world war ii

  1. What does Europe look like if Germany is defeated in 1939/40/41?

    Like it says on the tin. Say the Saar Offensive is a smashing French success, the Sickle Cut is a humiliating failure, whatever. Either way, the Allies reach Berlin in 1940 or 41 at the latest. What does post-war Europe look like? Does Germany still get carved up? Would some of the countries...
  2. Gillan1220

    What if Admiral Yamamoto survived World War II

    Would he be tried for wars crimes? Or would he be a officer for the JMSDF by 1954 just like how Minuro Genda became third Chief of Staff of the JASDF? Or would he run for politics such as the Diet?
  3. the Imperium of Canada

    In a freak coincidence, both Stalin and Hitler die during the beginning of Operation Barbarossa

    On Jun 23, 1941, a day after the beginning of Operation Barbarossa Hitler breaks his neck when he trips and falls down a flight of stairs while Stalin suffers a stroke that takes his life. Who are there likely successors and how does this affect the war?
  4. Remember the Texas! The United States in World War II (an alternate history)
    Threadmarks: Prologue and Chapter One (part one)

    Prologue In June 1941 the separate wars in China and Europe already known as World War II exploded into a truly global struggle as the United States and Soviet Union were both drawn fully into the fray. It is generally known the true consequences of this and the critical miscalculation that...
  5. AHC: Invert the reputations of Hitler and Mussolini

    In most of the Western world, the mainstream perception is that Hitler was history's greatest monster, while Mussolini was his bumbling sidekick. Your challenge is to have this be the other way around.
  6. The Italian Social Movement and the Italian Communist party governments : how would they look like?

    Good day lads, Some of you may know that I'm working on now alternative story timeline with many points of divergence , the first one being a creation of Israel 10 years prior our timeline, occupation of Romania because a prime Minister wasn't assassinated, and a fictional stealthish bombing...
  7. Neutral or Allied Italy in WW2 and Effects

    With a POD any time after Mussolini coming to power, can Italy be made neutral or even allied in WW2? What effects would this have on postwar Italy?
  8. SealTheRealDeal

    Consequences of an allied Thailand?

    I'm not familiar with Thai politics of the time so I have no clue how plausible this is. However, it occurs to me that Thai co-belligerence was a major boon to Japan's war effort in mainland Southeast Asia.
  9. WI: Hermann Goering never develops his morphine addiction

    During the Beer Hall Putsch, Hermann Goering suffered a bullet wound to his leg. The treatment he received caused him to become addicted to morphine, an addiction that would persist until the last year of his life. Many historians believe that his addiction adversely affected his performance...
  10. Could Japan have won at Midway? And if so, what would change?

    Could Japan have won the Battle of Midway? How would that affect World War II?
  11. Mr_Fanboy

    Which would have been more destructive for the Western Allies: Operation Unthinkable or Operation Downfall?

    Which of the following would have been more costly for the Western Allies (the United States, the United Kingdom, etc.) in terms of blood and treasure that would have been spent: Operation Unthinkable (that is, a war with the USSR launched almost immediately after the defeat of Nazi Germany...
  12. Gillan1220

    AHC: Prevent the Philippines from falling to the Japanese during WWII

    Whether its reinforcing the PI early in the war, deploying more B-17s, or at least more USN submarines in the region, How will these prevent the Japanese conquest of the Philippines?
  13. Mr_Fanboy

    How does the aftermath of Inglourious Basterds play out differently than a successful July 20 plot/Operation Valkyrie?

    Spoilers for a movie that is over ten years old are ahead. So, on a superficial level, Inglourious Basterds would have left Nazi Germany and the entire European Theater of World War II in a spot quite similar to the scenarios often spun on this site and elsewhere about a successful 20 July...
  14. DBWI: Allied USA

    In the Second Great War (commonly known as World War II), the Axis Powers represented right wing authoritarian nations like Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain. The Allied Powers represented more left-wing nations such as the Soviet Union and China. The three major Western Powers (Britain, France...
  15. DBWI: Yamato Dynasty Survives World War II

    The Japanese Imperial Family was abolished after Japan surrendered to the allied powers at the very end of the Second World War. This was a major stumbling block during the negotiations and caused some serious setbacks and stumbling blocks for negotiatiors on both sides. In fact originally...
  16. 33k7

    Japanese Emperor preventing his country's entry into World War II

    Japanese emperor commits suicide on November 5 1941 to prevent a war with the United States let's say it's leaked to the public the reason why he committed suicide was that the government was not listening to his wishes and out of Sorrow for what was to come he committed suicide. what do you...
  17. The Rooster's Glory -TL

    This is my first timeline I've already developed on my mind. Hopefully I won't develop writer's block. Anyway, this timeline is heavily based and will take elements and inspiration from the following timelines and stories: 1940 - La France continue la guerre:
  18. Twilight of the Valkyries: A 20 July Plot TL (Redux)
    Threadmarks: PREFACE

    PREFACE Twilight of the Valkyries was written back in 2016 out of a deep curiosity regarding the 20th July Plot, a famous point of divergence which I felt had immense potential in terms of stories that could be told or scenarios that could be devised. It was inmensely enjoyable - if a bit...
  19. Winston Churchill dies early

    On May 10th 1940, on his way to the meeting with Chamberlain, Halifax, and Margesson, Winston Churchill dies in a car accident. How does this affect WWII and beyond?
  20. Pragmatic Wunderwaffe

    Hello all. Below is a bit of a list I am putting together for my AH scenario. I am aiming for a more pragmatic approach to the classic wunderwaffe concept. You'll probably notice the distinct lack of weapons we are all too familiar with, like the Horten Ho-229, Aggregrat A-4 or Panzkerkapmfwagen...