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  1. The Spanish-American War under William Jennings Bryan?

    If Bryan had been elected President in 1896, would the Spanish-American War still have occurred? I have a few specific questions on whether it would turn out the same or would it take a different course. I’ve read a couple of older timelines about a Bryan presidency and they seemed to gloss...
  2. The Dead Bull Moose: What if Theodore Roosevelt was assassinated in 1912

    Teddy Roosevelt was famously subject to an assignation attempt on October 14, 1912. In OTL he famously finished his speech, what if instead that bullet had killed him?
  3. PC/WI: TR Runs for a Third Term... in 1908

    The idea has been rattling in my mind for a while. We know he wanted to. TR loved the limelight. He loved being president. And he tried to do it 1912 - so we know he'd be willing to break the precedent. And the party grassroots loved him enough that, IMO, he could've overcome the bosses that...
  4. HaroldGodwinson

    A Topsy-Turvy Tale: A Liberal Republican Party and Conservative Populist Democrats in US Politics

    What if the Republican Party had become the bastion of liberal, center-left values, while the Democrats took on a conservative, populist center-right to right-wing ideology?
  5. Oba Cahokia

    WI: The Land Value Tax was implemented by Theodore Roosevelt?

    Henry George and his idea of the Land Value Tax was incredibly popular and unintentionally sparked the Progressive Era. One of the people influenced by his book 'Progress and Poverty' was Theodore Roosevelt. What if during his presidency he actually believed and got a LVT bill (containing a Land...
  6. WI: Labour Party instead of Progressive

    Let’s say that Roosevelt in the aftermath of the McKinley Assassination but before he died (he stayed more than a week in the hospital before his death) and John Hay takes the office, a more conservative politician than McKinley and strongly anti-labour-union, harming the relations with the...
  7. TheDoofusUser

    WI : Taft dies of Heart Attack in 1910/Roosevelt dies in a freak Sea Storm in 1910?

    So, tiny PoD change that was left out the Title is that James S. Sherman dies before 1908, likely in 1907, or he just flat out refuses the idea of taking the VP Nomination. Thus, the VP nod goes to a reluctant 62 year old Franklin Murphy of New Jersey, who was a Progressive. In 1910, both Taft...
  8. Hulkster'01

    Would FDR ever become president if Teddy won in 1912?

    Like the title says, if Theodore Roosevelt won in 1912 (and 1916 if you want) would FDR ever become president later on or is that butterflied away?
  9. Hulkster'01

    WI: Taft doesn't run in 1908?

    I don't think I've seen this asked so here I go, what if William Howard Taft didn't run for president in 1908? What if for some reason, he refuses Theodore Roosevelt? Who does Teddy choose to back or does he run for a third term? Who would've been the nominee come the election and would they...
  10. A Progressive Presidency: A Roosevelt/Johnson 1912 Collaborative TL

    November 5, 1912: By a narrow margin, former U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt and his running mate, Governor Hiram Johnson, manage to win the 1912 U.S. election on the Progressive Party ticket, defeating Republican incumbent William H. Taft and Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson. March 4...
  11. VinnyGareu

    WI: Theodore Roosevelt Died in 1895?

    The premise: On November 12, 1895, NYC Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt was found dead in his home. He was shot twice in the chest. Nobody knew who did it. What changes? My thoughts: Without Roosevelt being Secretary of the navy, the US Navy wouldn't be able to modernize in time for the...
  12. Aurantiacis

    AHC: Roosevelt and Lodge unable to contain Philippine War Scandal

    Following the aftermath of the Philippine-American War, Roosevelt found a war scandal at hand after news reports of extreme brutality against natives in the Philippines, both insurrectionist and citizen, were released, including recounts of prisoners executed without trial and the infamous water...
  13. Hawkeye

    US postwar politics if Roosevelt won in 1912

    How would the Democrat and Republican parties be different if president Taft decided to not seek reelection for whatever reason and ex-president Theodore Roosevelt went on to win the Republican nomination and the 1912 election? Particularly how it would affect the Republican party in 1920...
  14. McKinley lives, what happens in 1904?

    Had McKinley not been assassinated in September 1901, who would have succeeded him as President? Roosevelt might well have run, but the only incumbent VP to receive his party's presidential nomination had been van Buren in 1836. van Buren had received the strong backing of Andrew Jackson, but...

    Legacy of the Bull Moose; A Wikibox Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction to Legacy of the Bull Moose

    Welcome to 'Legacy of the Bull Moose' a timeline I hate rebooting but feel myself constantly going back to. Legacy of the Bull Moose is a timeline in which Theodore Roosevelt is elected in 1912 under the Progressive ticket. While rather improbable and I would say generally unlikely I chose a PoD...
  16. CanadianTory

    WI: Roosevelt elected in 1924

    No, not FDR, I’m talking about Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. (technically Theodore Roosevelt III). Maybe the title was a bit misleading 😜 The idea is that Teddy defeats Al Smith and is elected Governor in the 1924 gubernatorial election that IOTL saw every Republican member of the ticket win...except...
  17. Marklin

    WI Wilson loses to Roosevelt, What happens to the rest of the world?

    So recently, I watched a video by Alternate History Hub theorizing what would happen if Wilson lost the election to Teddy Roosevelt. However, the video only really explored what happened in Europe. This has me asking, how would another Roosevelt Presidency (And a lack of Wilson) affect the...

    Legacy of the Bull Moose (A What If Scenario if Theodore Roosevelt won in 1912)
    Threadmarks: A New Dawn; The Tumultuous Times.

    October 16, 1909 A day that would leave in its wake 4 years of chaos at home in the U.S. and many years of chaos in Mexico. The first time a United States president would visit Mexico, with an end result flaring the tensions between the two nations drastically. A monumentous occassion, but that...
  19. Everdarklegion

    The Yanks are Coming: A Look at the United States and the Great War

    How President Roosevelt convinced America to go to War When he won the election of 1912, Theodore Roosevelt knew that his legacy would be defined by his third term. Roosevelt immediately began to introduce legislation to limit the work day to eight hours. He believed that ensuring that every...

    Legacy of the Bull Moose - "What if Theodore Roosevelt won the 1912 Election?" (Has been Rebooted)
    Threadmarks: The Beginning

    The goal of this thread is to show off maps, (mostly) wikiboxes, and articles from the World of 'Legacy of the Bull Moose' where Theodore Roosevelt against all odds wins the Republican Presidential Nomination in 1912 and becomes the 28th President beating Democrat Champ Clark. Discussion in...