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  1. "The Commonwealth of Britain" - Republican UK Wikibox TL

    During my first year at University one of my projects was to design a dream constitution/political system. I held onto it and over the years I was thinking about what the UK would look like with my magic constitution. The result was this TL. 1999, New Alliances President Blair's already...
  2. Oppo

    WI: Paddy Ashdown Stays In Northern Ireland

    Paddy Ashdown, former leader of the Liberal Democrats had grown up in Northern Ireland on his family's farm but moved to England after his father's business collapsed. What if it didn't and Ashdown stayed? Does he decide to stay in the intelligence field, or does he still enter politics? If he...
  3. Iron Cast: An Alternate British 1990s

    November, 1990. Margaret Thatcher and her Conservative government have been in power for over eleven years, presiding over the end of the post-war consensus, industry privatisation, a war in the Falklands, and battles with the trade unions, and have been mired in equal controversy for roughly...
  4. shiftygiant

    TLIAF: Beneath an Amber Moon
    Threadmarks: Preamble

    ~=+=~ Merry Christmas! And a Happy Holidays. So, this is your 'annual TLIA*'? Yep. The Kennedy one? Indeed. The one you thought may be distasteful given what's happened in the last year and month? Yeah, but I've stopped worrying about that. Okay. Doesn't look very... Kennedy to me...
  5. Gorrister

    TLIAM: Somewhere in Between
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    Somewhere In Between The story of the Rt. Honourable Paddy Ashdown's Government. [Taken from 'Soldier of War, Soldier of Politics - Memoirs' by Paddy Ashdown, Random House 2009] '...My first proper flirtation with parliament was when I was selected to fight the formidable Alan Clark in...