1513 - A very unhappy King
Henry VIII, King of England has just returned from his French campaign and was simply furious: his campaign against France had been much less successful than he had hoped, and he had felt abandoned and betrayed by his allies, specially his father-in-law, Ferdinand of Aragon, or well former father-in-law as Catherine was dead. He had left her as Regent of England, something who now he fully regretted as Catherine had decided to go personally to the northern border to incite the men rallied to repel the Scottish incursion in England, without caring for the fact who she was pregnant, instead of leaving the job entirely to the Duke of Norfolk - who would have likely obtained the same result without Catherine’s interference - and as consequence of that journey Catherine had miscarried the child, a boy who would be his heir, and had died for the miscarriage, leaving him heirless and in need to remarry soon as Catherine had totally failed in her first duty.
Sure Flodden had been a great victory and the Scottish would not be dangerous for years as their King James IV had died on the battlefield (and Henry would NOT take in consideration the rumors who James had been alive at the end of the battle, but had been captured while trying to escape back on Scotland and killed on order of Catherine), leaving a two years old heir and a pregnant widow (who was Henry’s own sister Margaret) to held Scotland and keep secure her son’s crown.

Now without Catherine, Henry was more dependent than ever from the engagements of Mary, his other sister and his only political pawn, thanks to Catherine‘s failure to give him children, to the young Duke of Burgundy, nephew of his wife, for keep some links to Spain and Burgundy as Charles was to inherit a lot of lands. And he needed to keep that links as Charles’ elder sister Eleanor, almost 15 now, was the only princess available of marriageable age and with the right bloodline and prestige for being worth to become Queen of England and getting her would not be so easy considering years earlier he had broken their betrothal for marrying Catherine (and Henry was sure who his father in that moment was laughing of him from the otherworld as Henry VII had valued highly Scottish friendship and chosen Eleanor for him). At least Charles and Mary had been married by proxy some years earlier, but that was no guaranty as he needed to hope who Archduchess Margaret‘s hate for the French would prevail over their former father-in-law Ferdinand’s schemes (the King of Aragon, being the only one in their league who had already reached his objectives, now was searching peace with France and had already failed in helping his allies ) persuading Maximilian to upheld Charles and Mary’s engagement (and give Eleanor to him) instead of agreeing to Ferdinand’s plan of marrying Charles to Princess Renee of France (Louis XII’s second daughter, barely three year old).
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Poor Catherine, at least she didn’t experience the cruelty she did in OTL. Great update!
Well here more than ever Catherine was her father’s daughter as she stolen from her niece the crown who was promised to both of them and while angry for her death and the fact who she never fulfilled her promise of sons who would secure the Tudor dynasty, Henry is still in love with her and that will complicate pretty much the beginning of Henry and Eleanor’s wedding (not who she had any illusion about Henry’s sentiments for her, here)
True, but still. Hopefully Henry isn’t too unfaithful to Eleanor.
He will NOT disrespect her and that is everything she asked to him as she has zero illusion over him. Henry had already broken her heart and destroyed her dreams when she was 10 years old and she will not forget that
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He will NOT disrespect her and that is everything she asked to him as she has zero illusion over him. Henry had already broken her heart and destroyed her dreams when she was 10 years old and she will not forget that
Hmm I suppose. You are right that Eleanor already knows what expect from Henry VIII.
1513 - Interlude: Margaret of Burgundy
“Sometimes divine justice existed“ that was the first thought of Margaret of Burgundy, hearing who her beloved niece in the end had not truly shared her fate of political pawn, tossed on Europe’s chessboard, after losing to another the crown promised to her (and still today in her heart Charles VIII’s rejection hurted more than the deaths of her brother and of her first husband, with only the devastating loss of her beloved Philibert higher in the scale of her pains). Her niece maybe would not forget the heartbreak but she ended as the winner, as the King who stupidly rejected her, returned back on his decisions, imploring for the privilege of marrying the princess who he had superbly rejected years earlier, after his chosen wife had died leaving him heirless. Oh, Margaret had no doubt who in the end the suit would be accepted by her father and nephew but not before the faithless king had made his penance for the earlier rejection...
Right now, things looked pretty good for Eleanor, whose place as future Queen of England was restored by the death of Catherine of Aragon, as King Henry VIII had already asked to his ambassador, Sir Thomas Boleyn, and to that annoying Charles Brandon, the King‘s best friend, who was sent by Henry as envoy for dealing with the details for completing the match between Archduke Charles and Princess Mary, to inquire about a match between their King and Archduchess Eleanor.
At least the death of Catherine, who had forced King Henry to return in England instead of coming in Burgundy to celebrate the, admittedly moderate, success of the Anti-French coalition had prevented a meeting between the English King and Eleanor, who would be extremely awkward considering who her niece had not yet forgiven her former fiancé for the past slight and still more now who the news of Catherine’s death and Henry‘s new interest in her had provoked contrasting reactions in the young girl.
If Eleanor started to look again with interest and anticipation to the English crown and that annoying Charles Brandon understood who she was not interested anymore to men in general and specially NOT to HIM, as his “courting” was really annoying and had given origin to way too many whispers - for its public nature and Brandon’s boldness united to the fact who her need to maintain calm and good manners with the envoy of the English King had prevented her from giving to the Englishman the response who he deserved - and her father do not decided to support Ferdinand of Aragon’s ridiculous plans over Charles’ marriage, then her life would return to the usual calm
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Ooh it's interesting to see Margaret's thoughts on the matter.. Hopefully Eleanor will eventually forgive Henry for jilting her.
Once restored to her place of future Queen of England, Eleanor will forgive the past offense. Still she will be smart enough to NOT trust Henry with her heart: theirs is a political match and she will NEVER forget that. Margaret had suffered a fate similar to that of her niece in France so she is extremely supportive and protective with her niece... And Brandon’s courting is really annoying her right now.

