1. WI Pinochet is extradited to Spain?

    Former dictator of Chile Augusto Pinochet was held under house arrest in the UK by a warrant issued by Spanish judge Baltazar Garzón. After several months, he was released on grounds of ill health and allowed to return to his home country. Is it possible for him to be extradited to Spain...
  2. WI: Pinochet Not Part of the Coup

    Despite claiming in his memoirs that he was the leading plotter of the 1973 Chilean coup d'état, Pinochet is generally believed to have only joined the coup very shortly before it occurred. Which raises an interesting question: suppose he never joined? What consequences would him not joining the...
  3. WI: Operation Soberanía Leads to War

    Let's say that Argentina doesn't cancel its planned invasion of Chile (maybe Pope John Paul II is unable to get involved for whatever reason) and open war between the two countries begins in December 1978. What would happen, and what consequences would a "Beagle War" have?
  4. LouisTheGreyFox

    War between Pinochet's Chile and a British Argentina in the 80s.

    Bear in mind this Argentina (and Uruguay also included) was basically taken over by Britain during Napoleonic War and it ended up becoming part of the British Empire afterwards. I am not looking for answers on how it be realistic for it to happen. Basically instead of a Falklands War in 1982...
  5. Wings

    Alternate WC : Continental Cups are Qualifiers (1962-?). A Football TL

    Immediately after the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, many teams rushed to complain to FIFA due to the immensely short time to prepare between games at the World Cup, before and during the WC. However, FIFA couldn't come to a solution. The qualifiers would take a good year to complete, and then the WC...
  6. Bobbbcat2

    Latin American colonialism in the Pacific

    In OTL Chile annexed the easternmost Polynesian Island, Easter Island/Rapa Nui, how can Chile and other Latin American nations colonise the Pacific? What nation could establish colonies in Oceania? Ecuador and the Central American nations are too small and weak. Colombia might have a large...
  7. Blorg


    For whatever reason Chile's coup never happens so the project go's on
  8. Bobbbcat2

    WI: Polynesians from Rapa Nui/Easter Island colonise the Galapagos and Juan Fernandez Islands?

    Rapa Nui from Easter Island succesfully settle the Galapágos Islands and the Juan Fernandez Islands, what happens? How does contact between the Native Americans of mainland South America and the Polynesians go? What happens when Europeans arrive? What are the Galapagos and Juan Fernandez...
  9. Bobbbcat2

    WI: Native Americans from Tierra Del Fuego island hop to Antarctica?

    I'm thinking a Fuegian group (maybe the Yaghan) settles the Falklands from Tierra Del Fuego, South Georgia from the Falklands, the South Sandwich Islands from South Georgia, the South Orkneys from the South Sandwiches, the South Shetlands from the South Orkneys and mainland Antarctica from the...
  10. Minuteman

    Pinochet assassinated in 1984

    Let's say in 1984 Pinochet is killed by a communist. What happens next?
  11. AHC/WI: Chilean Polynesia

    For the past few months I've had an idea floating around in my head where, in a world where Germany wins World War I, an increasingly unstable and nearly bankrupt France deems itself unable to hold onto French Polynesia, and proceeds to sell the islands to Chile in an attempt to raise money...
  12. GauchoBadger

    WI: Chilean-American War in 1891

    I was pondering, what if the Baltimore Incident of 1891, which sparked a diplomatic crisis between the United States and a hostile Chile, had led to a naval war between both countries? There was a serious war scare at that moment, IIRC, and some of the US military staff advised a preemptive war...
  13. how long can the Argentinian dream last?

    by 1913 Argentina was the richest country in South America and among the richest in the world, well Beyond France or Italy and on par with Germany, maybe even more. The decline of international trade and the political instability brought by the wars slowed down the amazing growth and locked...
  14. Beagle Conflict War?

    Under the Argentinian military junta of 1976-1983, Argentina suffered from corruption, economic catastrophe, and a popukace that hated the regime. To try and rally support, the Junta rolled the dice on the Falklands, hoping Britain would just hand off the seemingly worthless island. As we all...
  15. Terranical

    AHC: Make Spain win the Chincha Wars against Chile & Peru

    Alternate History Challenge, what would happen if Spain manages to win against Chile & Peru through pure luck (like this battle What would happen to Chile & Peru afterwards? Become an autonomous Spanish colony? A protectorate like...
  16. Terranical

    How would the Spanish Constitution of 1812 prevent the fall of Spain?

    what if hadntthe liberals taken over in Spain, which caused a conservative blacklash in New Spain, Peru being successfully being invaded by Colombian leader Simon Bolivar, Argentina due to lack of authorities along with Chile? How would the Constitution prevent the fall of Spain?
  17. Tales Weaver

    WI: No Chilean Coup of 1973

    When I read about Allende's suicide after pinochet's coup in 1973, i had a question. If there wasn't coup by Pinochet which overthrew Allende in 1973, how would Chile look like today? Would chile look like skandinavian countries, or it would looked like venezuela?
  18. White-majority Latin America

    In our timeline, the Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors engaged in miscegenation with both the indigenous population and Africa slaves which resulted in the racially-mixed population in Latin America today. But let’s say that in an alternate timeline: 1). The conquistadors bring their own...
  19. GauchoBadger

    WI: Spain wins the Chincha Islands War (1864-66)

    How could Spain achieve victory in the Chincha Islands War against Chile and Peru? If this is possible, then what happens to not only South America, but also spanish politics? Will the first republic still rise? Is the Third Carlist War butterflied away?
  20. Paradox-less

    WI: Easter Island Sold in 1930?

    In 1930, I think you can all guess that shit had hit the fan for Chile and most of the world. But I recently came across this little bit. So Carlos Ibañez del Campo was so bloody desperate about the financial clusterfuck existent in Chile and wanted an easy way out. What happens if the island...