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The No Spanish Civil War TL

By Dr. Strangelove, one of our Spanish members. In contrast with the somewhat cliche-ish “WI the Republic had won the Civil War” POD, and amused with Spain's amusing tendencies to explode in fratricide hate in the 1930's in just about every timeline, he decided to make a timeline with no civil war at all in which neither fascists nor communists were able to seize power.

Premise and POD

In June 23, 1936 Francisco Franco sends a letter to the Spanish Prime Minister Casares Quiroga, warning him that the army is very discontent with the political situation. Franco has been invited by his colleagues to join the conspiracy, but is still hesitant. In our timeline, Casares never answered Franco's letter. In TTL, Franco receives an answer, and his further hesitation to betray the government sets in motion a series of events that will end with the military conspiracy being beheaded and the army suffering a thorough purge in the summer of 1936.


Characters (in no special order) FRANCISCO FRANCO died as a hero defending Zaragoza from the nazis in 1941.

FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA kept writing poetry and novels after 1936.

BENITO MUSSOLINI was exiled in Switzerland in April 1940, after the coup that put Galeazzo Ciano in charge of Italy and asked for an armistice with the allies.

LEON TROTSKY moved to Barcelona in 1937 and to Havana in 1941, and will publish one of the most influential political books of the century, legitimating *anarchism as a valid politic choice.

IOSIF STALIN is even more paranoid than usual, having killed Zhukov in the 1937 purge, and having started another purge in 1941.

BUENAVENTURA DURRUTI is President of the Spanish Republic as of 1941.

JOSE MILLÁN ASTRAY spent 6 years in a military prison before being recruited for special operations and becoming the Spanish Skorzeny, despite his reluctance and pro-German views.


Due to Dr. Strangelove's erratic writing habits and his obsession with either filler or detail (depending on who you ask), the Timeline is having an extremely slow pace and has been stuck in 1941 for the past four months. Some updates set in the postwar world, however reveal some details to the outcome of the war:

  • Germany was never divided, but has been an international pariah until at least 1980.
  • There are hints of an earlier European Union, centered around France and Britain.
  • After being thoroughly destroyed in 1941, Zaragoza was rebuilt in a modern style. The Pilar Basilica was left in ruins as a memorial.
  • Fascist Italy survived WWII in good shape. This, coupled with Durruti's leadership in Spain and Trotsky's jump onto the anarchist bandwagon, means that there are four main ideologies competing in the postwar world.
  • The Germans took Moscow, but were unable to hold onto it, probably suffering a terrible defeat.
  • The commune system in Spain survived until at least 1970, when 25 years of unprecedented economical growth made it fall back to bourgeois respetability.
  • The memorial to the fallen in the Great Independence War (as WWII is known in Spain) is a huge statue that can be seen from almost everywhere in Madrid. It may or may not be inspired in this

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