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Sachyrdei Timeline Year One

Year One in the Book of Legacy

Factual stories are printed in the Book of Legacy.

I Have no real idea how it happened. One minute I'm barely a citizen of a single nation, the next I have to run a fledgling nation on a semi-abandoned Earth or something. These outsiders, Aliens who look like giant bats with scuba gear, hand me what looks like an i-phone, but has a 3D display, web cam and can hold over 100 T-Bytes of information, not counting whatever programs are already on it or the expansion slots for 50 T-Byte memory clips, which I seem to be able to pop out by pressing the eject button, and re-insert into a different slot to watch the storage space grow. I haven't explored it all yet, but I didn't really get the chance to, because 10000 young children appear in front of me, but there is no environment or giant chiroptera. They're bowing, and as I gape, the little thing played one of my favorite songs, and when I looked at it it said I had a new text.

You have one new text message. Open?


Hello mmmeee0! This device you hold will allow you to communicate instantaneously with your new subjects. However, as they are currently learning all we have placed in their heads, you have time to customize your device, write your goals and work out the form of government for your society. We advise you to seek shelter in a nearby city. Would you like to get directions to the nearest city, town, village or skip?


Very well then! What sort of governmental style are you looking for? This device is able to handle any sort of adjective and noun to form any sort of government imaginable. May we suggest a system?


Please enter governmental strategy:

Now, I thought for a period of time on what type of anarchy to use with children. I settled on:


If you change your mind later -v^-


What will be the name of your society?

The Commune of Sachyrdei

Please re-enter to confirm The Commune of Sachyrdei.

The Commune of Sachyrdei

Please enter a alpha-numeric password (both numbers and letters). Password must be longer than 5 characters:


Re-enter password


Password confirmed. Please select an area upon your planet to occupy with the children.

This scared me. More kids than I cared to count, and I had to occupy territory with kids who wouldn't stop staring at their shoes. I must have eaten something really hallucinogenic, but I could not remember what drugs, if any, I'd taken that day. 'Maybe it's part of the trip', I thought.

Somewhere in Central/South America with a lot of Salvia divinorum, Cannabis, Tobacco, Cola, Cocoa, Hallucinogenic Fungi, Food-Worthy Crops, Vegetables, and Fruit. No large predators and easy access to irrigation and arable land.

I didn't dare name any place by name, because the only places I knew seemed a little suspicious. They could have been radioactive or something worse.

These children have now experienced their own minds enough to be as functional as their physical frame allows (about 10 Earth Years). Please select a gender for these children. Male or Female?

I will never, ever understand how to escape the woman with PMS. It's like a bear with grudge that's it's been holding since being kicked out of Eden.


Please choose the special abilities to give these young males. If you select too many, each child shall be given two and it shall be spread out.

Select all

Spreading skills: Animal Control
Insect Extermination
Stone Masonry
Electric Properties
Metal Working
Sewing and weaving
Parade drill


Will the children speak Spanish or English?


10000 extra children will be spawned each year at The Commune of Sachyrdei.

Please proceed to the nearest city.


Please proceed to the nearest city.

No, tell the children with carpentry to raid the city for tools and supplies.

IDS (Information Dissemination Systems) Updated.

So you'll update the IDS' for me?

They are indeed your servant-v^-

Correction, they are…

I didn't want to say Young Pioneers, but nothing else came to my mind for a few minutes.

… Adolescent Comrades

Correction, the young males at your disposal -v^-

Correction, they are in my guidance

The Adolescent Comrades under your guidance need nothing more then benevolent guidance to thrive.

Well, I'll do my best

Excellent. This AI program has deemed that the nearest city is -v^-

Wait, whats wrong with the cities?

Nothing is wrong with the cities. They are uninhabited due to the Chiropterian social experiment in seeing how the most imaginative politically minded beings on the planet can actually handle founding a civilization. You were chosen as the token Black Block Anarchist.

Where is my White Block comrade?

Unknown, you must find him.

This was distressing.

Alright, update the IDS' to raid nearby cities, towns and villages for building supplies, tools, food, clothing, blankets, bedding, black paper, writing material, and portable cooking apparatus

After a minute, the IDS came up with a detailed plan to remove almost every piece of material needed for the original commune structures and survival of the people. The details were amazing, and when I hit yes, the children looked up at me, bowed once more and left to their tasks. I thought 'This is going to be a weird trip'.

Year One in the Book of Commune

Labour records are printed in the Book of Commune.