Why do I feel the early days of the marriage between Henry and Eleanor will be a bit... awkward.
Less than you believe as their wedding is still distant in the time and Henry will have made penance before that. Their first meeting, months before their own wedding, will be a little awkward but Henry know how being really charming and Eleanor will appreciate that. Some past questions belong to the past and neither Henry or Eleanor will be much interested in revisiting them.
1513 - A very nervous princess
”I am in big troubles and will never be out of it. For what reason I let myself to be dragged in that disaster?” thought Anne Boleyn, trying to prevent her giggles, while Archduchess Isabella and another couples of their companions were in full blown giggles in seeing the usually composed Archduchess Eleanor in that state: the girl was tormenting and tossing some piles of dresses and lines, trying to not made permanent damage to anything, while trying to take out her contrasting emotions and recover her calm as the news from England had truly distressed her: sure Eleanor had guessed and maybe also a little hoped who Queen Catherine’s death would put her in the place of favorite candidate as her aunt’s replacement, and her aunt also had warned her of that, but hearing it effectively was totally another thing. And that mean who she would never be free of King Henry: she had spent at least three years dreaming of becoming his wife, then five hating him and trying to forget her precedent expectations, hoping who her relatives would arrange soon a new match for her and who that would help her to moving on and now this!! Being back at beginning was definitely NOT helping her and the giggles of her sister and their maids of honor were only irritating her...
Thank to God at least Mary was NOT there (and neither Charles, as that would be a true disaster as he would never stop to making fun of this) and at least Anne was trying her hardest for not laughing of her...

Anne Boleyn feared for the consequences of her actions but the Archduchess looked dangerously close to a full explosion and none of the other girls had any intention to do anything about it, so she left the room, running to call Archduchess Margaret who would be likely the only person able to do something for her niece... Luckily the Archduchess had listened her half words and rushed to the room where her nieces were, followed by the young mademoiselle Boleyn, and her intervention was without doubt required as they found who the worst had already happened as both Archduchesses were crying and their other tree companions looked very worried and too scared for doing anything...
The Dowager Duchess of Savoy was not surprised at all from the scene as that was the most likely conclusion of Mademoiselle Boleyn’s tale: Isabella’s lack of support had pushed Eleanor over the breaking point and her younger sister ended as victim of her rage, but long lasting consequences from that episode were unlikely, well hopefully excluding Isabella learning to not have fun of her sister’s troubles. Eleanor was clearly at least uncertain and possibly unhappy about the English match and that was not a good news, but maybe her niece needed simply time for let go the sufferance for the earlier rejection and accept who she was a second choice.
Oh no, hopefully, Eleanor accepts the fact that she'll marry the man who jilted her... Excellent update!
Eleanor need only time. Henry VIII was more or less always presents in the back of her minds since she was 7/8 years old... she had never meet him and still some of her strongest emotions (positive and negative) were for him. She is just scared (and in truth is not so displeased for the development as Henry is still the best match available for her)

Henry will have to apologize most prettily. Thing is, he could be very charming when he wanted to, and this just might be one of those times... ;)
True. Still Eleanor is kind and compassionate and when they will meet for the first time she will be friendly...
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1513 - A Princess waiting her destiny
The 17 years old Mary Tudor, “Princess of Castile” (as she was always called in the English court with this title after her proxy wedding to the young Duke of Burgundy, five years earlier) was tired and annoyed: Catherine‘s death had sent the court in slumber, her brother in a very sullen temper and she was in mourning as both her sibling had lost their spouse and also worried because her glittering Burgundian wedding looked to be in jeopardy or at least Henry was suspecting that. Her only distraction (and exemption from mourning dresses) was posing for Michel Sittow, the painter sent from Burgundy for making her portrait commissioned by Archduchess Margaret for Duke Charles. Mary liked dressing in Burgundian fashion and French hoods and beautiful jewels so that sessions of pose would never be a trouble for her, but still were not enough for give her some kind of entertainment and in any case would end soon. She just hoped who next March, when her departure for Burgundy was still more-or-less planned, would arrive soon and who nothing would delay her departure from England and her wedding. For now she was forced to content herself with letters to her sister Margaret (who were really depressing as her sister was widowed and pregnant, suffering for the loss of her beloved husband, trying desperately to keep the Scottish crown safe for her young son and worried for her unborn baby), modeling for the portrait and a lot of dress fitting with the seamstresses busy in making clothes for her trousseau (as Henry, wishing to make a good impression on Burgundians was definitely splashing money on it) and trying to cheer a little her brother’s moral. Well the latter was almost impossible as she suspected who what was destroying Henry, more than Catherine’s loss, was the fact who he was forced to recognize who their father was right exactly were Henry had deliberately choose to not follow his path: the cooling down of relationship with Scotland had been almost disastrous for England and now Margaret‘s happiness was destroyed (and Mary was sure who she would NEVER forgive the old French King for having pushed her late brother-in-law to attack her homeland in the campaign who costed his life), and now Henry was forced to fully repair relationship with Burgundy and Austria, trying to get back his former fiancée as bride as his desire to secure earlier the Tudor dynasty marrying Catherine had not given any results.
Well at least she hoped to be soon in Burgundy and who she and Archduke Charles would be happy together and who Margaret and Henry would find soon again serenity if not happiness.

The portrait in question is this one
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