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once i find my photoshop disc again, you can bet that i'll bullshit up a flag or two for this thread ;)
Alternate flag of Thruringia :)
It's off by 1 vertical pixel how did you see that...

I just did... Oh my god, I have superpowers!
But really, I just noticed that the tip near the hoist is in the yellow stripe, while the outer tip is in the white stripe. Seems like I am just accustomed to seeing details like that due to working on flags and worlda maps all the time.
Flag Thread the Third is dead. Long Live Flag Thread the Fourth!

Flag of the Incorporated Kingdoms of Greater Britain from my [not yet posted] Nation in Black TL. Essentially it's a UK where Scotland is much more represented and equal to England ("So we're not their bitch this time?" as my Scottish cohort put it). While this may sound a bit ASB, what I have planned is much more detailed and in-depth.

Short version is that a previously unknown half-scot bastard of the Black Prince of Wales happens to learn of his heritage. Skip down a few generations, and you get a man calling himself the Black Prince of Scotland trying to start a revolt in 1705 to usurp the throne from Queen Anne. The eventual compromise is a much more confederation-esque Acts of Union in which the usurper is made into an actual Prince (Full title the Prince of Alba), with full legitimate claims to the throne, leading to Scotland being made (at least culturally) a little more equal to England as it gains its own claimant to the throne. Sadly the Black Prince of Scotland would die suddenly "in his sleep" with no heirs, wife, or immediate next of kin. A distant cousin is placed as a puppet in his position and afterwards history flows rather similarly to OTL.

For a while the OTL Union Jack is used, though the blue isn't darkened, but debate arises over 1.) which cross goes on top (raised by the Scots), and 2.) whether the Scottish blue should be used (raised by the English). Eventually, we get this flag; the crosses are 'stacked' (Andrew Upper Left, George Horizontal, Andrew Upper Right, George Vertical), and black is used for the base (as the Black Prince of Scotland, credited for pushing the idea of Unification, often flew a solid black flag). For official usage, the coat of arms is placed at the center.

I once presented here a flag for Jewish Yemen, which was basically the monarchist flag of North Yemen with the five pointed stars replaced by stars of David. This time another one.

Why does a Jewish flag depic the Sword of the Prophet or the Sword of Ali? Swords in Muslim Flags are reminiscent of this sword, a religious symbol. I don't think it's plausible.


Actually, anyone want to try and imagine Jewish flags and symbology in the way they might have evolved?


- Jewish Khazars.
- Jewish Ashkenaz.
- Jewish Roman Empire that suffers the same fate as Rome did.

The Jews before Christ came to be great proselytists (contrary to Jews from laters, who closed in on themselves) and promoters of the conversion of the Gentiles. During Christianity's early days, there were two main parties within the Apostles and later Fathers of the Church: the ones that didn't want to stop being Jews (Like Peter) and the ones that wanted to embrace the Gentiles and adapt Christianity to make it more universal (like Paul of Tarsus, St Paul) - So it's possible that the pro-Jewish party won and that Christianity became a mainstream branch of Judaism, adopted by Rome, etc etc.
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