Ooh exited to see that Mary and Charles have a child on the way, hopefully, mother and child end up alright. The Boleyns continue to do well for themselves too, Nice update!
Ooh exited to see that Mary and Charles have a child on the way, hopefully, mother and child end up alright. The Boleyns continue to do well for themselves too, Nice update!
Thanks, Mary and Charles are expecting (as was very likely considering all their bedroom activity) and the Boleyn continue to keep their places of importance (George and Anne are at court in England, respectively in Henry VIII and Eleanor’s households)
1514 (November 15) - Eleanor, Queen of England
Eleanor, Queen of England, resplendent in a blue dress with jewels of sapphire, was definitely enjoying the big party throw by Henry for her 16th birthday and she was definitely happy: sure, Henry was not the loyal knight of her childhood dreams but was quite close to it and likely was still hellbent of making amendments for having rejected her in the past as she was unable to find another logical explanation for the actions of her new husband. She has already tried to explain to Henry who she had already long forgiven that offence but either Henry had not understood or he was doing atonement for something else or her new husband was exaggerating in spoiling her…
In any case Henry looked happy, at the point who his rage against his sister Margaret and the Duke of Suffolk for their wedding, who crashed Henry’s hopes to marry his widowed sister to the King of France, had been greatly reduced after only few hours (and not nominating them in his presence was enough for keep him happy) and she was proud of herself for being able to not laugh when she had heard the news, at least not before being far away from Henry‘s presence and safely in her rooms, where both she and Anne Boleyn had laughed at the irony of Brandon marrying so soon another widowed royal Margaret, after courting her aunt for almost a year. One of the older ladies in her household, lady Elizabeth Boleyn, who was sister of the Duke of Norfolk, and also Anne’s mother, had suggested who maybe the reason for such quick and secret wedding was a pregnancy of Dowager Queen of Scotland, adding who they would know if that was the case in few months, something who Eleanor had wisely decided to not repeat to her husband.
Other more gradite news had arrived from Burgundy with the announcement of Duchess Mary’s pregnancy and both she and Henry had happily celebrated the good news of their sibling and while they were celebrated in private Henry had said who he hoped who Margaret also was pregnant as that would be the only acceptable reason for her remarriage, that before dedicating his energy to the objective to give soon a cousin to Mary and Charles’ unborn child, something who Eleanor had appreciated a lot.

Henry was looking at Eleanor, admiring his young bride, and was grateful when she offered a greeting and civil acknowledgment to Elizabeth Blount, his mistress, complimenting her necklace, with a ”His Grace‘s taste is wonderful as I well know” said with such naturalness and absence of jealousy to make him extremely glad to have her a Queen, as she was pretty, well educated, wiser than her age and made his life easier, instead of giving him more troubles. A Prince of Wales in the cradle was the only thing missed for making his life perfect, and Henry was hopeful who, now who he had accepted the wills of his father and of God instead of defying them, his Prince would arrive soon… He was still young and healthy and Eleanor so young who they had a lot of time for that, but sooner was better and he trusted to see his hopes fulfilled soon…
Ooh, I'm glad that Henry is trying to make things up to Eleanor, and he seems to be doing a decent job of it. Interesting that Eleanor is not too jealous as well, it seems she will be happy in England.
Some avatars/portraits of the girls

Eleanor of Austria, Queen of England
Eleanor of Austria .jpg

Isabella of Austria, Duchess of Milan
Isabella of Austria.jpg

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland
Margaret Tudor.jpg

Mary Tudor, Duchess of Burgundy
Mary Tudor.jpg

Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn.jpg

Mary of Austria
Mary of Austria.jpg

Catherine of Austria
Catherine of Austria .jpg

Isabella of Portugal
Isabella of Portugal .jpg

Beatrice of Portugal
Beatrice of Portugal .jpg

Anne of Bohemia and Hungary
Anne of Bohemia and Hungary.jpg
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1514 (December) - Isabella in Vienna
Isabella, Duchess of Milan was trying to enjoy her stay at her grandfather’s court without worrying for the second part of the journey, the one who would take her to Milan and to her husband-to-be, who she was starting to know from the letters who they exchanged since the engagement. Milan was also the home country of the late Empress Bianca Maria and she was uncomfortable remembering what she knew about her step-grandmother, mostly what Aunt Margaret had told her. Thinking to the late wife of her grandfather brought her to think who at the moment said grandfather was engaged to a girl younger than her and she felt sorry for the Hungarian princess. A pity who she was to marry a man so old and specially so obsessed with his mortality as Emperor Maximilian, but she was to marry an Habsburg and her brothers were already spoken of as Charles had married the English princess Mary (and they were so fully in love who Isabella had not enjoyed making fun of them as they never reacted) while Ferdinand, the brother who she had never meet, had been just named heir of Aragon (and likely confirmation of his inheritance of Castile would soon follow) by their other grandfather and engaged to princess Renée of France (who was only four years old, so more than ten years younger of her betrothed), whose father had recently remarried. She knew that fact because Emperor Maximilian was greatly troubled by it, and in the few days since he had received the news had wrote many letter to both Ferdinand of Aragon and specially in Burgundy to Charles, asking him to not made anything stupid in reaction to that slight and to keep his reactions under control, while he would try to negotiate with King Ferdinand for getting at least a good compensation for his loss.
Isabella noted who at least Mary, who was to stay much longer than her in Vienna, waiting for her wedding to the heir of Hungary (who was a year younger than her) was settling quite well at the Imperial court, and both she and Eleanor, to which she had started to write often after their separation, had been glad for it. Knowing who Eleanor was happy and more than satisfied in England also was reassuring and she hoped to have with Maximilian of Milan at least the same kind of relationship who Eleanor had with her husband (and she had noted who both she and Eleanor were eight years younger than their respective husbands) … She was curious to meet the Duke of Milan and hoped who they would be able to be happy together and keep Milan secure, as she well knew the tragic fate of her husband‘s parents and who the French continued to claim the Duchy.
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John Stewart, Duke of Albany was in the chapel of the royal palace of Holyrood, together with his cousin James Hamilton, Earl of Arran and Alexander Gordon, Earl of Huntly plus Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk and the priest, waiting for the arrival of the Margaret, Dowager Queen of Scotland.
Suffolk, secretly returned in Scotland two days earlier, was worried, but less than Margaret had been a forthright before, when she had confided in him, pushing him to sent messenger to the English Duke.
Margaret’s year of mourning had ended the previous month so the Scottish Queen Regent was dressed with a rich green gown who contrasted well with her red hairs, looking absolutely stunning when she arrived to the chapel, escorted by one of her maids of honour

