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    Man, that map is so confusing, though. What's your reasoning behind it?
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    Ah darn I'll fix it
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    The 1968 U.S Presidential Election was the 17th quadrennial presidential election to be held since the establishment of the Seventh Republic. Incumbent President Gordon B. Hinckley was running for a third term in office,much to the frustration of various communist groups within the united states, who loathed him for his right wing stance on foreign policy regarding the British Empire and the Soviet Union. He also found little love for his public housing and infrastructure initiatives within Parliament, with the Christian Conservative controlled legislature voting down many of his measures and planned laws.

    His kind and gentle demeanor brought about from his previous tenure as a religious leader and governor of Utah would be frequently used as an excuse by politicians to utilize the president as a doormat, walking all over him in the realms of domestic affairs. Here he would meet great challenges in this regards as a fairly ineffective legislator, relying heavily on party donations and campaign funds he would force out to political allies in an attempt to whip fleeting house members into shape.

    In stepped the controversial governor of Alabama George Wallace, who fought hard against former preacher Billy Graham's messages of restructured government and the eradication of organized crime which had plagued the cities of Atlanta and Orlando. He portrayed himself as the "populist alternative to the Populist Alternatives", a slight jab at the seemingly distant party elites that surrounded Hinckley. He would clench the nomination tightly while arguing with Hinckley over the current american intervention in the Cascade Mountains and the security agreements with the Italian mafia.

    In order to mobilize the African american vote for his campaign, he not only picked the seemingly radical Martin Luther King Jr as a way to throw some red meat towards the southern African american population, he also had him run to the left of Wallace on certain social issues that would hopefully deliver the key states of the Midwest on election day on a silver platter to the Christian-Conservative party.

    The aforementioned communist groups decided to hold their own nomination convention in Illinois, directly across the street from the Populist Alternative convention. After large and bloody clashes between protesters on both sides were violently broken up by police in the "Broken Glass Incidents", Wallace merely sat back and watched the other side self destruct between both factions within the party.

    Upon the day of the election, initial outlooks seemed all but assured of a Wallace victory. As the night continued and several more states were narrowly called for Wallace, the biggest prize of California's 75 electoral votes guaranteed his stay in the white house, although by less than 96,000 votes out of 15 million votes cast in the state. More victories by narrower margins continued, with Ohio going to the Alabaman by only 5,000 votes and Pennsylvania by only 15,000 votes.

    However, in terms of the total popular vote and electoral college he managed to win in landslides, garnering 151 million popular votes and a single electoral vote shy of 700, but well within the 470 needed to win the presidency. In terms of the states, Wallace won three times the amount that Hinckley had managed to scrap together with just 239 pledged (235 later) electoral votes.

    While Jim Jones refused to accept the harsh criticism received by furious Hinckley supporters of being a "spoiler" candidate, it was hard to look past the performance of the communist party in the 1968 election. They had their best year so far, with a record number of nearly 50 million votes and coming in second place in Mississippi, Idaho,Colorado,New Mexico, Oklahoma and the District of Colombia. Despite not winning any states, Five Idahoan faithless electors decided to back the communist Jones-Rockwell ticket, which had a single faithless elector persuaded to alter his initial vote before balloting began at the Boise capitol before the results were ratified by the Congress in December of the same year.
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    Scenes from Hellworld, 1980-1988

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Abridged history: Kravitz (born Kaczynski) is elected on a campaign of federal divestment and isolationist self-reliance over the hawkish MacDonald, who is still being asked questions about the disappearance of Vice President Hoffa. He's impeached after he authorizes strategic bombing campaigns of essential public services in "problem areas". Trump, a fresh-faced supply-side from the Bronx with no prior experience, would be the youngest POTUS until the election of Jackson Jr. in 2012. Machinations from his Vice found Trump forced to resign when his illegal offshore deals were revealed, spurring the senior Jackson to run as an independent. When the USSR starts flexing in the late eighties, America remembers it wants someone tough on the Soviets elects General Haig.
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    He's got the psychological advantage over his opposition.
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    Wait, so you had the chance for President Peridot and you didn't go with it?

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    Playing with making custom fake infoboxes in Google Sheets. Obviously it doesn't quite look like the real thing, but it can be easier and more customizable than the wiki editor.

    Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 1.34.22 AM.png
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    I find myself trying not to mention current politics when reading this...
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    America obviously was not ready for lesbian Space Rocks
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    Another interesting thing is that you can use the horizontal space in ways that Wiki doesn't, which is really better for landscape screen viewing. Although it does raise the question of when this stops being a pseudo-infobox, and just becomes an infographic.

    Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 10.12.17 AM.png
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    The 2016 United States presidential election was the 58th quadrennial American presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. The Populist Ticket of Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold and Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego defeated both the Republican ticket of Massachusetts Senator Geoff Diehl and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, and the Democratic ticket of Alabama Senator Jim Folsom Jr. and Texas Governor Bill White.

    Feingold won both the popular vote and reached the 270 Electoral vote threshold to be elected without a runoff, something that had not happened for the Populists since 1984.

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    Neither of them was born in the US, though?
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    What are the parties' general ideologies here? And is the Populist Party the same that W.J Bryan founded?
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    All of the parties are heavily regional (The Republicans based in the Northeast and New England in particular, the Populists the West, and the Democrats being an out-and-out regional party with no support outside the South and certain urban areas). Ideology wise, I'd put them down like this:
    • Republicans: Big tent so they do have people who are left wing, but overall they definitely lean to the right
    • Democrats: More of a tribal party so ideology isn't too important, but they too lean right
    • Populist: Left-wing
    And yes, the Populist are the same Populist party WJB played a part in founding all those years ago.
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    How do you make those google sheets wikiboxes?
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    I'd love to know how you were able to make that! You gotta tutorial for us?
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    Honestly, it's just a spreadsheet with the gridlines turned off. There are a few little tricks, such as the =IMAGE function, which is needed to get the photos to line up nicely. If you do =IMAGE("whateverurl", 2) in Sheets, then it sizes the picture to fill the cell. As long as the picture and the cell are of similar aspect ratios, then it looks nice. Ed Pastor got a bit squished.

    Here's what it looks like "behind the scenes" with gridlines on:

    Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 10.17.24 PM.png

    The formatting tools in Sheets aren't perfect, but it allows me to come up with something acceptable looking, even without much artistic talent. A little bit of resizing, centering, merging, and formatting goes a long way.

    EDIT: @Omar04
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    • To all Australians on, I strongly apologize for this transgression towards your nation's politics.
    • I apologize for the House map as well.
    • This is actually based off a RvBomally scenario about a Kaiserreich version of a Third World War scenario. The commissioner had some... interesting details included that I just couldn't leave behind.
    • Since that particular scenario has no determined point of divergence (and is therefore not exactly on our Earth to begin with), this does not count as current politics.



    A federal election to determine the members of the 52nd Parliament of Australia took place on 14 July 2037. Held to elect all 230 Members of the Parliament, the 2037 election was held after a double dissolution pertaining to numerous corporate scandals.

    The 2034 federal election was won by the Labor Party. Winning 81 out of 154 seats in the House of Representatives, the Labor Party secured a majority government under Ruby Rose Langenheim, actress-turned-Member of the Australian Parliament from Melbourne. Charismatic and highly confident both as an actress and as a politician, Ruby was the natural choice of the Labor Left faction after the resignation of Labor Party leader Ed Husic in 2031, and won handily over primary opponent Amanda Rishworth by a large margin.

    Initially quite popular among the Australian voters, no doubt because of her active public image and progressive legal initiatives, and briefly reached an approval rating of 78% in May 2032 following a failed assassination attempt on her life by a radicalized far-right youth. However, later on Ruby Rose's approval rating began to sink at a consistent rate, supposedly because of her increasingly moderate political views, her growing inability to deal with "economic fatigue" in the country, and most importantly her ties with the Messer Group, a defense contractor conglomerate which has generated massive controversy due to its shady experiments in the Outback. The discontent with Messer Group and consequently Ruby Rose was viewed by pundits as a growing disaffection with the United States of America and the global alliance it created.

    The Coalition had very high hopes regarding the 2037 federal election. Patrick Serovic, MP from Mackellar with a reputation for being a no-nonsense, skilled administrator and shrewd, principled conservative, sought to retake the reins of power from Labor. The sentiment was shared by Roger Liu, leader of the Greens, who felt that Rose betrayed progressive ideals by "tying" herself to an infamously corrupt defense contractor conglomerate, and believed that he could make the Greens become the new major party in Australia as Labor falls deeper into disrepair.

    Enter Charles Colby Jr., better known as Jack Colby. A brash, boisterous cheesemaker and WWIII veteran who was born to a family of cattle herders in Gippsland, Colby reportedly turned leftward after seeing the economic disrepair in postwar Australia; reportedly, he asked "If we're victors, if we're liberators, how could we let men and women, boys 'n' girls, both homegrown and foreign, live such poor, indignified lives?" at a National Party conference in Melbourne. Colby went on to win Gippsland during the 2025 election in an upset, beating his National opponent by a 1.2% margin that has grew ever since. Although initially a member of the Labor Right faction, supported by the white working class, by 2034 Colby shifted towards the Labor Left and was a supporter of Rose's candidacy.

