1. Dking527

    African Yugoslavia: A West African Story
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Setting the Stage

    African Yugoslavia: A West African Story The Beginning and Opening Thoughts December 1st 1944: The Thiaorye Massacre was the touchstone that would start a revolution. Senegalese soldiers in French Senegal, staged a mutiny against France, as the nation had neglected to pay its colored...
  2. ¡Viva La Revolución! A Mexican TL Where Porfirio Diaz Allows Free and Fair Elections in 1910

    Hello there. This is a timeline with a POD right before the elections of 1910 in Mexico, the POD is Diaz for reasons that crazy old mustached villain only knows decided to allow Madero to run for office which led to his victory. In the OTL, Diaz was worried about Madero's chances so this is a...
  3. The Hunarajas: A Hunnic India Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Hunas of India

    The Rule of the Hunas The Fall of the Gupta empire to the Mleccha Huns was a shock to the Indian society , as years of Huna Rule would greatly upend and reshape it. The Hunas were a people of somewhat mysterious origins . They had invaded Bactria and adopted their Language before being pushed...
  4. The Sands of Purple: An Islamic Greece TL
    Threadmarks: Prologue: The Arab Conquest of Rum and its aftermath

    Prologue: The Arab Conquest Of Rum and its aftermath The Arab Conquest of the Ruman Empire or the Rhomaion as the Greeks called it was a landmark event in History in 96 AH* . Within less than century , The Arab Muslims had conquered both the Sassanid Persian and The Rhoman Empire . After...
  5. Maximilian

    The Thistle and the Pomegranate: Catherine of Aragon marries James IV
    Threadmarks: 1 October, 1501.

    1 October, 1501, The Kingdom of Scotland. Catherine of Aragon stood tall as she observed her surroundings in confusion, taking in every little detail as her eyes traced the landscape. Around her stood towering mountains, coated in lush green grass. Although the sun did shine, the air was...
  6. Tabs

    A Red Shrimp Among Whales-a North Korean Victory TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: On the Eve of War

    DISCLAIMER: just want to make it clear before you read that I do not support North Korea, or authoritarian communism. Any praise for the Kim dynasty, the Soviets, or the CCP in this timeline are merely for immersion. I hope you enjoy. A Red Shrimp Among Whales Chapter 1 March, 1949...
  7. Entrerriano

    The Three Carolingians: A Different Outcome to a Great Empire
    Threadmarks: OP - Prologue

    The Three Carolingians A Different Outcome to a Great Empire Charlemagne had four legitimate sons to survive infancy. The eldest, Pepin the Hunchback, became a monk after rebelling against his father, dying in 811. His second son, Charles, died heirless in 811, and his third son, Pepin of...
  8. The_Red_Baron

    Scottish Unicorns and French Roosters: A Mary Stuart Timeline

    Basically the title, I know some will probably frown at the fact that this account is only about 6 months old and that my first message with it was only today, but I have been lurking on these forms since 2019 or so, and while I know that’s also a short amount of time, I think I have what is...
  9. Padric1938

    Any good underrated timelines?

    I've been really looking for a good timeline to read. I've already read most of the major ones like Reds! and want to know if anybody had some good timelines to recommend.
  10. Sarthak

    Through the Course of Time - A Graphic Timeline
    Threadmarks: 1: Map of World.

    The Map of the World in 2020.
  11. Cattette

    Furor Veneticus: A Slavic East Germany
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    FUROR VENEDICUS A TALE OF PERSEVERING WENDS (Alphonse Mucha. The Celebration of Svantovit - the God of War. Wikimedia. Public Domain.) Introduction The mid 800s was an exciting time in Europe. The impressive Carolingian Empire was suddenly split into three parts, Alfred the Great climbed the...
  12. How would you adapt your favorite timelines?

    Let's say you end up in creative control of a movie or series based on a timeline you like. How would you choose to handle it?
  13. Atterdag

    The Sons of Semiramis - A house of Folkung Kalmar Union
    Threadmarks: Part 0 – A day in August [1387]

    Part 0 – A day in August [1387] Scandia, a great island in the northernmost parts of the world, as Pliny the elder described it. The sun seemed to offer no warmth that day in early August, it’s rays seemingly being blown away by cold winds, unusual for the season. In the fields of southern...
  14. BiteNibbleChomp

    Patton in Korea/MacArthur in the White House
    Threadmarks: Part I, Chapter 1

    On December 23, 1950, a tragedy occurred in a land that had suffered a tragic six months. Korea, once colonised, now divided, was again a battlefield as the great powers fought for control of East Asia. Having consumed the lives of thousands of soldiers, and untold numbers of local civilians...
  15. hadesTTW

    "And I saw black": A US-focused Timeline prequel for my HOI4 mod
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    I was writing lore for my Hearts of Iron 4 Mod (discord here) and I figured out that I could just write the United States timeline out here as I go along. Please keep in note that the actual POD for this timeline happens a very long time before these events, though the history of the United...
  16. Eridan: Revamped

    Hello all! I've made other threads about this world in the past, but, in all honestly, those versions were horrendous. I'm starting anew this time, and I am going to try and make this world believable.
  17. da Racontor

    Children of the Plains of Abraham
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Introduction “It made of them great nations,” Children of the Plains of Abraham A View of the Attack on Quebec[1] The 13th of September 1759, New France, the night before a British army crossed the Saint Lawrence River and landed at L’Anse-au-Foulon. Thrice the British landing party tempted...
  18. SealTheRealDeal

    It's A Long Way To Nagasaki: The Anglo-Japanese War
    Threadmarks: 1. Off the rails and off the cliff

    In 1938 the world had two sources of tension. In Europe Spain was in the second year of its civil war and a embryonic Fascist block was coalescing around the Kingdom of Italy and the ever aggressive German Third Reich. A general European war was feared by all: As diplomats raced to defuse...
  19. CourageousLife

    Telephone Map Game: 5th Edition

    Welcome to the fifth edition of Alternatehistory.com’s Telephone Map Game! Links to the First Edition, the Second Edition, the Third Edition, and the Fourth Edition. What’s a Telephone Map Game? A Telephone Map Game is a turn-based Map Game, inspired by the children’s “Broken Telephone” games...
  20. AltoRegnant

    The Death of Ferdinand: What If The Catholic Monarchs Didn't Come To Power?
    Threadmarks: Part The First

    The Death of Ferdinand: What If The Catholic Monarchs Didn't Come To Power? Our story begins, like so many others, on the field of battle in the year of our Lord 1476. This is the battle of Toro, part of the War of The Castilian Succession. Two armies, both alike in dignity and prestige, fight...