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  • How are things ? :)
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    For some US political fuckery - which apparently involves Trump's policies towards latinamerica- the replacement part for my PC wouldn't arrive for weeks, and so I was forced for almost a month to use a 2011 Macbook Pro, which is horrible and wouldn't upload Arduino sketches correctly, further retarding our advancement in our thesis.(cont'd)
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    So I went to HP offices and made a bit of a scene until I got a replacement laptop with windows. Originally a crappy 2011 notebook that was still miles above the Mac and saved my Thesis, but next tuesday HP will give me a definitive reeplacement: A brand-new Omen 17 that's bwtter than my old PC.

    So... things are quite interesting, even though
    Petike 1
    This is why I dislike technology failing at inopportune moments. I'm just glad you've managed to present the thesis. Congrats to the new computer.
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  • So are you going to continue the Draka vs Ubers thread from before?
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    Been a while, but would like to second the question. I love reading about the Draka getting their assess kicked.
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