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  1. DBWI: King George III did not support the thirteen colonies?

    One of the watershed incidents what led to the revolt of the Thirteen colonies was the support of King George III and his subsequent deposition by parliament on account of insanity. Historians have now widely believed that King George III did indeed suffer from mental illness, but at the time...
  2. American New Brunswick

    Basically, WI New Brunswick became part of the US? Alternatively (so to speak) could New Brunswick have been what New England might have been like if the American Revolution had failed?
  3. American Revolution in world where France won the 7 Years' War?

    What happens to the American Revolution in a world where France won the 7 Years' War? What changes occur to it? I think if the taxation without representation issues still exist, the American Revolution would still occur?
  4. The Sting of Death: Hatred, Blood, and Happiness in Revolutionary America and Beyond.
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    Vital spark of heav’nly flame! Quit, O quit this mortal frame: Trembling, hoping, ling’ring, flying, O the pain, the bliss of dying! Cease, fond Nature, cease thy strife, And let me languish into life. Hark! they whisper; angels say, Sister Spirit, come away! What is this absorbs me quite...
  5. WI: Canada accepts Article Eleven and joins the United States?

    I've had a timeline for some time exploring this idea. However, I'm sure there would have to be a lot of changes to OTL in order for Quebec to join the United States. I was thinking that, following the 7 Year's War, Britain attempts a cultural genocide in French North America, limiting all...
  6. GameBawesome

    WI: Iroquois Ontario Settlements survived?

    Around the 17th Century, the Iroquois Confederacy settled north, around Lake Ontario. These included seven villages: Ganneious - on the site of present-day Napanee Kente - on the Bay of Quinte Kentsio - on Rice Lake Ganaraske - on the site of present-day Port Hope Ganatsekwyagon - at the mouth...
  7. WI: The British cut off the Charlestown Neck

    What if the British had played it a bit safer at the Battle of Bunker Hill and cut off the Charlestown Neck, as Clinton suggested, rather than letting Howe and Burgoyne's overconfidence carry the day?
  8. WI: British defeat at the Great Siege of Gibraltar

    When France and Spain joined the American Revolutionary War, they weren't in it out of simple altruism. They wanted to make gains at Britain's expense. One of Spain's primary war aims was the recapture of Gibraltar, lost to Great Britain during the War of the Spanish Succession. So in June 1779...
  9. American Culture After A Failed American Revolution

    Assuming America doesn't get independence for a good long while afterwards, what is American culture like in post-revolutionary British America? I assume it would be a cross between Canada and Australia, particularly in the West, with some unique aspects of American culture and cuisine emerging...
  10. Chapman

    AHC: President Lafayette

    I admit this may or may not be very probable for a number of reasons, but i'm interested to see if this has previously been discussed and/or what people can come up with. Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, known simply as Lafayette in the United States, was a French aristocrat and...
  11. Boats that carry Washington's men across the Delaware River break

    Say that the boats that carried Washington's men across the Delaware broke or were otherwise unusable/unavailable. What would happen?
  12. GameBawesome

    WI: Plymouth Colony during the American Revolution

    What if Plymouth Colony, after the dissolution of the Dominion of New England, didn't get absorbed into Massachusetts. Instead, Plymouth asks for a formal charter from the crown, and Plymouth Colony remains separate from Massachusetts throughout the 18th Century. After uneventful for Plymouth...
  13. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: Louis XVI As One Of France's Greatest Kings

    to say that louis xvi was a weak king and a poor ruler would be a giant understatement, considering how quite literally everything collapsed under his watch. But, ultimately, France was one of the most powerful states in Europe and arguably the world, especially under the right leadership (case...
  14. Effects of a non-Traitor Benedict Arnold?

    Ah, Benedict Arnold. The most infamous traitor in American history. 1. Is there a scenario where Benedict Arnold doesn't turn traitor? 2. If 1 is possible, what would the effects be of a non-traitor Benedict Arnold?
  15. Boomer23

    The World Turned Right-Side Up
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The First War for Independence

    “An ardent desire to spare the further effusion of blood will readily incline me to ask such terms for the surrender...” --General Charles Lee “The war for our Independence has invariably not gone in our favour.” --President John Jay The First of the British-American Wars of Independence...
  16. President Greene?

    Nathaniel Greene isn't as well remembered as Washington for his revolutionary war service, WI he'd lived longer, could he have become President instead of Washington if Washington really didn't want the job?
  17. Seeking a More Perfect Union: Tales from Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Origin

    Hello. I am going to post story lines and vignettes from my timeline Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis. (You can find it in my signature). I had a blast writing the lore, and I am thinking of writing more stories. Here is the first. I. Crisis at the Continental Congress The delegates from...
  18. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: French California

    in the period surrounding the American Revolution, the new world colonial empires largely collapsed. The French had lost it prior to the revolution, the Portuguese and Spanish destroyed by napoleon, and Russia was barely a player in the arena. Only the British remained, and even they struggled...
  19. America Abandons Its Founding Ideals (pre-1900) Challenge

    AHC Challenge: How could you make a timeline where the United States of America (completely) abandons its founding ideals? (No, I don't mean completely falling apart. Even so, some of the pieces may attempt to live up to the beliefs found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution)?
  20. Mr_Fanboy

    What are the major, long-term differences between a world where the American Revolution is crushed, and a world where it is averted?

    Sorry for the lengthy thread title, but I needed to articulate a very specific question. Alternate history scenarios that see Thirteen Colonies remain in the British Empire are relatively common, but they almost definitionally fall into one of two broad categories. The first posits a world where...