Buildings built:

The Great Hall of the Written Word (Library with the 4 Tomes)
The Gymnasium (Stocked with liberated weights and a pool)
The Personal Spaces (Spacious Sustainable Apartments)
The Inspired Complex (Art Gallery/School)
The Academi (Experimental Labs)
The Armory (Weapons, amour, textbooks, seeds, etc)
The Acoustic Complex (Auditorium/Stadium)
Energy Depot (Food, Drink and Drugs)
The Power Station (Electric grid monitor and clean vehicle fuels)
The Barracks (Armed combat training, dangerous animals, sparring)
Luck (Casino/Game Complex)
The Guest Complex (Asylum for refugees and visitors)
The Arbitration and Mediation Complex (Courthouse)
Hydro-Di-Oxide Supply (Water pump/filtration)
Deep Water Platform (Off-the-coast Harbor connected by bridge)
The Aircraft Strip (Landings and take-offs)
The Aircraft Terminals/Hangars (Storage and refueling)
A Bicycle Storage (Pollution-free transport for inside commune)

Comrade fueling:

The amount of food the science and food skilled cooked up was a feast every meal, even with 10000 mouths to feed. Watermelon, oranges, cheeses, milk, apples, vegetarian stakes, rice, noodles, tofu-kebabs, water, pizza, soups, toasts, salads with dressings, cakes, pies. Many foods were on the menu for different shifts.

Armory inventory:

Seeds for many crops, vegetables, fruits, drugs and spores for penicillin amongst others.
  • 300 Automatic Weapons
  • 300 Sniper Rifles
  • 400 9mm pistols
  • Various blades
  • Brass-knuckles
  • Chained weapons
  • Other melee weapons

Textbooks and instructional tapes on almost every subject (still missing sex ed, probably floating around as fictitious in the boys circles).
University, Gymnasium, Inspired, Aircraft Fuel, Bicycle parts, other vehicle fuels, all in excess of their intended building's holding capacities.

The shifts as finally arranged:

The 6th Dawn Brigade (0000-0600)(2,500 ACs)
The Ascendant Brigade (0600-1200)(2,500 ACs)
The Falling Arrows (1200-1800) (2,500 ACs)
The Smokey Shadows (1800-2400)(2,500ACs)

Year One in the Book of Dash

Ficticious stories are printed in the Book of Dash.

The books floating from shift to shift show an odd type of animal. It looks like us, and should be able to speak like us, work like us and is known as girl. We dare not let Sachyriel find these books and stories, for we do not know if they are his enemy or not. Should we show him these?

What if he flies into a rage at the sight of these 'woman'?

It maybe a risk we have to take. It's not like our hero to keep knowledge from us, these woman or women, must be something he knows about.

We shall hold a plebescite, and decide whether or not to ask Sachyriel about these mythical creatures.

The vote was no. It was always no. The debate made great arguements, on both sides. How Sachyriel laughed when he read these communications and many like it. They could sometime hear him, but couldn't put two and two together; that each time they discussed this subject, Sachyriel was laughing. They thought it was just his herbs.

Year One in the Book of Sachyrdei

The journal of mmmeee0 is printed in the Book of Sachyrdei

This has been the longest trip of my life. I think it might be real. I do suffer pain when I hit my thumb with a hammer, cut myself shaving or when I trip while stoned. And that's the really weird, is that the drugs in this trip get me high. I've never had a dream that lasts this long.

But, damn, I've never had so much tea. Never mind Earl Grey, but the Salvia Divinorium tea is amazing. And when the science kinds made me the bubble gum of the stuff, I could have floated right out of my skull. The mushrooms I put on my pizza every time I'm given it, and the hash is premium stuff.

But the chocolate they've learned to make seems to be almost unlimited, they kids love it and it's like their de-facto currency at the fake casino we've built. I don't know how they do it, but without an actual standard for the chocolate to be measured against, only they can say how much of it they want, and some kids gladly say they 'love' chocolate, don't touch it and trade it to others for things like a double on their bike across town.

They also debate over the existence of woman endlessly. It's funny just listening to their arguments. It's like debating conspiracy theories, cryptozoology and god all in one large mystery for them. If I can't get in contact with another civilization soon, I'm gonna have to threaten the ASB's with my own suicide to get some girls for these boys to touch and talk to. Maybe a hot goth or emo girl for me. God damn I miss the actual music on the radio. I haven't heard new music in months, except for what the comrades make, which is great, but they're only doing classical to enhance their mental powers.

I honestly do not know if this year has been good or bad.

Year One Diplomatic Relations

No other societies had been contacted, and the electronic devices gave little clues about the others, if there truly were any others. No alliances forged, no trade treaties signed, no rivalries declared and no battles we fought.

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