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  1. Under the Stainless Banner - a Southern Victory TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: The War of Southern Secession, 1861-1862.

    With other projects on hiatus, I was inspired to write my own Southern victory TL detailing a Confederate victory in the American Civil War. I chose the same PoD as Turtledove, the infamous Order 191, but things diverge from there. To make certain I wouldn't inadvertently rip off Turtledove's...
  2. How long would the Confederacy survive?

    A Confederate victory is one of the most famous alternate history scenarios one can think of. Countless words have been written/typed thinking of how they could've defeated the Union and secured their independence. But assuming they were successful, that raises the long would an...
  3. Oba Cahokia

    How does the existence of a surviving Confederacy effect Europe or Global Geopolitics in General?

    So I heard it was a bit of cliche for the CSA to join the Allies and for the US to join the Central Powers in WW1 but one of things I keep hearing is "the world would be radical different". How exactly does the Confederacy effect the political of the globe in not just North America and the...
  4. Oba Cahokia

    How big would the Black Population be in a surviving CSA?

    I've been in the school of thought that if the CSA survived the majority of it's population would end up being black because a few states were already majority black including Florida surprisingly and neither of the Great Migrations would happen. But I not familiar with how population density...
  5. TheDoofusUser

    Bloodier and More Violent 1850s --> Presidents Sumner and Rhett in 1861?

    I think it can be agreed that 1850s was one of the craziest times to be alive in the United States (and not in the good way). Beginning with the disaster of the Compromise of 1850 (Which the Democrats thought was so effective that they declared the issue of Slavery was over and they would never...
  6. How different would a second war between the USA and CSA be in the 1880s?

    Assuming the Confederates States gain European recognition to back their independence be 1862-1863, how differently would a second war between the USA and the CSA be fought if conflict broke out in the 1880s?
  7. World Mapping

    How does a Confederate victory in the American Civil War affect the history of music?

    How does a Confederate victory in the American Civil War affect the history of music, as the CSA and USA are not one nation?
  8. Chapman

    AHC: Quick Confederate Victory

    I'm sure this has been asked before so feel free to link/discuss other posts or ideas. But, as the title suggests, your challenge is to have the American Civil War end with a quick and decisive victory for the Confederacy. Whether or not they manage to endure as a state for very long is...
  9. WI: POTCS George Bolling Lee

    Assuming the CSA wins it's independence and survives for at least a century, what would it look like if George Bolling Lee, grandson of general Robert E Lee, was potcs during the 1920's? What I know about about him is that he lived from 1872-1948, he was a gynecologist, and that's pretty much...
  10. GameBawesome

    Entertainment in a Confederate Victory

    This is seems like a minor idea, but I’m curious about. In a POD where the Confederate States of America won independence around 1862, with international recognition from Britain and France, and war-wariness from Copperheads and Civilians of the North. In the post war borders, the CSA gains...
  11. Post US Civil War, could the government resettle former Confederates in Latin America and the Caribbean? What would be the impacts of this program?

    Resettlement post wars, be they civil or otherwise, is fairly common throughout world history. After the American Revolutionary War, ~100k former loyalists were sent elsewhere. Post US Civil War IOTL, an unknown number of former Confederates settled elsewhere, such as Brazil or Mexico. But what...
  12. Sarthak

    To be In Dixie: A Graphic Timeline on the CSA
    Threadmarks: OP + Map.

    To Be in Dixie Welcome to the World of 'To be in Dixie', a timeline that is meant to attack on the overly troped 'extremely successful CSA' or 'excessively idiotic and stupid CSA' cliches. This will try to show what would be an organic and proper development of a country, that has won its...
  13. GameBawesome

    What happens to the Underground Railroad after a CSA Victory?

    The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses used by escaped slaves, and helped by those sympathetic to escaped slaves, a lot being abolitionists, to primarily to free-states and Canada, and sometimes Mexico and the Caribbean. It had many opposition, like Slave...
  14. durante

    Cinco de Mayo & the Confederacy

    On May 5, 1862, General Zaragoza's Mexican Army defeated a much larger and better equipped French Army at the Battle of Puebla. It was considered to be a defining moment for Mexican identity and nationality, and crucial in determining the outcome of the Franco-Mexican war. In his classic...
  15. Would a independent Confederacy change its flag again or keep the Blood Stained Banner?

    What new designs would be used if they did? I prefer the Blood Stained Banner as their flag.
  16. Can you think of any way where the CSA and Britain go to war and the CSA doesn’t win, but survives the encounter like the USA did in the War of 1812?

    Here is my scenario for any one who wants context. Britain grows disgusted at the Confederacy’s continued use of slavery. The Confederacy still is busy trying to pay off it’s war debts to the Union. They default on their debt to Britain and Britain uses this as a justification to declare war on...
  17. Countries that could go to war with a surviving CSA that’s never been done before?

    I’ve seen TLs in which they go to war with Spain, the Union, and Mexico. But those are pretty common tropes. I wanna have a different country go to war with them. Like Brazil? Britain? France? Can you name any countries they could go to war with?
  18. Sarthak

    How to get a successful Second Mexican Empire and what are its consequences?
    Threadmarks: OP

    Now a Second mexican empire has been a hot topic for many years on this forum, and i am really interested in it admittedly. Now, i have done *some* intensive research on the matter in the A levels on north american history, so managed to make a somewhat plausible scenario in which Maximilian I...
  19. 1862 The Howell Cobb Confederate Revolution 2nd year
    Threadmarks: The introduction and How Lincoln could restart his war of northern Aggression after the capture of Washington thanks to President Cobb and General Lee

    Before I would Like to begin with a few major points in the timeline including a defense of its historical possibility. The past thread Was not as organized and this is the continuation of the timeline. 0. NYC Mayor Fernando Wood indeed did try to separate from the union OTL Considering NYC...