is a member of the Rattachist Party of Venus. He manages to isolate the SDAP Leader only for him to be liberated by someone unexpected Bastien Benet. Yet as Benet is going to explain his motivation, Entente Troops alongside Venusian Troops invade the building and kill him. Zoé Weber reveal herself saying that they have new information and came to his help and that due to Mohamed disappearance she would help him find him.

Yet the arrival of Entente Troops has aggraved the situation and the D’Arc/Weber duo manage to track the real mastermind, Edouard Feral, on a space station. They take care of his men’s and Weber let D’Arc face him as he is “stronger”. D’Arc notably say out loud that Feral is completely stupid, they have the same goal and D’Arc/The Solar Entente were already succeeding on that front. And finally, if he loved a space without border he would like what happen next. D’Arc open an hatch and Feral is send in space without any protection. After liberating Mohamed and proper congratulation, D’Arc goes back home to find maybe his greatest threat yet. A Panier with a note and someone inside. A Baby. And it is his.


After two extremely successful release which has definitively made Joachim D’Arc the greatest success in post-war literature. Of course, one of the reason for the success is the mystery about the two authors which are still unknown and now widely to be considered Pen Names.

This story, unlike the others, is not inspired by actuality and doesn’t have the same analysis about French culture. It is a different and unique story and it happens after Joachim D’Arc : Venusian Troubles .

The story being on the Cruise ship Léonore Chaperon on the edge of the Solar System, D’Arc and Okbar are enjoying a nice holiday after they succeed in a case where they prevented an insurrection on an insignificant island in the Indian Ocean. The two friends are introduced to the Captain who proposed them a tour on a brand new space shuttle. D’Arc controls the first shuttle as the Captain, on another one, is showing them the best asteroids and planetoids of the sector. And then, he decides to show them a space anomaly just discovered, D’Arc enthusiast has ever about a new thing race to see it but as the shuttle arrives above it, the Anomaly activates and a portal open taking D’Arc and Okbar inside.

“Bon voyage, Herr D’Arc” is the last thing they heard before the portal fall on them. They arrive on the other side in a hurry, the ship being dispatched by the atmosphere of a planet they don’t have time to recognize and the duo crash on it.

But it isn’t the end of the duo, they woke to realize they have been captured by a tribe being led by a woman named Aman. Yet, they didn’t get D’Arc Pistolumière away and he uses it to scare part of the tribesman for just enough time to unhand himself and Okbar. Yet the tribesman/woman has the advantage of numbers and they come to a truce. The Queen granted him the possibility to go see their ship, under guards, and then to come back see her.

Arriving at the ship, they realize it’s missing one equipment necessary to get into orbit and they manage to localize it on another portion of this continent. They return to the Queen and they realize she is quite ambitious. She is a descendant of a former emperor of this continent and seeks to reunite this continent and then the planet too. She realizes that the advanced technology of the two strangers is her best possibility to do that. She makes a deal with D’Arc. She will help them learn about this planet, keeping their ship safe as long they hand all the guns they have and help her conquering.

Yet the queen does more than that, she begins to claim that D’Arc and Okbar are angels sent by God to give them victory and that they chose her to unite the planet.

As time pass, D’Arc and the queen begin to have sentiments for each other, and in D’Arc mind it’s not as usual. They manage to unite all the tribes in the region and attack the first Kingdom in the region and here it’s Okbar who has more a role thanks to his intellect. He manages to recreate Trebuchet and others siege weapon. Okar also had quite a reflection on where they were, he had the feeling that he knew the place

Afterward, the conquers continue and D’Arc begins to feel at home and his desire to leave begin to disappear. They manage to find the final component for the ship and repair it. D’Arc tell Okbar that he won’t leave, he likes it here and he has finally find someone like him that he could love. But okbar convince him by reminding him of France and what would happen without him. D’Arc leave, leaving behind him Aman and their triplets.

The two friends take off and pass by the anomaly who appeared in orbit and return to their place of departure only to find a Solar Entente cruiser here. They had disappeared for 6 months and the SE was looking around to see what happened.

