According to Wikipedia, Portugal had a short lived cod fishing colony in what is now Nova Scotia, more specifically on Cape Breton Island. What if that colony not only survived but gradually expanded over time, eventually covering the St. Lawrence river and Newfoundland at the very least?

Could having João Álvares Fagundes (the guy who established the colony in 1520-21) live longer be a good POD? IOTL he died shortly after returning to Portugal.

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There was actually a Tl written about a Portuguese colony in North America surviving and continually receiving emigrants. New Portugal could become a stronger and more populated Portuguese colony than Brazil and any other place. Atlantic Canada, St Lawrence Valley and New England are very rich lands agriculturally and the cold winters keep many of the tropical diseases such as yellow fever at bay allowing the colonies to have high birth rates and huge population once they got past the initial seasons of growing enough food during the summer months.