1. T-Mag 3004

    WI: The Iranian Revolution was instead a Qajar restoration?

    Since my last thread in almost 3 years was a complete and utter failure, I've decided to try a subject I don't know a lot about, but very much intrigued me. For those who don't know, the Qajar dynasty ruled Persia from 1795 (having overthrown the Zand dynasty) until they were overthrown...
  2. GameBawesome

    Modern Day Ancient Monuments Restoration; Cost and time to restore?

    In a hypothetical scenario, ignoring the laws and opinions of the UNESCO, how much time and money would it take, to restore or recreate these monuments to a pristine conditions, based off its glory days? Great Pyramid of Giza Great Wall of China Sphinx Colosseum Parthenon Angkor Wat Great...
  3. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: No German Revolution/Restoration?

    OTL, german communists briefly took over the weimar republic in late 1930, as the depression entrenched itself. However, when the quality of life still struggled, people of faith were being persecuted, and Stalin seemed bent on making them a puppet state. Cue General Rommel in 1931, initiating a...
  4. ¡La Constitución Vive! - A Spanish parliamentary monarchy
    Threadmarks: Summary of Events

    The origin of this alternate retelling of Spanish (and a bit of the world) history comes from here. In 1766 Carlos, heir to the Spanish throne, dies, and his brother Fernando becomes king of Spain (OTL Fernando I of the Two Sicilies. His son Leopoldo Juan would inherit the kingdom of the Two...
  5. T-Mag 3004

    Which Country's monarchy is easier to restore/preserve till the present? (Updated Poll)

    Yes, this is in Pre-1900, but France had to restore it's monarchy then, if you're using the 'Henri V of Bourbon accepts the throne' POD. (which I'm personally suggesting) Portugal may have abolished their monarchy in 1910, but the changes needed to prevent this most likely have to occur...
  6. English Nationalist

    WI Monarchist East

    What if the former East Germany potentially in spite of Communism and the memory of Weimar became a largely pro-Monarchist society. How would this effect German politics post-unification? Would this new regional mainstream remain regional or perhaps begin to spark something like a Royalist...
  7. Incanian

    AHC Restore the Ottoman Empire

    Exactly as it states in the title. The POD has to be from either 1922 to present day Find a way to do it please!!!!
  8. Incanian

    The Restoration of the Inca Empire

    The Inca Plan was the idea that the infant United Provinces of South America would put an ethnic Incan on the throne of the country, creating a constitutional monarchy. While getting a hard refusal from Buenos Aires, the plan saw a lot of support among a few key people, and a good amount of the...
  9. varyar

    PC - Brazilian imperial restoration in the 20th century?

    I'm curious but very poorly informed about the subject, and wondering if there was any chance for some Brazilian head of state to pull a Franco and restore the monarchy in the 20th century, or had that boat long since sailed? Yes? No? ASB no?
  10. Incanian

    Times in History Dead Empires Could have been restored

    So, I was wondering, what times could a dead empire be restored? It doesn't have to be under the previous family, it can be just the empire or something like it. And also please give examples of times when empires have been restored in our timeline. I'll throw a few in Ahmad Pasha Restores...
  11. The 48th Ronin

    Best PODs to restore Poland-Lithuania

    What are the best possible PODs for a successful restoration of the Polish-Lithuanian Union, either as a monarchy or republic, after WWI?
  12. AvatarOfKhaine

    AHC/WI : Citizen-King as PM

    So I was wondering, would the appointment of OTL's citizen king as PM do anything to help reduce the unrest that OTL led to him being made king? You can have him as PM when he OTL became king or earlier. Also, ignoring butterflies would having no split in the House of Bourbon help a potential...
  13. AvatarOfKhaine

    PC : How to get Yuan Shikai to remain Emperor

    So having read the SLP version of Superpower China, I was thinking about Yuan Shikai and was there any way to have him succeed at his Imperial Restoration with in the same veins as Kang Youwei in Superpower China. I guess I'm also asking what challenges he faced that he failed to overcome and...
  14. Joshuapooleanox

    AHC- Reunify/Restore the British Empire

    Scenario 1: Post-1945 try and hold onto the British Empire, and try and make it more democratic/representative. Scenario 2: Post-2017 try and reunify the British Empire, by either force or through referendums, diplomacy etc. Bonus points if you don't have to fire a shot to hold it together...
  15. Alcsentre Calanice

    PC: A Roman Republic after Augustus

    Hi guys! I have a question for you: How plausible is a republican renewal after Augustus? How probable is it to have a restoration of the Roman Republic during the Principate? And how can we achieve that? Some clarifications: I know that the Romans called their state res publica even during...
  16. Alcsentre Calanice

    [POLL] Would Byzantium be better off without Justinian's conquests?

    From an ideological point of view, Justinians attempted Restauratio imperii was quite reasonable. The Roman Empire without Italy, without Rome, without the half of its ancient territory doesn't look that impressive so to say. But this is mere ideology. Justinians invasion of Italy ruined the...
  17. Administration of Byzantine Western Mediterranean

    It is 1025, and Basil II the Bulgar-Slayer has died. Unlike in OTL, he has capable successors--several "Good Emperors"--in command of his 250,000-man army over the next few decades. During the reigns of these powerful emperors, the Eastern Roman Empire destroys most of its rivals, playing them...