A Progressive Presidency: A Roosevelt/Johnson 1912 Collaborative TL

November 5, 1912: By a narrow margin, former U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt and his running mate, Governor Hiram Johnson, manage to win the 1912 U.S. election on the Progressive Party ticket, defeating Republican incumbent William H. Taft and Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson.

March 4, 1913: President Theodore Roosevelt is inaugurated for his third overall presidential term.

(This TL will cover 1912 to present day, though try to avoid using current politics too much near the end, lest this thread get locked. And remember, keep all collaborations as realistic as possible - no ASBs!)
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To finish the month of March, even if it is not 100% America-centered :)

March 13, 1913: Pancho Villa returns to Mexico, from his self-imposed exile in the United States, to fight in the Mexican Revolution (which started in 1910).
Later this month (March 26) Venustiano Carranza announces his Plan of Guadalupe, which begins the fight of the Constitutionals head by Carranza against the government of Victoriano Huerta, El Usurpador (The Usurper).

March 18, 1913: The attempt against King George I of Greece by the anarchist Alexandros Schinas, fails.
So, continuing for at least some time the already 50-years old government of George I (aged 67).