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  1. Mr_ Bondoc

    "All the Children of China": A Collaborative TL

    Everyone likes to talk about the idea that one of the biggest changes was the "One Child Policy" of China was s a population planning initiative in China implemented between 1979 and 2015 to curb the country's population growth by restricting many families to a single child. The program had...
  2. Best case scenario for Brazil

    The idea is basically to make a pod or mini pod whose objective is to create the best case scenario (realistically speaking) possible for Brazil Note: the pod can be made from the colonial era and have a limit data to modern days Note/2:english isn't my first language so i ask for your pardon...
  3. brekkur

    AHC: Vladivostok a technological hub and sprawling megalopolis

    I recently came across this althistory page: https://althistory.fandom.com/wiki/Russian_Confederated_Union_(Inverse_Spectrum:_Chaos_&_Resolve) In the post, the creator turned Vladivostok into "the world's most modernized city", and Vladivostok became one of the major tech hubs of the world...
  4. What are some ways for a country to artificially increase its population?

    Without immigration, how can a country increase its fertility rates and population growth?
  5. brekkur

    What's the maximum population that outer Manchuria can support?

    This region that's shaded in yellow and red, is sparsely populated, and currently only has a population of ~4M people. What's the maximum population that it could realistically sustain?
  6. Max Russian population

    What is Maximum population Russia can achieve by today? POD after 800 With earliest abolition of serfdom Mass settlement US style Industrialization Borders: incl light green
  7. FastAndTheCurious

    AHC: Largest US population but with the same GDP Per capita

    So basically how large can the US population get with the same GDP per capita (around $64,000) by 2020? (or at least America be a very wealthy nation but with a larger total GDP) What would the effect be? Bonus if later PODs. Bigger bonus if the US is the same territorial size. Biggest bonus if...
  8. With a POD of 1700, what is the maximum French population possible in 1800 and in 1900?

    1. With modern French borders, 2. With France having the Rhineland. And here's an interesting thought, if the max population France could have in 1800 is notably larger than OTL, then what would the population of 1900 France be in that scenario using growth calculations based on the 1800 number?
  9. Is there any way to boost the Russian Empire's pre-WW1 population without land expansion?

    So it is well-known on this forum that had Russia not gone communist at the end of WW1, their already-massive population of 183 million (as of 1914) would now be about 400-600 million. However, I'm curious as to how the Russian Empire could have more people (as in, tens of millions more) before...
  10. Charles Must Go!
    Threadmarks: Good Bye, Charlie

    December 20, 1710, at Azov Fortress (Russian Empire) The Russian soldiers waited while on patrol, waiting for a certain group of people to arrive while bracing themselves against the cold winter. Suddenly, a few of them saw a few men walking forwards. All but one of them were Ottomans, with...
  11. AHC: Vladivostok Population Over 1 Million?

    Using any change of events you like get the population of the Russian Pacific Coast City, Vladivostok over 1,000,000 people. The last survey showed it was at about 605,000 people. These changes can be in the Tsarist Era, The Soviet Era, or more recently in the Post-Soviet era. They can be...
  12. Anarcho-Occultist

    Jewish Population without the Holocaust

    The Holocaust of course is one of the most infamous genocides in history, killing roughly 11 million people. Over half that number were Jews-the most common estimate being around 6 million. My question is, if those 6 million Jews had not been exterminated, what would the Jewish population be...
  13. Coal in California

    Hi all, California's San Francisco Bay area is the perfect place to build ports and cities on because of its unique geopolitical shape. The Sierra Nevada squashes up the low lying lands making the elongated 'Great Valley', thus the San Francisco Bay is huge but only inset into the American...
  14. PC: Slightly higher U.S. population growth c. 1970-2018

    Here's something I never thought I'd post a thread about: population growth. For a timeline that I'm working on, I have medical technology progressing more quickly from a combination of the following: higher funding from both government and private sources, faster computer chips leading to...
  15. No Black Death: Would Scandinavia go viking?

    If the black Death had never developed (or at least never reached the west) and had never killed a large part of the population of northern Europe, how would these kingdoms have reacted to high population pressure and colder climate? New raids in Europe? Invasion of central or Eastern Europe...