On Earth, in his home, Okbar is looking for all the indices he has gathered to see where they were. And suddenly, he has an illumination. They were on Mars ! The planet being Red, the various landscapes he recognized. They were sent to Mars ! But in the past he realized due to their level of technology…Wait, another revelation. That must mean that Aman is Amanrusa, the first queen of Mars. It is probable they given another name after centuries of adulation and since Rusa mean god in Old Martian…That must mean that Joachim D’Arc is the ancestor of the martian royal family.

With this last revelation in mind, Okbar burn the file. D’Arc must not know about it on his ego would destroy the Earth and he would never stop hearing about it.

The third story about the Adventure of Joachim D’Arc would continue the success story of Joachim D’Arc with excellent reviews from all across France and excellent commercial success showing that Histoire Fabuleuse has truly a great product. It would also contribute to the success of the Comics format which many will use for their own stories. But It would be quite controversial, the story of a woman warlord being denounced by both right-wing and Feminist association who would call for a boycott of the Saga. Even some part of the clergy call for a boycott as they saw the implication that D'Arc slepped with one of his descendant quite heretical. Nevertheless, it won’t have an echo in the population and the Saga would continue.

Fair enough, lol. I'll admit a lot of DC history stuff is still vague and fuzzy to me, and I wrote this late at night, and I didn't even think that Lois would be the one to break it to the world. I'll just say my in-universe reasoning will be that Lois, the paragon of ethics that she is, would feel slightly guilty about interviewing her then-husband for such a big story given that he told her that in confidence. And maybe Jimmy actually figured it out without that advantage? And maybe she was the first reporting to interview him, period? I dunno, just thinking out loud.
That makes more sense.

I'm vaguely aware that Project Cadmus started off as something that Jimmy Olsen started/was involved in, which I never knew until I started looking into it, but for brevity's sake I'm just having it as a standard rogue secret government agency.

The Project is supposed to be a place of endless wonder, where mankind's best and brightest are creating the future.
Here's another installment from my American Monarchy series: the list of Presidents of the Federal Republic of California, the Commonwealth of Columbia's western neighbor, from 1960 onwards. Incumbent President Jerry Brown and Vice President Alex Padilla were recently re-elected to a historic third five-year term.


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I tried to incorporate some hints of Zeldas abilities. Also since the player does not know much about Link I decided that neither does anyone else.

Battle for Hyrule-2.png
((I'm really grateful to @Alexander Helios, @Zhukov and @Gonzo for helping me out with info on the Napoleon-Toussaint relationship and giving suggestions for the map respectively. Thank you all!

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In many ways, Napoleon Bonaparte and Toussaint Louverture were practically made from the same mold - they were men of low birth who, wielding great ambition and perseverance, rose to the highest stations available to them, taking every opportunity that came across them to achieve their vision, even despite their oft-contradictory attitudes. It is unsurprising, then, that Toussaint, was nicknamed "Napoléon Noir" by people who had the chance to observe his military skill first-hand, and it is even less surprising that both Toussaint and Napoleon immediately recognized each other's capabilities. Amidst the turmoil surrounding the downfall of slavery in Saint-Domingue, Napoleon sought to keep France's most profitable colony by tempering Toussaint Louverture's ambition and affirming the territory's autonomy; Toussaint, in turn, wanted to assure Napoleon of his loyalty and be personally assured of his domain's safety from metropolitan troops. In 1800, Napoleon sent a flattering letter to Toussaint confirming the metropole's "great confidence" in one of France's finest generals and citizens, and stating his hopes for Toussaint to "promote agriculture" and "enlarge the glory and possessions of the Republic". Historians conclude that this letter would prevent the invasion of Santo Domingo that Toussaint Louverture had been planning for so long, and ultimately bring an end to the violence that had plagued Saint-Domingue. From then on, Toussaint Louverture would maintain a steadfast loyalty to the French nation, in exchange for little to no interference from the metropole unless specifically requested and "agreeable" commissioners. As remaining independentist sentiment was pacified and war with Great Britain erupted once more, Toussaint was given effective control over the larger, but less densely settled colony of Louisiana as its military protector and de facto Governor-General.

