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  1. What if Magnus Maximus managed to be the only Emperor of the West?

    Recently I have been reading and researching about the Late Roman Empire and I have come across a character that has caught my attention, Magnus Máximo, a Spanish general who rose up in rebellion in Britannia, invading Gaul and defeating Graciano. Although a usurper, he would manage to be...
  2. ImperialxWarlord

    What if Crispus, son of Constantine the Great wasn’t executed?

    What would change by his eldest son surviving? He was significantly older than his brothers, had multiple military victories and was popular for it, was named consul several times, and was even named Ceasar by his father. Would he have been the sole heir of his father or would the empire have...
  3. Wars of the Romans: An Alternate Timeline
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    WARS OF THE ROMANS An Alternate Timeline PART 1 (AD 460 to AD 485) c. AD 460: Romulus, son of Orestes, is born. c. AD 462: Amalaberge, daughter of Odoacer, is born. AD 474: Julius Nepos succeeds Glycerius as Augustus (emperor of the Romans) in the West. He appoints Orestes as his magister...
  4. Emperor Claudius doesn't adopt Nero

    So i've been studying late Roman history and came across Emperors Nero, infamous for his multiple barbarities, and Claudius, murdered or mysteriously killed in 54 AD, and I was wondering what would happen had he not chosen to adopt Nero.
  5. WI: Majorian marries Placidia

    Hi everyone! This is my first thread, so please forgive me for "another Majorian thread". Most scenarios I have seen about anyone's favorite could-have-been-a-great-emperor see a successful African campaign as POD. My feeling is that that is far too late. However, assume that around 450 A.D...
  6. Roman-British Timeline Flavius Victor survives his assasination?

    Since acouple of months i have played with the idea of a romano british Timeline and made a little family tree. However whilst the family tree was very fun to make, i found it hard to tie together a cohesive course of events with Flavius Victor, Constantine III and Ambrosius Aurelianus This is...
  7. Gukpard

    What could Majorian have done to save Rome?

    Six years ago this video came out: It seems that the defeat of Majorian came due the most blatant case of corruption ever possible, when the destiny of the country is crushed because political infighting between rivals. I'm by no means a Roman era historian, and so I do not know enought of...
  8. Atamolos

    AHQ: Solving Institutional Weaknesses of the Roman Empire

    First off, I should admit some bias. As a student of comparative government, I am of the mind that any country, regardless of all the inherent complexities therein, can be governed effectively and survive in the long term provided it has all the necessary institutions (except in the case of...
  9. WI: Clovis never unites Gaul under the Franks?

    What if Clovis failed to conquer Gaul from the Gallo-Romans, preventing his conquest of the Alemanni and the Visigoths in Aquitaine? This would leave the Franks probably divided, pagan, and inhabiting the substantially "barbarized" former Roman frontier. While the Franks were Romanized...
  10. GauchoBadger

    WI: Licinius keeps his share of the empire after Cibalae?

    So, i once posted a thread about Roman emperor Licinius managing to defeat and kill Constantine at the Battle of Cibalae (314 AD), causing him to gain control of the whole empire and ultimately emerge victorious from the Civil Wars of the Tetrarchy. But, i'll posit another question for now...
  11. GauchoBadger

    WI: Constantius III lives longer

    What if Roman emperor Constantius III had lived beyond 421 AD, and managed to be recognized as emperor of both West and East? How much of the barbarian invasions could he stave off? Could Genseric's rise as warlord in North Africa be avoided? Would Constantius attempt to re-garrison Britain...
  12. GauchoBadger

    WI: Attila defeats the romans at the Catalaunian Plains

    (I already made a thread on the Battle of The Catalaunian Plains a few months ago, but i think it's already too old to be bumped.) What if Attila, The Hun, had managed to defeat Flavius Aetius and his germanic foederati allies at the Catalaunian Plains in 451 AD? Would this spill an earlier end...
  13. King of the Uzbeks

    An Unexpected Hour
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    An Unexpected Hour "I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered" - Mathew 26.31 ••••• Chapter 1: Luke 8.21 •••••
  14. GauchoBadger

    WI: Attila Wins at the Battle Of The Catalaunian Plains

    What if Attila, king of the huns, had managed to defeat the romans and their barbarian allies at the Battle Of The Catalaunian Plains (451 AD)? Would he be able to conquer Gaul? And after conquering Gaul, where would he go next? Italy? What are the effects on the barbarian migrations? What are...
  15. Underrated Late Roman Empire PODs (4th century to 6th century AD)

    What are some underrated points of divergence during the fall of the Roman Empire and early "Dark Ages", especially from 313 AD to 565 AD? Persia or China are relevant as well, though the main focus is Rome and the foederati.
  16. Why did the Late Empire fail at recruiting italians for the army?

    So throughout the late Roman empire there were multiple attempts at boosting the army recruitment in Italy that failed completely. Were the reasons for this entirely demographic? How and to what extent did social factors influence this problem? What could the empire had done (if anything)...