1. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942
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    September 17th 1938 – Britain – Disaster at Hendon After the Anschluss in March of 1938 there may have been hopes that Hitler might be satisfied with his gains and concentrate on consolidating them, at least for a year or two. There was a brief panic about the possibility of a German attack on...
  2. Kristalnacht and Munich

    This is a refinement of an idea I discussed sometime back: Returning from his second trip to Germany Chamberlain’s airplane crashes as its about to land in the UK. It’s a terrible accident but while a number of people onboard are killed Chamberlain however while suffering serious injuries is in...
  3. 1938-Western demonstration of power

    Such POD require different leaders of France and UK because I can't see Chamberlain playing such game. But generally I don't find whole idea unthinkable. So what if in 1938 the West respond to German bluff with their own? In 1938 West is not ready for war, although Germans seemed to be better...
  4. Hitler exaggerate his demands in Munich

    WI Hitler decided to finish Czechoslovakia at once and demands not only Sudetenland bit also protectorate over rest of Czechia ( with excuse of protecting Germans from possible Czech repressions) and independence for Slovakia. He is determined to invade Czechoslovakia if his demands are...
  5. Von_Schlieffen

    Charles De Gaulle unites France under fascism

    After the Munich Conference, Daladier faces heavy conflict by De Gaulle for backing out. The people are divided but most stand with De Gaulle seeing the government's cowardice and ineffectiveness. De Gaulle and several other generals lead a coup to place De Gaulle as Le Meneur.