A Blank Map Thread

Does anyone have a Pacific-centered WorldA with full subdivisions? This is the best one I can find, but I'd really like to also have subdivisions for India, Russia, and Brazil at the very least.


1852 map of electoral constituencies of Denmark (except Faroe Islands). I can make similar maps if people want it, since it's literally copied from a government website. Note that it's way too zoomed out for you to see the districts within Copenhagen.

EDIT: Love doing this kind of stuff. Added Copenhagen.

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And here with map keys. The abbreviations are mine; RI-5 means "Ribe Amtskreds, 5. Opstillingskreds". Basically Ribe County's 5th district.
eurasia maybe, but australia is too far north.
here a set of maps - http://www.lakepowell.net/sciencecenter/future.htm
those maps seem to be a bit older, not incorporating the findings on the east african rift.
and neither map has india deformed (which it should since it is still moving north, pushing up the himalayas)
I'm curious to your response.
1.How is Australia too far north?
2.What about the EAR is incorrect?
3. I think India has moved north, just look at Myanmar.