Margaret was really nervous but Suffolk’s reaction at her appearance has reassured her (as the Duke had almost forgotten to breath when she arrived in his sight) and persuaded her again who she had made the right choice: her happiness (and the child in her womb) over the regency of Scotland, as Albany had promised her who she would not lose the custody or access to her sons, at least while she was in Scotland as neither the young King or his infant brother would be allowed to leave their Kingdom.

The ceremony who tied forever Margaret Tudor, Dowager Queen of Scotland and Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk was short and done in secret, but the identity of their witnesses was a sign of the fact who the match was approved by the man who would replace Margaret as Regent in Scotland (that was Albany) and also by the man who had been her greatest support in the months of her regency (Arran).
Margaret knew very well who that support was owed both to her pregnancy and specially to the fact who the Duke of Suffolk was a foreigner, close friend of her own brother and influential in England but fully powerless in Scotland, meaning who her new husband would not be a threat for either of the cousins of the late King of Scotland.
Still Margaret was happy and in love and would have not consented to anybody to ruin her this moment, when she was reunited with her beloved Charles and married to him, and free from all her worries. She knew who troubles would arrive soon but right now she wanted just enjoy the moment, without caring for the inevitable consequences of her choice as she had already thought too much to them in the previous days.

After the ceremony, Albany‘s thought shifted to his cousin and wife, Anne, Countess of Auvergne, who was still in her lands in France and specially to her younger sister and his ward, Madeleine, Countess of Boulogne thanking God for the fact who at least the sixteen years old Madeleine would be willing to do her part and marry the French King, if Louis XII accepted to marry her in place of the now unavailable Margaret. As Louis XII was pretty desperate for an heir and had looked interested enough in marrying the beautiful Madeleine if persuading the Scottish Queen Regent was impossible, John was feeling pretty secure in the success of at least this other match.
I have edited this chapter, adding a new ending to it for a little change of plans…
Another round of avatars/portraits of the girls (and now all the important girls of their generation have a portrait)

Anne de la Tour d’Auvergne, Countess of Auvergne and Lauragais and Duchess of Albany
Anne de la Tour.jpg

Madeleine de la Tour d’Auvergne, Countess of Boulogne and Queen of France
Madeleine de la Tour.jpg

Claude of France, Duchess of Brittany and Valois
Claude of Brittany .jpg

Renée of France
Renée of France.jpg

Marguerite d’Angoulême, Duchess of Alençon
Marguerite d’Angoulême .jpg

Germaine of Foix, Queen of Aragon
Germaine of Foix.jpg

Catherine de Laval
Catherine de Laval .jpg

Anne de Laval
Anne de Laval .jpg

Philiberta of Savoy
Philiberta of Savoy.jpg

Elizabeth “Bessie” Blount
Elizabeth Blount .jpg
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1515 (January) - A very unhappy Queen
Madeleine, Queen of France was waiting and praying, but she would be unable to say for what she was praying: for her husband’s health and life or for be free from that marriage once for all? Louis was old and in bad health while she would be free from their wedding and a matrimonial bed who she disliked a lot, specially for the frequency with she was forced to share it: Louis was old but way too active in it, distressing her in his desperate quest for an heir in the three months of their marriage. Maybe she was exaggerating but she was a sixteen years old girl in a very difficult situation. Sure she understood perfectly the reasons for which John of Albany, her cousin, brother-in-law and warden had offered her to Louis, and she enjoyed being the Queen of France, and her husband was without doubt showering her with a lot of gifts, mostly dresses and jewels, who would remain hers in any case, in part also as compensation for her nocturne sufferings as the King knew very well who was destroying her in his quest for an heir… At least her sister Anne was still there and she was grateful who John had not yet asked to his wife to sail for Scotland as the presence of her sister helped her to keep the mask firmly in place, for the majority of the time. The right thing to do was praying for a son and her husband’s health and she gratefully to her sister when she reminded that to her, specially as she would be happy to be an insurmountable obstacle in Louise of Savoy’s quest to put her son on the French throne: François had done nothing wrong and her stepdaughter Claude was a sweet girl while Marguerite d’Alençon was friendly and respectful but the Dowager Countess d’Angoulême was a different thing and she would be glad to destroy the dreams of the latter. Well if she would ever had a son, Madeleine knew who she would need to thanks the Countess Louise for giving her the needed strength and right now she just hoped who her husband’s doctors would finish soon their visits…

Anne, Duchess of Albany was not used to worry so much for her younger sister, but she had done little else in the two months since Madeleine’s wedding to the old King of France as she knew who her sister was paying an high price for that crown who she had not asked. So Anne was unable to do anything than smile when her sister was informed who King Louis was a little better, the fit was over and the doctors had told him who too time in the wedding bed was damaging his health…
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