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The Coronation of the Hun

An extensive timeline written by Thermopylae proceeding from a Dark Ages POD. Specifically, Attila is crowned Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, and the Hunnic territories are integrated into the Empire.

This leads to a number of immediate consequences. For example, the Anglo-Saxons and many other Germanic peoples are almost completely wiped out. The Western Roman Empire lasts longer than OTL, and when it does fall, it is replaced by different successor states to OTL. For example, Britain is colonized by the Franks, and Gaul (and to some extent Iberia) by the Slavs.

The timeline is characterized by many such unusual ethnic migrations. As in OTL, the European powers colonize the rest of the world in the 18th and 19th centuries, but the powers in question are different.

It can be read here.


'The Coronation of the Hun' also inspired a spin-off timeline by G.Bone, called “Flee! Flee! They are Crowning the Hun!”

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