1. kasumigenx

    Re: To Wear two crowns
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    Re: To Wear two crowns Richard I as Portrayed in the Movie Robinhood On December of 1194, the Duke of Austria died causing possible marriage negotiations between Eleanor of Brittany and Frederick of Austria to falter and Eleanor of Aquitaine would choose her other niece, Alice of Blois as...
  2. What if France won the Algerian war for Independence and kept it as a colony or Department of some kind

    What if France won the Algerian war for Independence and kept it as a colony or Department of some kind. How would the culture/ treatment of natives etc look.
  3. Duke of Reichstadt

    The Eaglet: Napoleon II, Unbound
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    THE CHANCELLOR OF AUSTRIA - PRINCE VON METTERNICH Late nights were the rule at Schönbrunn, not the exception. Another letter, another problem. "... And we have been hearing reports of desire for the people in the lower areas of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands to create their own...
  4. Japan becomes a European/western colony

    Any POD is fine. Is there any way for Japan to become a colony of a European power (or the US if that isn't ASB)?
  5. Drex

    Winds of Iron - A Different Revolution and Beyond
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    Chapter 0: About the Timeline Hey there, it has been a long time since I made my last Timeline, which I abandoned as I soon realised it went off-track and didn't really match what I pretended it to be. However, it's not entirely abandoned, as elements from the timeline will appear here and some...
  6. MittleGittle

    The War of Five Crowns, an Alternate English Succession

    In 1066, King Edward the Confessor died childless, and Harold Godwinson claimed that he was named king. When William the Bastard heard of the succession, he raised an army and fleet to sail on England. In Norway, Harald Hardrada also claimed the throne, his reason was that the Danish king had...
  7. kasumigenx


    TO WEAR TWO CROWNS: ELEANOR OF BRITTANY Chapter 1 On 1194, Mathilde of Brittany is married to Frederick of Austria with a generous dowry with 35,000 of silver to end the incarceration of Richard I and for that reason, Philippe Auguste would demand the hand of Eleanor of Brittany to his son...
  8. KingOnTheEdge

    WI This Treaty of Versailles

    OTL, the Treaty of Versailles and the construction of Post-WW1 Europe was a complicated affair. Germany was the only Central Power to survive as a major player on european politics, but felt it was betrayed and treated unjustly, despite not actually losing that much land or power. Italy didn't...
  9. AHC/WI: Make Fascism (or a similar ideology) take power in France before WWII

    Ever since I read Neither Left Nor Right: Fascist Ideology in France by Zeev Stirnhell, I've been intrigued by his central thesis that Fascism wasn't an only Italian/German affair, and the most of the policies espoused by later fascist regimes (anti-democracy, Corporatist economics, to some...
  10. WI: Treaty of Amiens created a longer peace?

    IOTL the treaty broke in just about a year, what if it lasted for 5 years, or prevents all Napoleonic wars? How does the rest of the 19th century develop?
  11. KingOnTheEdge

    Could The Entente Win Without America?

    it's often floated as a POD for a central power victory that the us doesn't enter after brest-livtosk. I've used it in some AHCs a few times. But i want to know, should wilson remain isolationist, could the british, french, and Italian forces win the great war? What would this alternative treaty...
  12. kasumigenx

    DBWI: France not Divided between Alienor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England

    After the divorce of Alienor of Aquitaine and Louis VII on 1152, Alienor married Ramon V of Toulouse who proceeded to uproot the Barcelonians in Languedoc and Provence, then when Louis VII died Henry II annexed the Royal demesne of France via Eleanor's daughter, Alix' marriage with Henry II's...
  13. Exvio74

    The New Kratocracy: A Timeline of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

    I’m usually a serial lurker on this forum, but quarantine boredom has led me to actually finally write a timeline. Most of this focuses on after 1900, the POD is just in 1889 (if this needs to be moved I happily can). If anyone does read this, please do give me tips on things I can improve, this...
  14. Sarthak Bikram Panta

    Anglo-French-Israel call America's bluff; Suez Crisis

    As we all know Britain and France retreated from Suez after America threatened economic attack on the Sterling. Well according to economists and historians this was BS on part of the Americans. Burning through the pound by America would have seen the entire American economy crash since the...
  15. kasumigenx

    To wear two Crowns an Anglo-French timeline
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    On 1194, Mathilde of Brittany is married to Frederick of Austria with a generous dowry with 35,000 of silver to end the incarceration of Richard I and for that reason, Philippe Auguste would demand the hand of Eleanor of Brittany to his son Louis, the son of Philippe Auguste and Isabella of...
  16. DBWI: French Monarchy not restored in 1871

    France spent a brief amount of time as a republic during and after the Franco-Prussian War, but after the Legitimists and the Orléanists worked out a compromise, the monarchy was quickly restored. The childless Henri, Comte de Chambord became ruler of France, with Louis-Philippe, Comte de Paris...
  17. KMS Hoffnung

    WI: The Patents on Watt's Steam Engines Were Weaker?

    After some reading, I found some hypotheses on a sped-up Industrial Revolution regarding a faster spread of Steam Engine information throughout central Europe. With this in mind, would Germany, France, Belgium, or even Russia benefit more than OTL? Considering that Industrialization begins...
  18. kasumigenx

    DBWI: The French Language is not replaced by the Lemosin(Occitan) language in the Black Plague

    Prior to the Black plague the Lemosin language of Provence, Toulouse and Guyenne replaced the language of Paris and its environs as the Northern France was resettled by people from that after the plague, the Dauphin bought his loyal supporters from there. I remember there are people in...
  19. kasumigenx

    La mort de França(Death of France)
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    Freepedia As Eleanor traveled to Poitiers, two lords —Theobald V, Count of Blois, and Geoffrey, Count of Nantes, brother of Henry II, Duke of Normandy and Brittany—tried to kidnap and marry her to claim her lands. As soon as she arrived in Poitiers, Eleanor sent envoys to the Count of...
  20. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: A more Latin based HRE rather than a Germanic HRE

    What would a French and Italian based Holy Roman Empire look like assuming that the Kings of France or West Francia managed to attain the Imperial Title rather than the Kingdom of East Francia or Germany it otl? What would this French based HRE look like? Would it be more of a contender to be...