    As scandals regarding Rose's administration piled up, the Labor Party grew unstable. A leadership spill, occurring on 24 January 2036, was narrowly won by Ruby Rose; her victory led to many MPs, mainly from the Labor Left, storming out of the party conference. Those MPs would form the Popular Labor caucus, hoping to challenge Ruby Rose by the national ballot. In a hasty leadership spill, Jack Colby was chosen to lead Popular Labor in the upcoming election, considered a dedicated orator with a folksy charm.

    Popular Labor rolled all sixes, campaigning for their candidates in rural regions and going on the offensive. During the debates, Colby accused PM Ruby Rose of being a "gutless puppet" of the Messer Group, as well as being too trustful of Yang Xiaolong and her "neo-fascist" monarcho-socialist movement in China, while calling Serovic a "fat cat apologist" disguising himself with political Catholicism. Pat Serovic attacked both Colby and Rose as two sides of the same coin, and accused them of lacking Australian values (which quite infamously resulted in a fistfight between Serovic and Colby). In the meanwhile, the Greens under Roger Liu and the Centre Alliance under Skye Kakoschke-Moore campaigned actively, berating other parties over not being progressive/moderate enough for Australia.

    The final results, which were being recounted for nearly week after Election Day, were disappointing for all major parties involved. Ruby Rose's National Labor faction lost 61 seats in the House and saw their numbers in the Senate reduced to 13. Patrick Serovic observed with dismay and muttered curses as Colby's Popular Labor "stole away" seats that were once considered Liberal/National strongholds. Skye Kakoschke-Moore felt unnerved as the Centre Alliance was pushed to the fringes of Parliament. Roger Liu reportedly broke his TV after learning that the Greens didn't gain even one House seat, even though National Labor's vote share was about as small as theirs.

    Jack Colby's Popular Labor party won only 67 seats in the House and 16 seats in the Senate. Dismayed and angered, Colby was forced to recognize that he was going to form a coalition with the very faction that he vigorously attacked. It was unlikely that National Labor was going to accept his reform initiatives, for Jack Colby was a traitor and the Labor establishment sought to repay him dearly. This sentiment was deepened when Ruby Rose, sullen and homesick, resigned as party leader and left Parliament, refusing to say anything regarding her political career.

    In the end, Henry Gering had the last laugh. Sitting in his room in Mantra Towers Chevron, Gold Coast City, the domineering CEO of Messer Group watched the election outcome from beginning to end, drinking wine all the while. He had watched Jack Colby's speeches as well; although at first glance it did not seem like that, Colby's dramatic, blustery rants were positively brimming with fuming anti-American populism. "We will kick out Gering 'n' his band of corporate cronies outta 'Straya!" As if some unhinged cheese-hoarding hick could deport him, hah! Gering sneered at the screen of his phone, disgusted and yet slightly intrigued; it always amazed him how quickly people forgot where - and why - America stands in the world. Regardless, Colby failed to win a majority, and it's unlikely that the NatLabor would let him go anywhere, let alone pass his nonsense "reforms", after his dashing denunciation and betrayal of the Party.

    Of course, Gering did have his concerns. Although the Messer Group's donations and campaign ads did prevent the unexpected PopuLabor surge in rural seats from giving the nascent "party" more seats and potentially a majority, poll ratings made it apparent that the surge was still going strong even after the confirmation of the "Two Labors" coalition government, though it was probably because of Colby's personal charisma. If Colby were to somehow successfully rebuild Popular Labor's reputation and keep his electoral coalition going, he would get rid of that moron Ruby and potentially – potentially – get Messer kicked out. That could be even worse if either that abrasive good-for-nothing lawyer Blake or, God forbid, that borderline communist "activist" Mac Nakamarra got involved.

    Gering grimaced at the thought and rubbed his temples, but nonetheless continued watching the online TV stream; the channel was showing news. Something about yet another drought, yet another big settlement opening on the Moon, riots in Canberra and Sydney, and huge fights in Parliament over the issue of greater American involvement in the country. Wait a minute, what was that last one?

    Henry spat on the floor and turned the phone off. The Land Down Under was in shams. If the Americans don't come once the Aussies start rioting, his bus- err, his
    country is going to be destroyed by communists or nationalists. Undoubtedly, things were going to be interesting in the later years.