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  1. Emperor Norton I

    WI: Nixon in the 1980s

    Richard Nixon never went away until the day he died. He was America's constant from the time he started politics all the way to the end, going away but always coming back. This scenario assumes a similar period of 1968 to 1980, with the difference being it is not Nixon in the White House from...
  2. Chapman

    Nelson Rockefeller: 39th President of the US?

    Let's assume that in 1975, Lynette Fromme succeeded in assassinating Gerald Ford. Nelson Rockefeller ascends to the Presidency. Who does he choose as his VP? And assuming both that he does seek his own term in 1976, and is elected, what does America look like during/after his Presidency...
  3. Clashes and Changes

    Clashes and Changes - Chapter One Introduction: From One Tragedy to Another It has been argued both at the time and in decades since that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 left a tragic scar upon the national psyche, with the event being seen as the beginning of the period...
  4. magicmikey

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  5. DBWI: Ike runs for a Second Term in '56?

    While President Eisenhower recovered from a heart attack he suffered in 1955, he decided not to seek another term in 1956. His 43 year old Vice President Richard Nixon won the Republican nomination and narrowly defeated Democrat Adlai Stevenson to become the 35th President of the United States...
  6. Nightingale

    Connally '68 as a Democrat

    What would it take for John Connally to be the Democratic nominee in 1968? What would be the outcome of the election, esp. if Nixon decides to run like OTL? Would Nixon still initiate a Southern Strategy?
  7. Vidal

    A Destiny Reversed: A Different Sixties, A Different America

    THEY SAT IN the living room of the 36th president. Stephen Ambrose sat cross-legged across from the subject of his next book, the former Commander-in-Chief himself. His hands were folded, the tape recorder on, and his gaze intent. The man before him appeared tested yet entirely at peace. For...
  8. Humphrey Defeats Reagan in 1968-what happens in 1972?

    We've had a few discussions on the idea of Ronald Reagan being the Republican nominee in 1968. However the ones I remembre presuppose his victory over Hubert Humphrey. What I'm curious about is what happens to the Republican Party if Reagan loses the 1968 election. The Republicans will not...
  9. How Would these 2 Term Presidents be Remembered if they Lost their Re Election Bids?

    How would the following Presidents: Woodrow Wilson Franklin D. Roosevelt (Pick either Re election) Dwight Eisenhower Richard Nixon Ronald Reagan Bill Clinton Barack Obama Be Remembered if they lost the respective Re election Bids? This thread is inspired by both my "George W. Bush loses the...
  10. Jaguars4life

    WI:1960 election goes to congress.

    What if Nixon won Illinois and Byrd got more attention in the South?
  11. The Policeman's Truncheon: A Collaborative TL

    Confronted with the choice, the American people would choose the policeman's truncheon over the anarchist's bomb. - Spiro Theodore Agnew ---- Hello and welcome to a new collaborative timeline! This one will work like my old ones and other previous ones on this forum. You are encouraged to...
  12. Better George McGovern Running Mate

    I understand that Senator George McGovern of South Dakota was a candidate with no chance but, who would have been a better running mate he could selected instead of the controversial Senator Thomas Eagleton of Missouri? Is there any Vice Presidential nominee that could save him from the...
  13. TransUral

    The Trickiest Dick

    The Trickiest Dick Part 1: 1960 1960 was to be one of America's important years. She had more than a few by this point, considering she was coming up on her bicentennial in just 15 years. 1776, 1783, 1861, 1865...the list goes on. The big difference between all of these dates though is that...
  14. SargentHawk

    A Man is Finished When He Quits - The Presidency of Richard M. Nixon (Redux)

    “A Man is not finished when he’s defeated; he’s finished when he quits.” -Richard Milhous Nixon