This is seems like a minor idea, but I’m curious about.

In a POD where the Confederate States of America won independence around 1862, with international recognition from Britain and France, and war-wariness from Copperheads and Civilians of the North. In the post war borders, the CSA gains it's seceded territories, and Confederate Arizona, and the Indian Territory gains independence, as both sides wasn't willing to give it up in the peace treaty, so they pulled an Uruguay. However, the CSA does not get any of the border-states, including Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, West Virginia (Who gets more territory to protect DC)


(Map of Post-war America)

So after independence of the CSA, what would become of the entertainment industry in the Confederate States of America, and now rump United States of America.

Things that are entertainment includes:
  • Cinema
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Theatre
  • Music
  • Literature
How would a Confederate Secession affect things in entertainment?
Could there be a "Confederate Hollywood"?
How would a Confederate Victory, effect authors like Mark Twain?
How would this effect things like music in these countries?
How would cinema movies be like in these countries?
Would these nations use propaganda against each other?
Would there be a bitterness between the nations?
How would this effect culture?