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  1. Vietnam AH

    Can anyone recommend novels and/or stories focusing on the Vietnam conflict?
  2. Novel about confrontation with third world?

    I'm trying to recall a novel I heard about some years ago that focused on a number of third world nations refusing to pay off their loans and the resulting chaos it leads to. I believe it was written in the '70s and may have been done in the style of Hackett's Third World War.
  3. 1970s Post Nuclear Comic Book - D-Day +1

    Found this,+Low_00000000&2sid=Bing_e&sourceId=PLBiP188605&msclkid=ba40c01a799c11703e6e9af50e831771
  4. Post WW3 Military novels?

    Yes - thanks!
  5. 1970s Post Nuclear Comic Book - D-Day +1

    It sounds familiar. I believe I saw it online somewhere recently.
  6. Post WW3 Military novels?

    Thanks! I've read Alas Babylon - it's actually set near a town my aunt and uncle lived in. And I'm eager to check out your story, Dunning!
  7. Post WW3 Military novels?

    Looking for books in the vein of the old Twilight:2000 role playing games - basically scattered remnants of soldiers fighting to survive the holocaust.
  8. Possible AH Kid's Book?

    Found it - World War Won by Dav Pilkey (the author of the "Captain Underpants" series). True, it's not AH but looks like a good read for the kids.
  9. Possible AH Kid's Book?

  10. Possible AH Kid's Book?

    Was over on Goodreads and found this query - I checked this book out from my elementary school library some time between 1996-1999. The book was rather large, had a hard cover, and was most likely illustrated. The cover featured two characters who may or may not have been anthropomorphic...
  11. Anti-Fascist Germans

    I'm looking for novels that center around factions of the German military that rise up against the Nazis. I'm not referring to individuals that clandestinely aid the Allies, spies or underground movements, but rather groups of soldiers and officers that openly rebel.
  12. The First WW2 AH?

    I do look at '39 as the official start as well. I tend to look at works like High Treason as future history rather than alternate history. So for this post what I had in mind was something written either after the war (or even during, but dealing with a time period that had already passed) and...
  13. The First WW2 AH?

    Would High Treason be considered alternate history since it was written before the war?
  14. The First WW2 AH?

    I've always thought that Swastika Night (1937) was the first of its kind, but is there a novel or short story that predates it?
  15. Simulated Conelrad Alert (Spring 1962)

    Back in high school I read about a pretty unique false alarm that happened at a radio station down in Cocoa Beach. They had a goofy DJ that had prepared a modified EBS message in the event that an attack occurred - he had patriotic music in the background and a speech about keeping strong. This...