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First and foremost, Luyten’s Mushroom is not a Mushroom. In fact, it is not a traditional Fungus at all. As life evolved on Luyten B completely separately from Earth, Earth Mushrooms are much more closely related to Humans than they are Luyten’s Mushroom. However to the first research team on Luyten B, led by Marianne Fulbright aboard the Mohican , the similarity was obvious and so the name stuck.

Even beyond the pedantics, the differences between Luyten’s Mushroom and actual mushrooms are apparent. For one, there is the size. Although individual specimens may differ, the species averages around 4 and half half feet in hight. It also possesses “Mycelium Tentacles” that enable the mushroom to move around and manipulate objects. The tentacles are also used for feeding, food ad pressed up to the bottom of the “cap” where fluids secreted dissolve and absorb the food, which is then digested. A ring around the cap provides sensory input, a sort of 360 degree eye, along with an innate sense of vibration.

However the most curious physical feature are the yellow “beads” on top of the cap, which served no apparent purpose to the early explorers.

However far more interesting to the early explorers what the immediately apparent intelligence that the Mushrooms possessed. Early forms of agriculture were clearly present, tended with clockwork precision. The Mushroom proved insatiably curious, with one always following the crew wherever they went, which in turn was nicknamed “Gus the Fungus” by Lt. Jo Erickson. Indeed this curiosity led to the first part of the species name, while the second was “Sapiens” as was traditional for intelligent life. Indeed, the mushroom showed an understanding of the Pythagorean theorem, in addition to its agricultural innovations.

However traditional first contact modes were simply not effective. The Mushroom had no written language, which was not unheard of, but also apparently no form of verbal communication or even physical gestures. For all intents and purposes there seemed no apparent way that anything was coordinated on Luyten B, despite the obvious efficiency there. Attempts at communication seemed to fall flat at every turn. Attempts to acquire an individual for study were initially successful, until the Mushroom attempted to dissect Lt. Fred Singh, at which point the individual (which faced no dissection) was returned. Initial scans did indicate the yellow “beads” were emitting some sort of radiation. But although it did control the central nervous system, there was nothing that could be termed a brain.

The Mushroom meanwhile, was showing a disturbingly fast adaption and advancement in intelligence. It developed fairly rapidly an understanding of how to work computers, and quickly progressed to calculus once the concept was presented. Math was the only form of communication that was providing any progress, although only proofs and theories seemed to be transmitting, not ideas or language. More concerningly, the mushroom managed to get a hold of a firearm from the weapon’s locker and proved immediately to be an effective shot, using it to down several local creatures. Attempts to retrieve the weapon were unsuccessful. During the attempts other mushrooms responded to protect the one possessing the gun, and despite possessing only sharpened sticks managed to outmaneuver trained crew members. Their precision was exquisite, acting as one fluid unit to drive the humans away.

Regrouping at the landing strip a new theory was proposed, one that would prove correct. There were not multiple mushrooms. There was only one. The crew of the Mohican had stumbled across the first hive mind in the known galaxy. The hundreds of units present at the landing site, and the apparently millions world wide, were all part of one, singular organism. They moved as one because they were one, millions with one mind, one purpose. It had no concept of individuality. Each individual mushroom was as disposable as a fingernail. It had no need for language, not with the instant communication the “beads” provided the hive mind. No wonder it was so caviler about the dissection. It had no idea that humans were anything more than a tiny part of the whole. With no other minds around, concepts like empathy or morality were likely not present. It did not care if it’s curiosity, or search for more food or resources harmed anyone.

And notably, it was VERY curious about the ship.
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Hey this may be a little off topic here but are planning on continuing your I'a/Rossites storyline eventually? I just recently found it totally by accident and was wondering if you'll ever continue it. I know it's from August-November 2020 and it's been a couple years but I found it very intriguing and probably a realistic look into how humanity would react to the discovery of extraterrestrial life in the near future.
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Born from the nexus of history and philosophy, the Commonwealth of America is the foremost economic and military powerhouse on the North American continent and one of the most critical member states of the broader British Empire. With a total population of just over of 250 million citizens representing a diverse variety of different demographics, the Commonwealth of America spans from the Artic to the Caribbean, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Neighboring Mexico, Cuba, and the West Indies Federation, America has long enjoyed an active and often dominant role in the hemisphere. The Commonwealth is also the predominant English speaking nation on the North American continent, though French, Spanish, and an assortment of indigenous languages are also spoken widely across the country.

The capital is located in the city of Philadelphia, though other prominent cities include Atlanta, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Boston, Calgary, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Georgetown, Halifax, Liverpool, Miami, Minneapolis, Montreal, New Orleans, New York, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Quebec, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Wolfesboro.

A highly developed nation, the Dominion boasts an abundance of natural resources and a long tradition of industry. With the seventh highest GDP per capita and ranked first by the Human Development Index, the Commonwealth of America is both the foremost economic power of both North America and the broader British Empire. Its advanced economy, the fourth largest in the world, relies on well-developed trade networks, agricultural and industrial export, finance, technology, and tourism. America is part of several major international and intergovernmental institutions or groupings including the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the G7 (formerly G8), the Group of Ten, the G20, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the Organization of American States.

