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  • Wolttaire

  • any chance of the

    The Glowing Dream: A history of Socialist America​

    coming alive again?
    Iggies 5
    Yes. Actually I just got a similar message from someone else which is nice to see. I haven't abandoned the story, though I do apologize for not updating it in quite a while, I just haven't been in a very good writing mood for several months. I have started outling another few chapters and hopefully I can update in the not too distant future. I appreciate your continued interest.
    Anarchomando 1
    Honestly, I'm just happy that you're alive and writing I've been burned before.
  • Corax

  • Heyo hope you're doing well, I just wanted to ask about A Glowing Dream, is it in hiatus for now?
    Iggies 1
    Thank you for asking.

    I just go through the spells where I don't really have the drive to write much. I should get back to it relatively soon, though. I'm glad you're enjoying it still.
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