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  1. The Gybson Boy

    Catherine of Aragon gives birth to Arthur's twin daughters in 1502 and Henry dies in 1505

    Catherine of Aragon and his oldest Daugther Elizabeth The marriage of Arthur and Catherine is actually consummated, the young prince Arthur dies as OTL and it is discovered that Catherine is pregnant, finally on July 25, 1502 she gives birth to twin girls who are named Elizabeth and Mary. Three...
  2. ordinarylittleme

    The Queen and the Duchess

    What if Arthur Tudor survived his illness and succeeded his father as king, while his brother Henry of York would marry as his second wife Anne Boleyn, Dowager Countess of Northumberland and Dowager Countess of Ormond? And if the Tudors had the luck of the Habsburgs and eventually ended up...
  3. SunZi

    The Bull and the Roses: TL of a Lancastrian victory at Barnet

    The Bull and the Roses Timeline of a Lancastrian victory at Barnet On 14 April 1471, the Battle of Barnet took place between the Lancastrians, led by the Earl of Warwick against the Yorkists, led by King Edward IV. Resulting in the defeat of the supporters of Henry VI, and the death of...
  4. RedKing

    A Boar And His Tusks: A Collaborative Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    February-March 1484: Richard III manages to convince Elizabeth Woodville, the Dowager Queen of England and her daughters to leave sanctuary at Westminster Abbey. Richard welcomes his nieces into his court and wastes no time in arranging marriages for them, hoping. In particular he plans to...
  5. ordinarylittleme

    AHC: Arthur Tudor survives and becomes king. How will Henry, Duke of York, still manage to have six wives?

    Naturally, the six wives don't necessarily need to be the six he had OTL (Henry and Katherine of Aragon cannot marry while Arthur is alive, though you could write of a scandalous secret affair if you wish), though it would be nice if you could fit some of them in.
  6. RedKing

    WI/PC: Henry Tudor marries Anne of Brittany?

    During his time in exile at the Breton court, Henry Tudor (later Henry VII), was considered as a possible suitor for Anne of Brittany, the heir presumptive of Brittany. Of course, this marriage would never come to fruition. But what if (for some reason) Francis II betroths Henry to Anne? What...
  7. Blossoming of a Tudor Rose
    Threadmarks: 1501

    “Infanta Catalina de Aragón left the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Castile on 21 May 1501, riding with her entourage to A Coruña, Galicia, where she would board a ship that would take her to England. She had been betrothed, since the age of three, to Prince Arthur of Wales and at fifteen, King...
  8. RedKing

    What if Henry VII and Jasper Tudor had fled to France in 1471?

    As it says on the tin, in 1471 Jasper and Henry Tudor successfully land in France as they intended to in OTL. How does Edward IV react? What does Louis XI do with them? How does this affect the Yorkist regime and the Wars of the Roses?
  9. Edward of Lancaster and Henry Tudor switch destinies

    The POD is that in 1471 Henry Tudor gets killed in battle and dies without descendence instead of Edward of Lancaster who instead flies to Brittany with his mother, so what happens if that scenario happens what Edward IV will do??? IDT that Edward will be indulgent as it was for Tudor with...
  10. RedKing

    What if: Richard III manages to marry off Elizabeth of York before being overthrown?

    As the title says, what if Richard III manages to marry of Elizabeth of York, before being overthrown? Elizabeth will marry Manuel, Duke of Beja, later Manuel I of Portugal, as Richard wanted her to in OTL. Would Richard III still get overthrown here? Would Henry Tudor still have enough support...
  11. WI: All of Katherine of Aragon's children live to adulthood
    Threadmarks: Author's Rambling-family tree

    A.K.A the one where I decided that I wrote two Anne Boleyn wins threads, time for a KOA wins thread. Originally, I was going to do one based off my Alternate Monarchs post where Katherine's daughters live, but I just felt I wouldn't be able to pull it off correctly. So here we go. Let's get...
  12. RedKing

    What if Edward IV died in 1479 instead of 1484?

    What is says in the title, what if Edward IV died in 1479 instead of 1484? Would Richard III still pull of his stunt with his nephews? How does this affect Henry Tudor's attempts to get the throne? With Clarence having been executed only a year earlier, could this be seen as Divine Retribution...
  13. RedKing

    A True King Arthur: A Timeline
    Threadmarks: Part I: The Prince Lives

    "It was in 1502 that England almost lost one of their most important Kings. This was none other than Arthur Tudor, Prince Of Wales. Arthur was the eldest son of King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth of York, who had spent years trying to help England recover from the Wars Of The Roses. Arthur was...
  14. WI: Henry VII Was Never Born

    Okay, so this was a late-at-night consideration of mine but I haven’t been able to get it out of my head, and I haven’t been able to find any posts discussing this. So, say Margaret’s mother is awarded custody of her rather than her eventually being passed onto the Tudors, so she never married...
  15. NEW TL:The Sons in Splendor, the Golden Age of the House of York
    Threadmarks: 1483-1485

    The Sons in Splendour: The Golden Age of the House of York Synopsis On the 9th of April 1483, one of the most underrated Kings in English History, Edward IV died. A military man, flower of Chivalry and reformer of Kingship, Edward unexpectedly died at the age of 40; leaving behind a muddled...