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  1. British Biscuit

    The Bear and Eagle on the Nineveh Plains -- an alt-Middle East Collaborative Timeline

    OK, it's my 1st time trying something like this. Some quick background -- I've recently read Iron Tigers, a middle part of a technothriller trilogy: The 1st book of the trilogy (never read it) was written in 1996 and had Saddam allying with Iran (WTF?) and using chemical weapons in an effort...
  2. Hindustani Person

    A Single Shot: A Collaborative Graphic Timeline
    Threadmarks: Intro

    So I, perhaps against some of my better judgement, have decided to make yet another collaborative Graphics timeline. This timeline will be designed by the wonderful users of this very site, to pass time. The point of divergence is simple - Ferdinand Cohen-Blind assassinates Otto von Bismarck in...
  3. Blaster Master

    The Ballad of the Lovecraft: A Collaborative Pop Culture TL

    IDEA: Two acclaimed authors whose work everyone copies but has failed on television and the movies is Edgar Rice Burroughs (Jon Carter of Mars) and H.P. Lovecraft. Starting in the 1920s/1930s till now, make the franchises of John Carter of Mars and Lovecraftian media as popular as Star Trek or...
  4. Hulkster'01

    Get The Attitude Out: A Ruthless Agression Era timeline by Hulkster 2001 and Megafigher3
    Threadmarks: Hulkster 2001: Prelude

    "The Very Fate Of WCW...Is In My Hands." - Vince McMahon 3/26/01 The wrestling world had changed since 2001, not only were two of the WWF's rivals were dead but Vince was looking to split the WWF into two different brands. RAW, the flagship monday night show that started in 1993 and the main...
  5. Revolution Altered: An ARW and Beyond Collab

    Welcome to Revolution Altered, a collaborative Tl covering an alternative ARW and beyond! Let's break down some ground rules: No ASB Please be respectful When posting, follow this format: "Date: Event" You can't go before the first turn (essentially the POD) without permission, and must stay...
  6. Bomster

    Gored! - A Collaborative TL
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    (Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at a collaborative TL so if you want to add a response feel free to go right ahead! Just make sure to look at everyone else’s posts to prevent any continuity errors, try to make your posts plausible, and most of all make sure to have some fun!)...