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Radioactive: The World and Politics in the 21st Century

A future political timeline by Septimus, Radioactive begins with the 2016 presidential election, which is between the tickets of Vice President Biden / Senator Gillibrand and Senator Ayotte / Fmr. Governor Huntsman. On election night, Biden wins fairly narrowly with the Republicans gaining the states of Ohio, Colorado and New Hampshire. President Biden is able to push the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage early in his term, and he begins to work on the economy with the attempt to pass his healthcare reform conveniently named Bidencare. The event that would define his presidency was a foreign policy crisis. A mission to North Korea ended with the detainment of Secretary of State Huntsman and a ultimatum, which lead to a US invasion of North Korea…

The timeline is currently in 2021, diving into the Gillibrand presidency after she won through a hung electoral college caused by an independent run on the part of Huntsman.

Like many other future political timelines, it makes use of photoshopped news graphics, and a Newsreader format.

Read it here

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