1. Crunch Buttsteak

    DBWI: No MacArthur putsch, could the USA survive?

    Pretty basic question comrades, but if Douglas MacArthur doesn’t have a moment of complete idiocy and try to overthrow the democratically elected president Norman Thomas, could the old United States have survived or was the final crisis of capitalism inevitable at that point? ((OOC: this is...
  2. Mr.E

    Reds! Official Fanfiction Thread (Part Two)
    Threadmarks: Original Post

    This is the second Fanfiction thread for the Reds! Timeline. Due to certain circumstances, the updates for the first one could not be threadmarked, making it hard to find and catalog the pieces written . Thus, it is necessary to create a second thread in order for updates to the author's liking...
  3. Aelita

    The Great Crusade (Reds! Part 3)
    Threadmarks: Prelude

    The Great Crusade A History of the Global Antifascist Struggle "Soldiers, sailors and airmen of the United Nations! You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you."* Army General David Eisenhower "They told us...
  4. Aelita

    Reds! A Revolutionary Timeline: (Special Edition)
    Threadmarks: 1897-1904

    Introduction For those of you have followed and commented on Reds!, this will at least in part be a retread of what you've already read. However, this is the revised, definitive edition of the timeline, so there will be changes, new material and retcons abound. I hope that this will make a...
  5. Aelita

    A Red Dawn: American Revolution and Rebirth

    Continued from Reds: A Revolutionary Timeline; this thread will cover the historical period from the end of the Second American Revolution (February, 1934), to the end of this timeline's Second World War. I'd like to humbly ask that any comments on material from before this date be kept in the...