This transition of power was not without problems, however, as whites and creoles in New Orleans took issue with Toussaint Louverture wielding such power over New France. Although Napoleon wrote to Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte that "[Toussaint] would be little more than New France's gendarme" and Toussaint Louverture professed his compliance with Napoleon's wishes, he sought to actively govern New France, developing various industries in Saint-Domingue to make the island self-sufficient, inviting migrants - mainly non-planters or slaveholders, that is - to settle in Upper Louisiana, strengthening Saint-Domingue and Louisiana's economic ties, and taking steps to limit the New Orleans slave trade, earning him the ire of wealthy sugarcane planters and frequent civil disturbance. Numerous letters were sent to Paris, requesting that Toussaint be recalled; these were usually ignored, given Toussaint Louverture's expert manipulation of the various colonial factions and the heavy burden of the war in Europe. Toussaint's compromise with Napoleon did see the return of several former foes, namely Rigaud supporters Alexandre Petion and Jean-Pierre Boyer, who quickly acquainted themselves with the gens de couleur of New Orleans and felt obliged to stymie Toussaint Louverture's control over New France.

As the War of the Sixth Coalition drew to a close, the New French colonial government distanced itself from the metropole, and the carefully crafted independence would eventually become part of New French law in May 1814, as the realm's varied political establishment opposed the Bourbon Restoration. Although New Orleans was fraught with rumors that Napoleon would escape to Louisiana and rebuild his empire on American soil - and that Jean Lafitte was already on his way to Elba to rescue the Emperor - the Constitutional Convention of 1814, mainly represented by white planters and gens de couleur from both Louisiana and Saint-Domingue, would ultimately establish a republic. As the esteemed Governor-General of New France, a man of strong democratic inclinations, a man who was palatable to both the sugarcane planter in New Orleans and the black artisan in Le Cap, Alexandre Petion was easily elected the first President of New France.


The French presence just across the Mississippi River, coupled with an "unpredictable" ex-slave insurrection leader as the colony's administrator, frightened the American public. President Thomas Jefferson, who sought to wrest control of the Mississippi River from Paris, found his plans routed by the pacification of Saint Domingue and Toussaint's appointment to Governor-General and was particularly alarmed about reports of New France's colonial military reform. Toussaint Louverture did not plan to invade the United States, viewing it as an unnecessary and troublesome venture; regardless, the South exploded with fearmongering, with pamphlets spread from Knoxville to Richmond presenting the terrible vision of an army of Napoleonic brigands and black mercenaries marching towards Washington D.C., leaving behind plundered plantations and famished families facing the wrath of savage slaves. While such sentiments would calm down in a few months, continued border skirmishes between American and Louisianan settlers (more often than not accidental despite press reporting otherwise) did not ease relations between the two governments. Along with the Embargo of 1807 and its devastating effects on the Northeast, the Mississippi border skirmishes provided a surge of support for the otherwise moribund Federalists, with Alexander Hamilton and the party's rapidly modernizing press system attacking the Jefferson administration's policies as weak, destructive, Francophilic and anti-American, their ultimate result being the ruination of America's developing industry and eventual loss of independence. This scathing criticism of Jefferson's presidency did not make the Federalist Party more popular than their Republican foes, but it did give them control of the White House once it became clear just who did the congressional caucus nominate.

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Hmm... I could consider this, but I have poor experience with writing TLs, unfortunately.
I second the suggestion for making this a TL, it's a really interesting scenario. As for lack of experience, there's no time like the present to learn how to do it (barring real-life concerns, of course)!
Thank you! ❤

Hmm... I could consider this, but I have poor experience with writing TLs, unfortunately.

You could always try the graphic timeline approach and simply make graphics for the world itself. Like Gian and Persephone, I'd love to see more of this world :)
I second the suggestion for making this a TL, it's a really interesting scenario. As for lack of experience, there's no time like the present to learn how to do it (barring real-life concerns, of course)!

You could always try the graphic timeline approach and simply make graphics for the world itself. Like Gian and Persephone, I'd love to see more of this world :)

I appreciate your support, but I'm afraid not. I will have to prepare for university soon, and I'm afraid I don't have the work ethic necessary to maintain a TL.
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