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  1. TheWitheredStriker

    AHC/WI: French Brazil, Portuguese Canada

    IOTL, Portugal briefly flirted with colonizing eastern Canada (Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia), while France attempted to take Brazil in the 1550's. I'm planning out a TL where I basically swap France and Portugal around: France gets Brazil, successfully throwing out the Portuguese, and as...
  2. AltoRegnant

    AHC: This Portuguese Empire

    OTL, while Portugal was a big player on the world stage for its time (perhaps the fist true world player,) it nonetheless never quite reached this height. came short by a rather wide margin in fact, never having much more than Ceuta, failing to establish much in labrador/Canada, lost its spice...
  3. Portuguese Canada/North America?

    According to Wikipedia, Portugal had a short lived cod fishing colony in what is now Nova Scotia, more specifically on Cape Breton Island. What if that colony not only survived but gradually expanded over time, eventually covering the St. Lawrence river and Newfoundland at the very least? Could...
  4. The Jaguar's Roar - An Aztec Timeline
    Threadmarks: Part 1: A Sign From Above

    ---------------------- Part 1: A Sign From Above Palace of Axayacatl, Tenochtitlan May 20, 1520 A.D. Moctezuma sat, lonely and silent, in one of the many rooms of his father's palace. Though several hours had passed since the sun vanished into the horizon, the tlatoani's body refused to sleep...
  5. Portuguese Canada,Fenno-Estonia and Alternate Seven Years War

    What if Seven Year War was like this map? And After the War Britain Give this Land to Portugal? how the History of the World would Change and would be Possible anUnited Finnish-Estonian Kingdom to be Created as Bufferzone and would this change the Estonian Cultural Awakening?