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  1. Aisha Clan-Clan

    Most likely winner in a no-watergate 1976 Presidential election?

    So who do you think is the most likely to win out of these? Assume things go middle of the road/reasonably well: Vietnam having been stabilized, Nixon/Kennedy able to come to an agreement on healthcare in 1974/1975 among other events to indicate it goes smoothly. My top three for most likely...
  2. prolemasses

    It's Just My Job: A different path for Apollo in the 1960s
    Threadmarks: Teaser

    It’s Just My Job April 28, 1962 NASA Administrator Hugh Dryden lazily looked over papers on his desk as he watched the TV and waited. An empty podium was on display. The speech that the President was about to give would define American spaceflight for the coming decade, and was the culmination...
  3. Nixon's foreign policy if he's elected in 1960, especially to Latin America?

    Like it says on the tin. Would the Alliance for Progress still have happened? Would he have tried to get close to China like he did IOTL? What about the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis, would the latter still happen?
  4. Gukpard

    Could "Trick Dicky" Nixon rule during the 80s if he ends his second therm well?

    So, you got some examples in latim american history of figures that rule for a while and then return after a few decades, like Perón (1946-1955, then relected in 1972-1973) Vargas in Brazil (1930-1945, then reelected 1951-1954), Carlos Ibanez from Chile ( dictator 1927-31, elected 1952-1958). I...
  5. Gajah_Nusantara

    The Second Choice is Now First: A Stuart Symington Presidency
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Harry’s Favorite President

    Prologue Harry’s Favorite President KENNEDY LOSES WEST VIRGINIA! - THE NEW YORK TIMES, 1960 “Of course Kennedy lost West Virginia! He ran as a Catholic in fu&@ing West Virginia!” - Senator Lyndon B. Johnson on Kennedy’s loss The loss of West Virginia for Senator Kennedy proved fatal as it...
  6. TheDoofusUser

    Spiro Agnew Resigns in Late 1971, Brooke Replaces him, Nixon dies in early '72, What happens next?

    Alright, so I did do some research and lurking on this site and on Wikipedia and I found out that in 1974, Richard Nixon briefly considered replacing then Vice President Spiro Agnew with Massachusetts Senator Ed Brooke, who would lose re-election to the Senate in 1978. The only times i've seen...
  7. Napoleon53

    "What Madness Is This?" Vol. II: The Pinnacle Future

    "What Madness Is This?" Vol. II: THE PINNACLE FUTURE I want to thank the countless readers and commenters that have fueled my imagination in the original 2013-14 WMIT and the Redux that was written from September, 2018, to present day. Without these posters, none of this would have been...
  8. Hulkster'01

    WI: Nixon never installed recorders?

    What if Nixon never had the mics and recorders in the White House? Would he still be forced to resign after Watergate? If not how is his legacy? Would Ford win in '76 or will the Democrats win just like the OTL?
  9. Bomster

    What if Humphrey won in 1968?

    Something I was wondering about, since he came so close to defeating Nixon in 1968, what would a Hubert H. Humphrey presidency look like?
  10. How does a Nixon win in 1960 shape the political parties going forward?

    So lets say Nixon beats Kennedy in 1960? What kind of the Party does the Republican Party shape out to be after a Nixon Presidency from 1961-65 or 69? What kind of Democratic Party would emerge as a result?
  11. VadisDeProfundis

    DBWI/AHQ/WI: Nixon’s crimes uncovered earlier

    Richard Nixon was one of the most revered figures in the GOP. His presidency was regarded as one of the most effective, well managed and successful in the history of the United States. From ending the Vietnam War to promoting environmental protection, and from supporting women’s rights to...
  12. Nixon's Legacy If He Lost in Both 1960 and 1968

    Nixon's victory in the 1968 US Presidential election is known as one of the great comebacks in American political history: after narrowly losing to JFK in 1960 and being humiliated by Pat Brown in 1962, Nixon defeated Hubert Humphrey and became the 37th US President. But Nixon won only narrowly...
  13. DBWI: Nixon picks Gerald Ford to replace Agnew.

    What if Richard Nixon chose then House Minority Leader Gerald Ford to replace disgraced VP Spiro Agnew instead of choosing New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller? How would Ford do as President after Nixon would inevitably resign from office? Who would he pick to be his VP? As we know, Rockefeller...
  14. AHC: A Losing Presidential Candidate is Nominated Twice After 1968

    Before 1968, it wasn't uncommon for presidential candidates to be nominated a second time after losing the general election: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison, Grover Cleveland, and Richard Nixon were all elected President after having previously failed to do so. (FDR had...
  15. AHC: Make 1972 a Close Race

    The 1972 US Presidential election was a wipeout for President Richard Nixon, who defeated Senator George McGovern with 49 states to 1. This outcome was far from preordained: the US had gone through a recession in Nixon's term and the continuing Vietnam War and civil unrest were unpopular. In...
  16. WI: Hillary Clinton Stays a Republican

    In the 1960s, Hillary Clinton (who at the time went by her maiden name Rodham) was a Republican who supported Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller. But by the end of the decade she switched parties over her opposition to Richard Nixon. What if Rodham had decided to stay a Republican? Would she...
  17. WI: An RFK Presidency - in the 1980s

    The POD is RFK is never assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan. Despite winning most of the primaries he goes on to lose the nomination. But Kennedy's stand-out speech at the Democratic convention, which helps to calm the attendees and blunt the violence in Chicago, and his support for Humphrey in the...
  18. 1970s Culture if Humphrey Had Beaten Nixon

    I recently posted a thread about what 1980s culture might've been like with a Democrat in the White House. Now, I ask what the culture of the 1970s might have been like if Humphrey had beaten Nixon in 1968.
  19. DBWI: Rate Hubert Humphrey as a President

    Hubert Humphrey served as the 37th US President from 1969 to 1973. Your challenge is to evaluate Humphrey's administration. Was Humphrey a good or bad President? Was he somewhere in the middle?
  20. AHC: Nixon vs Humphrey Round Two

    The POD is Humphrey decides to actively contest the 1972 Democratic presidential primaries from the beginning and he ultimately wins the nomination. After picking his running mate at the convention, Humphrey faces President Richard Nixon a second time in the general election. Who might Humphrey...