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The Commune of Sachyrdei

Location and Resources

Somewhere in Central America where there is a large growth of:

  • Potatoes
  • Corn
  • Wild Rice
  • Other vegetables
  • Many types of fruit
  • Salvia divinorium
  • Marjiuana (and hemp)
  • Cola
  • Tobacco
  • Cocoa
  • Wheat

With proper irrigation (that can can be built with little effort because of large rivers and aquifers), and small amounts of predators. The cities, towns and villages near The Commune are to be raided for materials, including metals, tools, books and evidence of capitalism. Sachyriel (mmmeee0) starts The Commune of Sachyrdei with the goals in this page.

Commune Demographics

The commune is all male, because girls would be too tempting as they grow up and it would be hard to teach them about becoming a woman (or deal with 10000 PMSing hormonal adolescents), and there is most likely another set of posters around that will help out later. These boys will know things like:

  • Animal Control
  • Insect Extermination
  • Farming
  • Rolling
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Stone Masonry
  • Electric Properties
  • Metal Working
  • Mining
  • Black-smithing
  • Sewing and weaving
  • Parade drill
  • Computers/programming
  • Optics

Plus many others.

Daily Communal Life

As The Commune start our march of progress, the society described is the Anarchist utopia of an early Christian society. We don't need to fear Ceaser anyways, so nothing is due to him.

Biphasic sleep is the norm, two 6 hour sleep sessions for each quarter of the children, basically, sleep, work, sleep, play, sleep, etc. They shifts can be exchanged amongst the workers, provided they are both agreeable, taking a day off to recharge if the shifts are far apart.

Recreation will not involve much drugs, at least, not for the children until they are able to understand themselves (don't want to mess up their puberty or development). But, as they grow older, the populace will be made aware of the powerful drugs Sachyriel have, maybe when they turn 16 and a half. They will get food baked with the drugs, not being allowed to smoke them at first, if they choose to alter their minds for recreational time. Smoking is frowned upon, as vaporizers are provided.

Meals will be presided over by the child who did the most work that day or worked the hardest, and they shall pray to their environment, thanking each other, the bounty of the Earth and Sachyriel's guidance for their great lifestyle. With a good meal in then before and after each nap time, they shall have time to digest their day, the social activity at meals, and their food. Before relaxing, however, they will record their activities in journals, as to keep records and pass on experience. New children who arrive will have a compatible buddy who shall read over their mentors Journal and strive to be their protege.

Communal Recording

Stories shall be their guide, orally told so each teller can embellish it in their own way, with a master copy written down in the Book of Legacy. The Book of Legacy shall house only true stories.

The books of records shall be kept in the Great Hall of the Written Word, and they're order shall be kept by each child who did a day of work or was exchanging shifts shall write the work he did, and it shall be tallied everyday, and these books will be called the Books of Commune.

The fictitious stories shall be kept in the Book of Dash, and all good ones can be read aloud while the children exchange shifts.

And my personal journal is the Book of Sachyriel. The children will be encouraged to keep their own records, and they shall be named however they wish, provided that any same titles will receive an order of appearance number (1 for first, 2 for second, etc).

Information Dissemination

With a system of 'phone trees' set up, the workers will disseminate news and anything Sachyriel has to say, in a P2P network, stabilized by the connections of this network being comparable to a phone tree, with each child disseminating news down the line. This network shall be maintained even when 'newbs' arrive (hey, if it's the internet-news service, they have to call them something for jokes), with children taking on a few new members to send news to when provided.

Commune Buildings

The buildings in The Commune are great 2 story complexes, each connected by tunnels both above and below ground. There are:

  • The Great Hall of the Written Word (Library)
  • The Gymnasium (Every kind of physical activity known to man or that are invented)
  • The Personal Spaces (Sachyriel will be there too, these large apartments)
  • The Divine Inspiration Complex (Art School, all kinds of artistry)
  • The Academi (University with labs and quantum computers)
  • The Armory (With more than weapons and amour; textbook library and seed storage)
  • The Acoustic Complex (Comedy Club, Opera Houses, Play House, Orchestra, etc)
  • The Fuel Depot (Food and Drink, Drugs)
  • The Power Station (Including vehicle fuel)
  • The Barracks (Weapons training, to hunt dangerous animals, practice hand-to-hand)
  • Luck (Gambling house, no real money but kids are inventive)
  • The Guest Complex (With a bunker, in case we are attacked while providing asylum)
  • The Arbitration and Mediation Complex (Like a courthouse)
  • Hydro Stations (Pumping water to the buildings)
  • Deep Water Platform (Off the coast and connected by a causeway, accepts ships)
  • The Aircraft Runway (In case ASBs or others come along)
  • The Aircraft Terminals/Hangars (For storage and refueling, welcome committees)
  • A Bicycle Storage (Pollution-free)

More will come later.

Black Block Explanation

If it seems like some parts of the Commune are black-block, that is semi-intentional. Military Parades are great for moral, even amongst Anarchists, as the sense of comradeship is highly valued. The parade drill thing is just kind of the Soviet-style show of power for guests. It's nothing to militant. The Armory holds weapons for use against dangerous animals as well as armor for the more dangerous jobs.

Diplomatic Relations with Other Societies

As of 1517270608, no other society has been contacted. There are no current alliances or rivalries.

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