The Commonwealth of America is a federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II reigning as head of state, though executive powers are wielded through the Governor-General, who is appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister. The American Parliament is a bicameral legislative body, with the lower chamber, the House of Representatives, allocating its seats in proportion to population whereas the Senate consists of only two members for each province. The Dominion is a realm within the Commonwealth of Nations, and is officially bilingual. It ranks among the highest in international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education. It is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many other countries. The current Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party, while Paul Ryan is the leader of the Conservative Party, which constitutes the opposition. Other parties represented in Parliament include the separatist Bloc Quebec, the environmentalist Grassroots, the socialist Democratic Party, and the populist People’s Party.

Various indigenous peoples have inhabited what is now America for thousands of years prior to European colonization. Beginning in the 16th century, British and French expeditions explored, and later settled, along the Atlantic coast. As a consequence of various armed conflicts, France ceded nearly all of its colonies in North America in 1763. What followed after was a period of unrest over taxation, colonial autonomy, and corruption led to the ultimate Confederation of Britain’s continental holdings. This began an accretion of provinces and territories and a process of increasing autonomy from the United Kingdom. This widening autonomy was highlighted by the Statute of Westminster of 1931 and culminated in the British North America Act of 1945, which severed the vestiges of legal dependence on the British parliament, except for the power to amend its constitution.

1968 American Federal Election.png

The 1968 American Federal Election was held on November 5th, 1968, in all 333 constituencies of the House of Commons of the Commonwealth of America. The Progressive Conservative Party, led by former New York Premier Nelson Rockefeller, managed to win a plurality of 143 seats compared to the Liberals, whose majority was whittled down to just 140 seats. The Democratic Party also experienced minor losses, while the former Southern Provincial Party (now rebranded as a new national party, the American Heritage Party) managed to increase their presence in parliament and elected over twenty new members to the House. The dying Social Credit Party, whose base of support had fallen back to just the rural seats of Quebec, also lost their last MP in an election that was dominated by tensions with communist Cuba, the question of Afro-American civil rights in the southern provinces, rising crime and joblessness, and political turmoil amongst other factors. With a hung parliament, convention offered Prime Minister Humphrey the chance to form a coalition government, but he could not do so with Wallace's support, and thus resigned as Prime Minister. Rockefeller ultimately was sworn in on a minority government with the tacit support of the American Heritage Party, who offered their supply and confidence on the budget and confidence votes in exchange for Rockefeller's incoming government embracing law-and-order policies that Wallace had embraced on the campaign trail.

Edit: Revisiting an old series of infoboxes I did a while back. Also @GBehm should be credited for the first one, I apologize for failing to clarify that when I initially posted this.

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The write-up is very comprehensive, I have just one question — what's the deal with the Bavarian Farmers' party?
Thanks! While most agrarian parties joined the Natioanl Front, the Bavarian Farmers' League had a different outlook and remained independent. Most agrarian groups were conservative and Protestant, but the BBB was liberal and secular (which is also why they stayed out of alliance with the BVP, their main rival). Their strength in rural areas meant that they were able to win seats despite not being part of any alliance.

Covered in controversy, this year's Superhero Awards (Supies) have marked a new low for the historic celebration of our nation's greatest heroes.

Fact of the matter is that The Vigilants were just a bizarre choice for winners. Everyone knew the competition was between the Paladins and the Guardians. And sure, nobody can deny that the Minutemen deserved the nomination, though the Rangers were kind of a stretch. But for The Vigilants to win?! They peaked in the 90s!

Once again the Supies prove to us they're behind the times. Not a single woman nominated for Best New Hero. Flygirl has been saving people left and right but no, instead we have c-listers like Dragon Head and Hypnotic making the list. Not to mention that the nomination of known misogynist Centurion is a slap in the face of all women.

Once again we see the liberal agenda creeping into our Hero community. Nubian Princess winning instead of Liberty Belle? Typical affirmative action!

Keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth!

I can't believe Maverick just punched Chris Rock! If he wasn't made of solid stone, Maverick would've disintegrated him!
The Presidents of the United States of America, from 1789 to 1820. Not intended to be taken particularly seriously.
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The 1819 presidential election is more of a mess than usual for this unfortunate version of America. I didn't do a box for the VP election, but you can look at the numbers in the notes for Monroe above and get an idea of how messy it is.
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You know something that would be interesting is if Washington had died before the election (let's say in 1777 or 1783 before the Philadelphia Convention) leading to the electors turning to the only man who could serve as a uniting figure, Benjamin Franklin to be the first President of the United States. Then Robert H. Harrison, Washington's right hand man in the Army, becomes the first Vice President and they both kick the bucket in April 1790, just weeks apart. This is before the Presidential Succession Act of 1792 which established the line of succession and a process to hold a special election in the case of a double vacancy. How would this effect America in the 1790s? Who would become Acting President? The Senate was not in session in 1790 and there was no precedent set for presidential succession after the Vice President in the case of a double vacancy. Without a precedent set for a special election would one be held in November/December of that year or would a power struggle result in whoever comes out on top serving until the end of Franklin's term. This scenario could also occur if Washington had died in the Spring of 1790 when he was apparently ill (something that I believe John Adam's daughter mentioned in a journal or something; a proposed what if scenario contemated on this site years ago) with Harrison as his VP.
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