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  • Alcsentre Calanice

    Alcsentre Calanice

  • Hi!
    I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the e-book of Reds! and that I'm currently reading the following parts of the timeline (a shame that they aren't on Amazon).

    I have one question: Do you have any special affinity to German or Germany?
  • xsampa

  • Hail to the Revolution! Seriously, Reds is a realistic exercise in showing how capitalism and neoliberalism didn't have to win and is excellent writing.
  • 1965 Timelord

    1965 Timelord

  • I see how you made the difference of the OTL Russian way of implementing socalist government policies and this US version of it and made people truly participate than being the helpless to one man or one clique. Policing in USAR is quite different where cops are at the whims of wealthier elites than to the general public that they should answer to and emphasizing less violent method of confronting violent offenders.
  • veteranMortal


  • Hi! I'm reading your timeline - about the UASR? - and had a minor (very minor) quibble? I'll probably post it in the thread, but I've got... 195 pages left to go, so that might take a while, so if you see this, and could answer it, that would be great.
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    veteranMortal 2
    Broadly speaking, its that the FBU posters were complaining about the Socialists having better Espionage? Which, so far as I can recall, is false? British Espionage in WWII is generally seen as being the best in the world, and I'm just wondering what Butterflied that? Or, equally plausibly, why I'm wrong in my recollection?
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