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  1. GameBawesome

    WI: Different Factions during the American Revolutionary War

    What if, instead of a (mostly) unified Thirteen Colonies/Patriot Cause, and Vermont, the American Revolutionary War has different factions, that had different ideologies (Ex: Like Different Political groups, Republicans, Slave Revolt, Loyalists that want Self-Government, Proto-Anarchists...
  2. Aztekk

    wrong place

    wrong place
  3. Drex

    Winds of Iron - A Different Revolution and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Chapter 0: About the Timeline

    Chapter 0: About the Timeline Hey there, it has been a long time since I made my last Timeline, which I abandoned as I soon realised it went off-track and didn't really match what I pretended it to be. However, it's not entirely abandoned, as elements from the timeline will appear here and some...
  4. Basileus_Komnenos

    Socioeconomic and Geopolical Implications of a Monarchical United States

    Supposing that the US chose to go down the path of monarchism instead of the new and unfamiliar road of Republicanism, how would this alternate United States develop. There were monarchist supporters in the Continental Congress after all. A prominent Founding Father like Alexander Hamilton...
  5. Napoleonic American Revolution

    This may not be plausible but let me sorta propose this: Later in the American Revolution, the British are able to take the upper hand in the war, with a stronger southern campaign. The British secure the south, while Washington attempts to retake New York (which I believe was his original plan...
  6. HeX

    The Spirit of Revolution: The Expanded Universe of AMPU

    American history is, for a nation not yet three centuries old, a long, storied, and epic procession. It's many times the stuff of legend, the modern day reimagining of the myths of the Old World overlaid on the frontiers and wilderness of North America. With so many exciting events and...
  7. What if the Whiskey Rebellion succeeded?

    I was thinking there was a timeline where the Whiskey Rebellion succeeded, but not sure what or where it was. Anyway, I will ask that question. What if the Whiskey Rebellion succeeded?
  8. JustinianTheGrand

    Looking for a Book where Benedict Arnold is the leader of the American revolution.

    I remember hearing about a book where Benedict Arnold is the leader of the American Revolution with Washington as the British commander. From how I remember it being subscribed it was from their two perspectives over the course of the war. If anyone could help me it would be appreciated
  9. Mr_Fanboy

    AHC/WI: Patriots win the American Revolutionary War without gaining independence

    Generally speaking, timelines that see the Thirteen Colonies remain loyal to Great Britain fall under one of two categories: scenarios where the Revolutionary War is entirely avoided before hostilities break out, and scenarios where the American Patriots are crushed by the Loyalists and the...
  10. Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis: Alternate History of the U.S.
    Threadmarks: Chapter 0: Introduction, Who, What, Why

    I was always fascinated by the American Dream, and how it does not always translate to the American Reality. So I asked the question, "What if Georgia and Carolinas did not participate in the American Revolution (walked out of the Declaration of Independence convention) due to Thomas Jefferson's...
  11. Ohio: The 14th State

    Chapter One: Confirmation at the Congress Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA October 31st, 1778 ------ "In a few years, the state of Pennsylvania will be celebrating 100 years since it's creation, and the year afterwards this city we find ourselves convening will celebrate it's founding...
  12. Revolutionary War Map Game

    Would anyone be down for a revolutionary war map game? it would start in 1775 and continue until whenever it dies
  13. WI: No Georgia or Carolinas due to Anti-Slavery Clause

    What if Georgia and the Carolinas did not participate in the American Revolution (in this case, because Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Clause in the Declaration of Independence passes?) Could the British Army still have lost the war? How would it have affected U.S. and British history afterwards?
  14. WI: The British cut off the Charlestown Neck

    While the British won the Battle of Bunker Hill, it was very much a Pyrrhic victory for them. But it didn't necessarily have to be that way. In the lead-up to the battle, Henry Clinton pushed for securing the Charlestown Neck to cut off the colonists' retreat. However, he was outvoted by his...
  15. An American Oddity
    Threadmarks: Revolution- Burning of Montreal

    Ne’er before had the flames of warfare turned so badly against the British -King George III The Revolution started in Montreal -George Washington He had repeatedly denied the citizens of these fair colonies the Freedom of Religion -Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. CHAPTER I...
  16. Government of British North America

    This is for something I have been working on, but this part has me a little confused. Suppose that the leaders of the Continental Congress are able to come to terms with William Pitt the Elder - this has been proposed on here a few times Second, suppose that the agreement allows for the...
  17. Tanner151

    Experiment Aflame: A House Divided - an Alternate American History
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Experiment Aflame - an Alternate American History The day was bright and promising. The sky was blue with wisps of clouds, the smell of the sea wafted by with the cool tug of the wind. Dozens of artillery cannons flanked either side of General George Washington, his staff and several other...
  18. GameBawesome

    Archers in the American Revolution

    I was reading an article recently, about how Benjamin Franklin had an idea of using longbows and pikes as alternative to muskets, due to the limited production of the Colonies. It never came to be. So what if the Military decided to form an Archer company? In 1776, the Archer company is...
  19. HeX

    AHC: The United States of Formerly British America

    During the American Revolution, a huge chunk of Great Britain's most populous and wealthiest colonies in North America broke away to form the US. Left behind were the scraps in the Caribbean and the frozen landscape of Canada, most of which were under British influence for centuries after into...
  20. DBWI: Quebec doesn't join the American Revolution

    After 13 years under the British rule the quebecois rebelled shortly after the 13 american colonies did against the British Empire. But what if they hadn't? How would the United States, Quebec and Canada look like today? Could the American revolution have won without the quebecois rebellion?