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  • TheMolluskLingers


  • Hey, weird question, Geekhs, but would you be interested in joining a group PM surrounding my superhero universe?
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    Geekhis Khan
    I can't say I'd have much time to contribute, but I can always lurk and comment.

  • Art

  • Any chance of starting Viva Balbo! again?
    Geekhis Khan
    Maybe eventually. I've been glad to get a few kind nods to that TL that fate forced me to abandon. I'd have to go back and re-read all the source material I used and in today's political environment I'd be telling a slightly different story. Once A Hippie in the House of Mouse is done we'll see what happens.
  • Petike


  • I have no idea when you came back, but welcome back. :) Do you still write parrotpunk stories ?
    Geekhis Khan 1
    Good to see you again, @Petike. I came back just this April. At the moment I'm working on a Jim Henson/Disney TL (see sig), and I plan to slip some "parrotpunk type stuff in there eventually.
    Petike 1
    Yes, I've noticed you've been working on it. :) In August, I finished a new, shorter timeline. The first link in my signature (AA). Have a read if you're ever bored. ;)The second work linked in the signature (TWW) is in slow development too.
    And I'm kind of surprised you've already read the fourth story. :D I didn't think you'd find that one interesting.
  • missouribob

  • Question for you if you are still a member on the site. I was reading what you had to say about EMP a few years ago and you said that the power network would be able to be restored within a few days. If the transformers are destroyed from such an attack wouldn't that take much longer to repair?
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