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The Multiverse War

The Series

A series of novels written by Chris, featuring a cross-time war between an advanced human force and an unknown Enemy. As of writing, there are five books in the series

Carrier Wars

The USS George Washington and the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle were engaged in a joint mission when they were swept up by an unknown power and swept across the timelines to a different reality – where the American Revolution failed and the British Empire still exists.

But the Empire is at war with the other two powers, the French and the Russians. Even as the crew of the George Washington attempt to adjust to the strange world that never held a United States of America, the French crew see an opportunity to strike a blow for France… by using their advanced ship to spearhead a powerful attack on the British Empire. All of the sudden, the Americans have to decide which side they’re on… before a peaceful world is destroyed by modern war.

The Counterfactual War

In our world, the German Reich lost the war; Adolf Hitler committed suicide as Soviet tanks smashed their way through Berlin. But that was only one possibility…

In an alternate world, the Greater German Reich survived, conquering Britain in 1940, Russia in 1941, the Middle East in 1942…and finally America in 1960. It has taken the world, taken the moon – and now it is experimenting with inter-dimensional travel. Our world is about to face a nightmare from the past, one more deadly than ever…

The Otherworld War

Five years after the Nazi War, the Thande Institute is working to explore alternate timelines. When a timeline hints at vastly superior technology, the institute is more than willing to send an Insertion Team right into the timeline…only to see it become trapped within a timeline where the laws of science are very different. Magic works, dragons fly high in the sky…and all-powerful Powers control the lives of humans within their influence.

Their arrival plunges Otherworld into war, for the established power structure cannot cope with the very notion of such concepts as freedom, democracy and advanced technology. As a magical war rages across the land, few are aware of the true danger; the entire world is a trap for cross-time travellers.

For Otherworld holds a secret beyond price; a clue to the identity of the mysterious Enemy…and the key to understanding their role in the Multiverse War.

The War After Roswell

In a world where the Roswell UFO actually crashed, the United States and the Soviet Union remain in uneasy partnership; an alliance that was created by fear of the unknown aliens who were probing Earth years ago. From Earth Orbit to the Moon, from the colonies on Mars and Venus to the asteroids, the two superpowers prepare endlessly for the aliens, of whom nothing has been seen since 1947.

And suddenly, under suspicious circumstances, an alien ship is discovered far from Earth. It falls upon an Earth at the brink of war, for the alliance is about to collapse under internal strains. To this world come the Time Agents, looking for the Enemy Agent who is provoking the war - unaware that time is about to run out for the whole planet…


In 2100, humanity discovered the stars. In 2200, humanity met its end at the hands of the aliens… except a small force that was tossed back in time to 1942. Shocked at the trauma of the Final War, the survivors are delighted to take the opportunity to force the human race forward to prepare for the coming alien invasion.

Opposition from the Axis is swept aside within weeks…but the rest of the world is not so eager to change. As the struggle to force humanity forward meets powerful and determined opposition, can the coming alien invasion be defeated before all of humanity dies a second time?

Because the time travellers are not alone…

Graf Zeppelin

December 1941: This is the end of the beginning…

America has joined the Second World War, after the attack on Pearl Harbour, and victory now looks certain for the beleaguered Allies. As Hitler’s forces recoil from Moscow and Japan’s forces run rampant in the Pacific, all that remains to win the war is the proper application of overwhelming force. The Axis’s days are numbered; it just doesn’t know it yet.

Then, out of a space-time warp, an advanced Nazi fleet from an alternate future arrives in the Baltic. All of a sudden, history is no longer what it was…and victory is no longer certain.

This is the beginning of the end of the world…

Walking to Infinity

Mathew thought he was just a normal student, until an extra-dimensional monster appeared out of nowhere and proceeded to tear Cambridge apart to get at him. As the monster closed in, he summoned powers he didn’t know he had and found himself on a different world, a very different universe from his own. He didn’t know what had happened…or what was about to happen next.

Grey had been a Walker for years, walking across timelines and exploring, when he was sent to recover Mathew before the mysterious Enemy and an old friend of his reached Mathew first. He didn’t know what was happening, or why Mathew was targeted…

And neither of them have any idea that their troubles have only just begun.


There are also several different characters based on or named after Thande in Chris's works, most obviously “Professor Thande” in The Multiverse War series.

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