Alternate Post-Communist Poland?

So earlier this month was the 30th anniversary of the first free elections in Poland since the start of the communist regime, which led to the end of the communist regime, and there were a bunch of articles about it. One of those articles ( mentioned this:

Solidarity’s economic goals, however, were immediately and ruthlessly discarded. Revisiting those demands today is like peering into an alternative universe, one in which it seemed plausible to demand that that wages be indexed to inflation, that the state guarantees full employment, and that independent unions play a large role in managing firms. Though the label wasn’t used at the time, it was a formula for democratic socialism, not neoliberal capitalism. This is what was promised in the deal that emerged from the Round Table Talks.

Which got me thinking: what if more of those demands had been granted? What if the Revolutions of 1989 started with what according to this article was essentially democratic socialism replacing communism in Poland, instead of what we got OTL? Would other post-communist countries have followed suit? Would things have gone better further down the line?