1. RedTerra

    Allies Aren’t Destroyed in Belgium... Now What? [1940-Onwards]

    So, I’ve been reading the Fall of France and it really seems like the Allies lost due to a huge strategic blunder. That being rushing into the Low Countries and being completely cut off through the Ardennes. The best and most well equipped Allied divisions being annihilated or abandoning their...
  2. kasumigenx

    The luck of Philippe Auguste
    Threadmarks: A stillbirth in Brittany

    In the Spring of 1187, Constance of Brittany would have a stillbirth[1] causing successor of Richard to be John, his own brother, there are two girls between Richard and John, Constance of Brittany would have two children at that time, Eleanor and Mathilde, who would be left in the custody of...
  3. kasumigenx

    WI: An illegitimate Palaiologian branch takes the place of the Bonapartes

    I think the Palaiologians of Montferrat, the illegitimate branch, the Oriundi could go to Corsica and possibly take the place of the Bonapartes.
  4. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: No Hundred Days Or Flight From Elba?

    I've heard it tossed around a few times that France was actually going to get a bit more out of the Congress of Vienna than it did, but Napoleon's flight from elba and retaking of power led to France being left with what it received otl. Say that Napoleon's health is worse, maybe his cancer...
  5. RedKing

    What if Henry VII and Jasper Tudor had fled to France in 1471?

    As it says on the tin, in 1471 Jasper and Henry Tudor successfully land in France as they intended to in OTL. How does Edward IV react? What does Louis XI do with them? How does this affect the Yorkist regime and the Wars of the Roses?
  6. KaiserFriedrichIV

    If Harold Godwinson wins at Hastings what happens to Brittany?

    A question that has always affascinated my brain is that if Harold Godwinson wins the battle of Hastings, Wales and Cornwall will be part of England, but i always thought about Brittany, i always thought that if Harold wins Brittany will be part of France, you might say that the french kings had...
  7. WI: Culture of a France that gets independence from England sometime during the late 1700s to mid 1800s?

    Basically, France gets conquered by England during the Hundred Years War. However, this happens late in the Hundred Years War, when the English Nobility identified as English and not French. England dominates the union, instead of being absorbed by France. Sometime during the late 1700s to mid...
  8. KingOnTheEdge

    DBAHC: Communist Russia, Fascist Germany

    OTL, one of the most pivotal events in the 20th Century was BorisBrasol 's victory in the Russian Civil War. The resultant White Scare that dominated Europe in the 20s sidelined the German right, especially the monarchists and the NDSP, especially after Russia backed the Beer Hall Push. All of...
  9. Caravels of Portugal

    WI: France interns German people following a Central Powers victory

    In the ATL, France falls to a electoral usurpation by right-wing, nationalist leagues following a Central Powers victory in World War I in which Imperial Germany forces France to sign a treaty that restricts their military power, give their colonial territories to the Kaiser, and occupies...
  10. kasumigenx

    Eleanor, mother of the French and English Kings
    Threadmarks: The birth of a son

    Prior their embarkment to the Crusade, Eleanor of Aquitaine would turn out to be pregnant and would give birth to twins named Alix and Philippe on 1147 which would delay it and the two were later embark on 1148 to the crusade and on their return on 1149, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII would...
  11. kasumigenx

    A Seine linguistic border of the Gallo Romance languages

    Based on my observations It seems that Oil used to be two separate two Dialect Groups, one in the East of Seine that uses Avec which is similar to Franco-Provencal and in the West of Seine which uses Ot/Eut instead, what if the two sides became two different languages completely, it seems that...
  12. Count of Crisco

    WI Dunkerque and Strasbourg in RN service?

    So lets just say for our purposes that the MN dispatches the two Dunkerque class battleships and a small task force, say elements of the Force de Raid, a light cruiser, two large destroyers, and three or four smaller destroyers, to help the British intercept the Bismarck when she sorties. The...
  13. American Revolution in world where France won the 7 Years' War?

    What happens to the American Revolution in a world where France won the 7 Years' War? What changes occur to it? I think if the taxation without representation issues still exist, the American Revolution would still occur?
  14. Bésikly

    List of French Leaders (miscellaneous after 1789)

    Several cool list games already exist here: List of German chancellors 1949 - 2030 List of U.K. Prime Ministers 1945 - 2020 List of US Presidents 1960 - 2020 I thought that making a general one about France could be interesting. There are many rules: 1- When talking about PM, one post per...
  15. GameBawesome

    WI: France fully embraces Gallicanism

    Gallicanism is the belief that popular civil authority should be represented by the head of state, over the Catholic Church and Pope. It had a movement in France, but never took off, due to the Concordat of Bologna, which gave the French Monarch the right nominate appointments to benefices...
  16. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: Italy Joined The Entente Instead Of The Triple Alliance/Joined The Entente Early

    italy's joining of the triple alliance with AH and Germany is a bit of an oddity when one considers their relationship with Austria was always... less than pleasant due to Italian adriatic claims. Now, even against France they had some desires (i believe tunis and some minor claims against the...
  17. KingOnTheEdge

    Who Could Be A Fourth Bloc In The Cold War?

    The notion of a tri-polar cold war, however much that could be the case vs just being Great Power Politics lacking the ideology of the Cold War is a popular one. The most popular choice seems to be the British Empire or perhaps a stronger postwar France since the bulk of its empire wasn't just...
  18. AHC/WI: France as the first communist nation

    Partially inspired by this thread, find a way to make France become the first communist nation instead of Russia with a POD no earlier than 1815 (bonus if it is a multi-continental entity much like the OTL French colonial empire). And no, the Paris Commune does not count in this regard for...
  19. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: Petain Joined The Resistance With De Gaulle?

    Philippe Petain is ill-regarded in France today, for his role in the pro-nazi Vichy Regime. Prior to that he was a fierce French patriot and nationalist- the Lion of Verdun. So, what if, after the capitulation of the 3rd Republic, he made his way to Algiers with Charles De Gaulle, the up and...
  20. Dual monarchy of England and France post-1220
    Threadmarks: Capetian England part 1

    In 1215, Prince Louis of France is invited by a large portion of English barons who have grown tired of King John's despotism and lack of regard for the Magna Carta. Eager to end the threat posed by his Plantagenet cousins and wanting to prove himself, Louis landed unopposed in England and was...