A Blank Map Thread

I'm curious to your response.
1.How is Australia too far north?
2.What about the EAR is incorrect?
3. I think India has moved north, just look at Myanmar.
australia moves, but not fast. on that map australia is pretty much on the equator, while it should maybe be halfway.

the EAR should start to separate, creating a new sea/ turning east africa in an island
Are there any M-BAM or Q-BAM maps on topography or maps with sea level rise marked?
(If you are wondering I am trying to get a 10 meter sea level rise shown)
Also not MBAM/QBAM, but there are some topographic maps in the Equal-X thread - see page 2, posts 33 and 35, and page 3 of the same thread, post 60, for another style.
Yet another style is on page 115 of Map Thread XIX, post 2284, and derivatives of it in post 2285 - recolouring one or more of the low-lying area colours as ocean would give the equivalent of a sea-level rise map.
South China Sea Basemap.jpg

The South China Sea.


Southern Coast of China Base.jpg

China's southern coast
Does anybody have a map of us house districts for the last 20 or so years because they have changed multiple times.

Another one from Greece - a closer view of the southern Peloponnese. The base map is from Scott Rusch's Sparta At War, which I can highly recommend.

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