1. AHC; Create a country with the most amount of capital cities

    As the challenge states, your challenge is to create a situation/scenario in which a nation of your choosing, real or fictitious, has the most capital cities functioning at the same time. Some good places to look may be countries like South Africa, which has 3 capitals.
  2. brekkur

    AHC: Vladivostok a technological hub and sprawling megalopolis

    I recently came across this althistory page: In the post, the creator turned Vladivostok into "the world's most modernized city", and Vladivostok became one of the major tech hubs of the world...
  3. shearsforest

    The City-BAM Thread
    Threadmarks: CITY-BAM v.1 Key

    There's an idea that's been floating in my head since at least minutes before writing that it would be nice to have a BAM-style map dedicated to major cities like New York, or London, or Paris. There's already political maps of different districts, so why not road maps and maps akin to sources...
  4. Philadelphia wank

    How can we get Philadelphia to be Americas capital and and Largest city with a pod between July 4 1776 and and December 31 1900?
  5. Whipidedius

    A name for a new capital city of France

    I am creating a scenario in which Napoleon won the war and Napoleon II, to centralize power, avoid pressure from civil unrest and protect the political center of France from a possible external invasion, decide to move the capital from Paris to somewhere in the geographic center of the country...
  6. GameBawesome

    Alternate locations to build Germania

    Germania was a mega city project from Hitler and Albert Speer. It was a complete rebuilding of Berlin, into a new German capital, fitting for the Third Reich. It was to demolish old buildings of Berlin, completing rebuilding with New Structures, most infamously, Volkshalle. But it was bogged...
  7. AHC: Vladivostok Population Over 1 Million?

    Using any change of events you like get the population of the Russian Pacific Coast City, Vladivostok over 1,000,000 people. The last survey showed it was at about 605,000 people. These changes can be in the Tsarist Era, The Soviet Era, or more recently in the Post-Soviet era. They can be...
  8. AdamNeuser

    [DISCUSSION] The Umayyad Caliphate wins the siege of Constantinople (717-718)

    The Siege of Constantinople in 717 AD was the Umayyad Caliphate's major combined arms offensive against the Roman Empire. And one of the largest sea and land military operations across the entire medieval era. The decision to lay siege to the city came about mostly as a result of an extended...
  9. Nightingale

    My past myths about nuclear war I used to believe in (pls. add yours as well)

    Here are some myths I believed about nuclear war I used to believe in. Anyone can share their previous myths: 1. That fallout would be long-lasting and severe after a nuclear exchange. I once believed legit that fallout after a nuclear war would really be so intense and would last long, but...
  10. AHC: Have American cities be among the most pedestrian-friendly in the world

    The challenge is as follows: prevent the rise of suburbs and urban sprawl while also making American cities walkable and developed with a heavy focus on public transportation. If this is ASB, is it at all possible if the POD was pushed back to pre-1900?
  11. GauchoBadger

    Nicomedia instead of Byzantium/Constantinople?

    Is it possible for Nicomedia, with dedication from whoever controls it, to surpass Byzantium/Constantinople as the major Marmara Sea port? Would this require a PoD before or during Constantine's reign? What sort of advantages did Nicomedia have, compared to Byzantium?
  12. Valdore Javorsky

    World of Nightrise: The Growth of London

    Hello fellow alt-historians, You might have seen my post regarding the Holy Britannian Empire in my World of Nightrise project. On this map, I have depicted london as it was in the County of London (OTL 1889-1965; TTL 1869-present*), however, given that the "modern day" year in which the world...
  13. GauchoBadger

    Preventing Sirmium's decline

    What caused the relatively important late Roman imperial city of Sirmium, in modern Serbian Slavonia, to decline sharply, and effectively disappear during Avar times? What made it so important (enough to warrant diocese capital status) in the eyes of the emperors? How can the decline of this...
  14. Uralicker

    Universe Creators Club

    I decided to create this thread because I like planets, space and the Universe, and think that some people might like it too. You can create and put here the planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies and other astronomical objects. Also you can invent civilizations, spaceships, etc.
  15. AH discussion: Greatest city of the Middle Age.

    AH discussion. With a time period of 600 to 1453, what city or cities would you find exceptionally defensible, economically dominant and culturally important. Also I would like to compare these cities in terms of their relevance for the period. Especially when it comes to comparing the...